I Will Hunt You Down

by TGM

Shadow of the Pyramid

Editor’s Note: Hey everyone, this is SCP Pinkamena. Now, before you go saying that I hijacked this guys account, 1) no I didn’t and 2) he wanted some help with this, so stop your pussyfooting. Anyways, I would like to thank -TGM- for this idea and I would like to mention that my story will be sadly, on hiatus. I’m still willing to do collabs, but I wont be working on me story for sometime. I apologize for interrupting your story reading, so please continue on to the story below.

I landed on the ground with a crash, leaving a crater on the ground around me. I stood up and made my way toward the deeper part of the forest. Without my weapons and all the info I had stored in my bunker, I felt rather clueless as to what to do next. Given maybe the info would have been outdated, but some info was better than none at all.

And my weapons, I really didn’t want to think what could be done with those if they somehow managed to get their hooves on them.

Letting out a low growl I kicked a nearby chunk of stone, causing it to shoot off like a rocket and smash through a nearby cobblestone wall. It was then that I realized I had reached the outskirts of the castle of the pony sisters.

I had no idea where to go, and what better way to gather information than a library? From my knowledge, given it was over ten centuries old, sun-butt and moony mare had the largest library this side of Equestria in their castle, and hopefully that old library would have a few books that I could sneak a peek at.

The path was fairly straightforward, but a heavy mist seepd into the area from the forest. Before long, I realized that I had wandered off the path.

Fucking Everfree and its weird weather… I turned to try to see if I could find the path again, but a peculiar sound caught my attention.

There are lots of sounds in the Everfree, and normally I wouldn’t pay any attention to them, but I was fairly certain that the sound of something heavy and made of metal being dragged across cobblestone wasn’t a common sound around here.

I gripped my launcher tighter and turned around. I couldn’t see anything; the mist had somehow, impossibly, gotten even more thick. The sound continued though; it sounded as if whatever it was was right beyond my range of sight. Needless to say, I was unsettled.

Is someone there? I tried calling out to whatever it was, and for a moment, the sound stopped.

I glared into the mist, awaiting a response. What I got instead was the sound once more, only now it was getting louder, as if whatever it was was walking straight towards me.

I took a few steps back, waiting for whatever it was to emerge from the mist. Be it a predator or some kind of monster, I was not going to sit down and die, and this fucking thing was not going to scare me.

The sound stopped.

I blinked once, looking to my left and to my right. Lots of mist, but no sign of anyone. I let out a low growl and turned around, prepared to put some distance between myself and this freaky place. I stumbled back immediately, there was a figure standing directly behind me.

I let out a growl, one that died in my throat as I got a good look at the thing’s build.

It was human? It had hands, feet, arms, and legs, but there was no way it could be human though. Sitting atop its neck about where its head should have been, was a gigantic metal pyramid-like shape. He was slightly shorter than me, but the pyramid came to eye-level with me, giving me the impression that he was staring me down. Behind him, he dragged a massive sword-like weapon. Noticing the trail marks left in the cobblestone behind it, I assumed that was the weapon that I’d heard. His chest was bare, but his legs were covered by a long, bloody cloth. Taking a second look, it didn’t look like cloth. It was human skin.

Jesus! I exclaimed my surprise at him suddenly being there. He said nothing, simply continued to ‘stare’ me down. I wondered if he could understand me, aside from the gigantic metal pyramid for a head, he seemed human. Can you...understand me? I ventured.

The figure cocked his ‘head’ to the side slightly, the metal blade on the ground behind him making another ear-piercing screech as it shifted. I didn’t know what to make of the gesture, but I did notice an eerie glow emanating from his hand. It seemed to be coming from a ring he was wearing. The figure tightened his grip on his blade suddenly, leaning into a swing.

Hey! I barely had time to raise my launcher before the massive blade struck it, creating sparks between the two of us. The strength behind the blow surprised me, it even caused me to stumble back a bit. What the fuck man?! I just asked if you could understand me!

"YoU HAvE SinNEd AgaINst ME. FeEL mY WRaTH!”

I let a snarl of rage tear itself from my throat, leaning back out of range of another blade swing as I did. I felt the wind from the force of the slice. This son of a bitch was trying to kill me! You’re really fucking asking for it…

“STAAAARS!” I tried to hold up my weapon to block another swipe, but there was much more power behind this one. It broke through my hold, slicing me clean across the chest and causing me to wince.
Before I could react, he brought his sword around and made another slash, directly atop the other one.

A perfect X.

