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So, I accepted an invitation from a first cousin, once removed. It seemed like a sweet deal at the time, I mean, there were these conventions I wanted to go and he so graciously offered me a place to stay! Alright, so I had to share a room with my brothers, but I had the first convention all for myself! Plenty of cash to spend, and my costume was really easy to make!

Naturally, I spent all of the money that didn't go into my costume on everything that caught my fancy.

I should have left that table alone.

Now? Now... I am not as mad at Celestia as I could have been, as I should have been, all things considered. I can't help but let it be smoke in the wind.

It's in my nature.

And she... she knew there was a chance it would happen.

I'm so sorry, Wind Whistler. It was my fault.

DJSkywalker has been contributing so much, I'm officially adding Dj as a co-author.

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Good job on this story. I hope you continue to work on this story.

Not bad, I liked it.
Favored for updates. :moustache:

that was good there sir :moustache::moustache:

"and others that weren't a
specific character, like a guy
with a steampunk outfit and
the like." Did you slyly yet vaguely alude to my story?

Oh you, stahp yer makin' me blush.


Kinda. Son of Invention more specifically, but I've read yours as well.

This...is why ponies are jerks.

Keep up the good work.


Nah, Luna just has faulty info.

And Dash is Dash.

Typhon caused a lot of damages both collateral and accidental, and couldn't quite explain himself in a way that wouldn't make him seem insane.

Right, so he isn't a villain, just a guy who fucked up a lot and didn't manage to have that made clear till AFTER Luna got mooned, hence why she thinks he's a villain.

I got that right?


Kinda, he got statueified long before, but let's say that Celly learned a lesson about not bothering to see beyond her own muzzle after the moon incident. And now she's thinking that maybe she made a few hasty decisions.

Overall, yes; Luna still thinks it's his fault Wind Whistler died, for example.

And that is why you don't rush into something without good intel.

And then a hurricane appears
The end.


everytime he uses his powers i hear a markiplier poof
damnit, i always ruin stories this way :trixieshiftleft:

May we have more of this amazing story


I'm liking and faving and I haven't even read this yet!

Reason 1: Homestuck
Reason 2: John Egbert
Reason 3: HOMESTUCK!


wow nice job

Indeed well done sir. I would tip my hat if I had one.

W-W-Www-well well Done IIIIIIii-insect

I like were this is going

Dammit wave!


Only characters who have stories get to post we went over this!

sorry :pinkiesad2:

4125188 Who's talking in the green, red, and purple text?

What is this a crossover of?

4125199 Red: Ninetails
Purple: Wave

4125207 my characters (note all rights for the actual characters belong to their respective owners)
Really? You have to ask who I am!

maybe they didn't play okami or read my story. Think man use your brain.

How can anyone not have done that? Its impossible!

Sorry he is a little touchy

4125230 Where are the respective actual characters from?


It was right there in the first chapter. Homestuck.

It might not contain a lot of the elements, but it does enough to warrant the tag.

4125258 Ninetails: okami
SHODAN: System Shock 1&2
Wave: Sonic riders series

Hmn...it's probably the format...

Decent story. Loving the references.

I was going to have so much fun!

I am not sure whether to applaud Typhon, or be worried for him.

So short.... yet I still accept it and wait for more....WRITE! Write faster! Please! I want to see a wedding go BOOM!


The point of the operation is that there won't be a wedding.


If you don't mind the spoilers...

It was his most discrete operation; Celestia never knew he was involved - heck, she didn't know he knew Wind Whistler until that last day. Plus, we already know he succeeded so well that nopony ever questioned it.

4129613 will something still go boom at some point?


Well, there is potential to do so.

4129613 So he's, like, black ops ninja level sneaky? Cool.


Nothing so dramatic... but nonetheless bold and exploiting a certain advantage he's been granted from the get-go.

Remember, there is one thing every player of the game has. Every player.

Heck, sometimes, it's even two of them.

So, I drifted through the group like this:

And I saw this had updated. So I went like this:
"I better read this shit."
So I have.

Always nice to see another LoHAV story updating.
Will write a more elaborate response when I've read the darn thing.

It is this story that got me into Homestuck. Now I am tempted to write my own cross using similar ideas to the story. A group of kids end up in equestria with abilities similar to those from Homestuck. What they do with it, well...

oh the crimes that tia will have to answer for in this story :pinkiesick: tia really is my least favorate character but even I am light headed at the thought of that list:twilightoops:

looking forward to more:pinkiehappy:

Okay now that I have read the darn thing, I suddenly want to make our characters meet somehow.
Now all I have to do is figure out how that'd work, plot-wise, on my end.
What I'm saying is, your story is beautiful and you should feel awesome.

Why can't we have more homestuck crossovers here? Especially good ones like this(even though this isn't really a crossover in the strictest sense)? Does the universe hate the idea? We may never know. But what we do know is that this story is good and you should feel good about it. So I ask of you sir, may I have some more?

So twilight s just gonna take the whole "your mentors a murderer and a liar" thing and just sweep it under the rug?


You think Windigoes froze a nation over petty arguments and tribalist remarks? Or that Twilight hasn't heard Celestia use the words 'for the greater good' before? Besides, the one guy that had any motive to get angry at her over it (even if it happened even further ago than Nightmare Moon) just treated her like an old acquaintance.

Not to mention that Nightmare Moon didn't just happen by herself, and Nightmare Moon tried to freeze all life through eternal night.

Celestia having a breakdown from guilt was simply kind of higher priority for the time being.

Like Luna said; there will be words. Later. But they will be there.

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