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Not a serious writer, and occasionally I create or forget about loose ends entire. That being said, I never stop trying to improve.


This story is a sequel to The Life and Times of an Alchemist Turned Pony

A tower sits in a plain, surrounded by nothing for miles. It is a faithful reconstruction to one that existed before.
Should one have permission to enter, they would find five doors besides the one they used to enter.
Should they ask and be allowed, they could find their way to the bedroom of the master of the tower.
And should they know exactly where to look, they would find his journal, and learn of what happened back in the old world...
The journal of Auric Fulcrum, and it would detail his adventures in Equestria before forming his new life in a new existence...

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Thank you, Ssendam! You da best!

Yay new story/chapter. Even if it's short I enjoy reading about this character.

*does Chopper dance*
Don't flatter me! You piece of shit, that doesn't make me happy! It doesn't make me happy at all! Ah-haha!

4630439 I'm not flattering you, I'm thanking you. I like Auric and want to see his story go on.

Frankly, Teridax is just shamefully egomaniacal. It's why he's so fun to read about. I keep expecting someone to do something blatantly obvious and get him with it because he looks for plots within plans within strategies and assumes that the superweapons of the ponies are a bluff but nope, they made nukes. Or the Pink Cloud or something, I dunno.

Side note: I'm using TTS, and when I said "Teridax" it thought I said "terribad". Apple fails in the most hilarious ways.

I think the multiverse just exploded. 1000 pinkie pies with a thousand party cannons just threw a welcome back party for the alchemist.

Let the Heavens bleed!
Let the Multiverse burn!
War is coming...

Ah, at last another sequel!
Let the story never end!

4630626 and the multiverse shall tremble...

Auric! Arghblrgthhbtarhigty!

User SERPENT_MAGE has crashed. See Admin for reboot details.

Auric is back.
And It looks like we're going to see some serious Auric-on-Teridax action.
*masturbates furiously*

He is back! Yes!
Best day Today for me!
dont stop PLEASE

Oh, man, looks like Auric ain't got his immortality back. That's not a fair fight, T! You're unkillable, but Auric ain't! Wait for a few millennia! Sheesh.

Also, I couldn't stop myself from reading this, so I just lost my inspiration. Dammit, Thadius! You and your amazing writings.

Lets just wait and see what will happen. We aren't near their fight yet, so some stuff is undoubtedly going to happen between now and then.

4632051 But it's implied to be happening soon. At this rate, Auric won't be immortal.

'Course, that's not saying magic won't happen and he'll get his immortality back first, but it is saying that it's unlikely.

4632107 It's called Following the writer.:pinkiecrazy: You get notices of things

Wait a sec. I'm starting to get some mad The Good Guy Always Wins vibe from this.
Ssendam senpai, make it a worthy fight :fluttershysad:

Just so happened to stumble across Teridax when the story was first published, and now it's caused this story to come back.

Jeez, this came out of nowhere. I'm gonna have to make room for this. There's not way Gilgy will ignore this call. Hopefully it'll be some time though.


I'm gonna need to factor this in somewhere, it kind of interrupts my plans but I'm sure I can work it in somehow.

Yay auric is back! Now, would you kindly blast that evil bot to hell? (Not Tartarus, Hell.)

It's so beautiful I just might cry...

Oh boy.

I'm at the metaphorical edge of my seat.

Your featured streak has returned mr Thadius

While the good guys always win, the bad guy may actually win something out of that confrontation.

4633649 If Ssendam is writing his Teridax anything like the original then Teridax will win for a time then quite possibly be defeated by a combination of his own actions and that of his enemies.

I can see Gilgamesh showing up

I can sense a few awesome character come to scene.
anyways you can count with the Tallboy's Compound bow to fight in your side.

Allow me to share what I just experienced with ol' Teridax's chapter...




Shit is going down, and I can't wait to read about how the Multiverse will crumble and quake.

4632436 Well, duh! If he loses, how can he live to tell the story for us? You noticed that this story kinda use the future protagonist to tell the story of the pass protagonist?

Alright, i'm contacting you in PM now, so be sure to check it :P

>One can lose and not get brutaly obliterated.
>There's a thing called a 'draw'.
>If I'm not mistaken, it's implied in the second story that he kinda sorta would go to that white plane dimention if something happens. Again, might be mistaken, I haven't reread it.

4635518 You seriously expecting a draw in a 'kill or be killed' situation????

4635528 Expecting? No. With these two as authors there's a thing about the unexpected. You should know that

Even though the main story is on hiatus, the Lutece twins are free to help you.

4635572 Then why expect the unexpected at all?

4636123 Never expect anything, but expect everything at the same time.

Wait... That made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

4636304 *Speak in Vulcan voice*
It's only logical.

Clever addition at the end.... Wonder if his opponent will do the same.

We need Marketh Shadeblade to come help him is what we need. ;O Bet Auric would have a thought or two about Markeths lesser half.

:yay: Our Auric fix has arrived:scootangel:
Granted it's not all in the same show but TV anymore has MUCH worse than Freddy when it comes to the gore and what not.:facehoof: It may take even several days to get there but Freddy anymore is almost tame.:fluttercry:

More Auric please:pinkiehappy:

crystal tree palace thing.

Best description for that monstrosity I have ever seen.

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