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I'm still alive, probably.


I used to live on a place called Earth, where things were pretty reasonable. I had a job, I went to school, and life was pretty much normal.

After a night of revisiting Resident Evil 3: Nemesis with my friend, we got an idea. Comic Con was coming up, why not go as one of the most feared things in gaming history? A few days pass and bam, I'm decked out in Nemesis' signature overcoat/power limiter with the look to match. Damn shame we didn't have the time to make his signature rocket launcher though...

As luck would have it, a merchant behind one of the stalls had a perfect replica. I really shouldn't have taken that thing...

Yet another character in the League of Humans Acting Villanous. I know it's late. Forgive me.

Inspired by stories like
Headless, not Heartless


The Rise of Darth Vulcan

Also, rated teen for language and violence.

Editing done by Doccular42 and Salacar

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And so it begins...



If you read really carefully, you can see the name of the first chapter in the first chapter.

AHHH Nemesis the only thing that to this day still makes me shit myself.

These stories are just way too cliche.

Cosplayer gets item they want and end up in Equestria as that person.

While i am over these fics and won't read it, I won't be a downvoter though. Good luck to ya



He still haunts my nightmares to this day...


You will be assimilated. :pinkiecrazy:


While I'm dissapointed you won't at least give it a chance, I understand. Kinda like how the whole 'Twilight Sparkle Eats Peaches" thing went down. Thanks for not just downvoting and not commenting though. ^^

Okay, that's the second "Humans Acting Villainous" fic where we have a con-goer cosplaying as a bad guy. And I like Nemesis, bastard's the ONLY genuinely hard enemy in the ENTIRE Resident Evil franchise.

Lessee how this goes. Just don't abandon the fic, all right?

EDIT: If anyone needs a reference to Nemesis' voice, here you go:

Just be sure to crank the volume of this sonuvabitch's voice by about a hundred decibels in your imagination.



I won't abandon it, but I can't promise frequent updates either. between work and school this might be a weekend-only thing or something. :moustache:

4149980 I couldn't ask for more, buddy. Brohoof from a fellow triple-shifter!

does it have infinite ammo for his weapons?

Nemesis was one of the only game monsters to actually make me feel scared even playing silent hill 2 and running from pyramid head just didn't feel as bad as running from Nemesis. Even on my second play thru the game with gameshark cheats for infinite health I still felt scared when I heard his voice when entering a random hall or alley way.






*quickly erases dark tag he was making*



You'll have to wait till the next update. :pinkiecrazy:


This story has surpassed likes of my only other story.

I can't even. It even made it to the popular list, which is amazing to me.

You guys REALLY want me to slave over this don't you? :trollestia:

4150470 hm... all I'm looking for is a yes or no answer, so I can (sorta) expect :pinkiecrazy:



You can rest assured, I have no plans in the future for this to become a dark story. Just lots of yelling about stars and maybe some royalty gettin' their flanks handed to 'em, but other than that there shouldn't be anything too twisted to really classify this as a 'dark' story. Hell, the way my mind works this might even become a comedy. :trixieshiftleft:

4150491 oh thank goodness... not that I have anything AGAINST Dark Stories, I just don't like them. :twilightblush:

I must thank the little fillies, please let me express my gratitude:


I think not having Dark in a fic with Nemesis will not end well

Please sir. Can he have some brain?


Okay, that was rather attention grabbing.


>Go to sleep

>Wake up

>37 new likes

Stop! At this rate I'll actually have to work on this thing! :twilightoops:


Okay. I took away my like so that you won't have to work as hard.





Now go and reattach your head and go play Resident Evil 3 NEMESIS

Comment posted by JEFFERY8U deleted Mar 29th, 2014

I once made physical love to Dan Quayle

4149732 You crafty bastard, I almost didn't notice.

need more sssssssssstttttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
and umbrella corp

I love this story! Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

All this way, and still no tentacle rape..? Probably a good thing.:derpytongue2:

Give him a sword that's like Krausers knife! Just a thought.

4152809 Read it again, numbnuts. It's "Classic AUDIO." I NEVER said that was the original Resident Evil 3, a game I'm very much privy to, thank you.

Remove your downvote of my comment while you're at it.

4154218 have you read Demon Clothes?

looking forward to see where and how this goes:pinkiehappy:

An interesting point in time to start, very interesting.

So, Nemmy's being neutral and non-lethal. Chalk that up as another departure from the usual, a positive one at that.



Thanks! Glad you like it!

Hey, you've got season 4, we don't need it in a fic that takes place in season 2.

besides, I already have that planned for a later chapter


Thank you, everyone!

This...I cannot even put into words how grateful I am!


Oh he has his reasons. It's technically a human controlling Nemmy's body, so there's bound to be some differences.

He did threaten to kill Discord though. He's not without his faults.


I do believe it's spelt "Draconequus."

.....yyyyeeeesssssss, yyyyyyeeeeeeeeesssssssss..... More.:pinkiecrazy:

4150470 It reloads with skulls, doesn't it?

Damnit, it does...

EDIT: yet to read, and my 700 favourites list says I shouldn't grab more stories for a good while now...

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