He brought his weapon back and made ready to impale me straight through the X, but I’d recovered by then. I brought up my launcher just in time, smashing into the side of his weapon and causing him to stumble. I kicked out with my foot, nailing him directly in the chest. I could’ve sworn I heard a very satisfying ‘crunch’ as I did it too. But what the hell did I know? This motherfucker might’ve not even had any bones.

Regardless, he got some airtime, flying a few feet away from me before landing again, sliding a few feet backwards.

That’s enough shit from you… I snarled, raising my launcher and pointing it directly at him.

The bastard moved fast for someone almost as big as me, not to mention the metal atop his head that looked like it weighed a ton. He sat up, grabbing his weapon again and managing to stand up again before I fired.

I watched the area explode into flame. Big bastard with a metal head or not, no one survives a direct hit from a rocket launcher. I lingered for a moment more before turning to leave.

A sound stopped me. It was a whistling sound, like something sharp cutting through the air. I turned just in time to see pyramid-head’s knife, sailing straight for me.

I didn’t have time to react; the bastard caught me in the shoulder, cutting some of my overcoat off and leaving a bright red gash. Before I could stand up again, I was knocked on the side of the head with the flat of his blade, sending myself reeling before the blade came up from the bottom of my vision, cutting directly across my stomach and causing my overcoat to fall off. My bare skin was not pretty. It looked decaying and rotten, muscle showing out from both of my shoulders and tentacles tied together all around my body now hanging loose.

I slumped against a nearby tree, my breathing growing ragged.

Pyramid Head raised his knife, preparing for what I assumed was the final strike.

But the strike didn’t come.

My tentacles sprang to life, piercing the bastard straight through his torso and suspending him out over the ground a few feet away. He grunted in surprise. Hell, I’d be surprised too if I was in his situation.

But I wasn’t surprised.

Instead of pain from my new wounds, I felt anger. Instead of fatigue, I felt power. I felt renewed. I felt pissed.

Okay… I slowly stood to my feet, beginning to shake. Now...NOW YOU’VE PISSED ME OFF! “STAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRSSSSS!!!!” I pulled him in from his suspended position, only to smash my fist straight into his gut, sending him back out into the clearing again.

Kill him! Make him pay, make him suffer! Make him writhe! KILL HIM!

I jumped from my standing position, landing near him with a crash, leaving a crater where I landed. He’d managed to stand up, but a tentacle shot from my hand, wrapping around his neck. With a ferocious snarl, I twirled, sending him crashing through a tree trunk. He went still in my grip, before suddenly springing to life again and grabbing where my tentacles had him held. I responded by crashing him through another tree. he appeared to go still once more, before springing to life and grabbing my tentacles again. I turned my body, turning and smashing him into the ground. He slid a few feet, coming to a stop. Somewhere along the line, he must’ve dropped his weapon, as it sailed through the air and pierced itself into the ground near him.

I said nothing, only stomping towards him with bloodlust reflected in my eyes. The very ground seemed to shake with each step I took. I reached out, grabbing onto the handle of his blade and hoisted it into the air, letting it rest on my shoulders behind my head as I stalked towards him.

Kill him... Make him pay... Slaughter him...

As if on cue, a tree that I had smashed pyramid head through fell straight on top of him, pinning him to the ground. I stood over him, my eye glowing a very bloody red as I raised his sword, blood dripping onto the ground around me from my wounds. My tentacles whipping the air around me as I relished in my victory…

"Who are you to think you can wield a weapon of madness?"

Everything stopped.

Suddenly, an ominous music started to build around me. The trees weren’t trees, they were monsters. Terrifying monsters seeking to tear the flesh from my bones, and slaughter all that I’d sought to protect and cherish. Screams began to sound off one after the other, echoing into the distance in a symphony of anguish.

Fear... That’s what I felt...

SHUT UP! I dropped the weapon, turning and smashing my fist into the surrounding monsters. It didn’t help, the screaming only got louder.

SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UUUUPPP!!!!! I couldn't take it anymore. The screaming tore at my mind, I couldn't hear anything else. I roared and smashed through anything within my field of sight. The monsters made a horrible sound, like laughter, at my confusion. The screams only grew more louder, more painful, more familiar. They warped into ones I knew, people I cared about before all of this. All of them screaming in agony. A thousand souls burning for eternity, and it was my fault. All of it was my fault. Yet, there was one I couldn't recognize at first. Daring to glance up, I saw a figure that looked… like me…

Holy fuck…

I saw my own reflection staring back, and… God… My auburn hair, my blue and grey shirt, the same blue jeans… Every detail, down to the fingernail. I was staring at my own soul, and it was screaming the loudest.

“What have you learned today, young one?”

I began to shake my head, my hands covering my ears as I fell to my knees. Slowly the screams began to die, but it didn't help, the damage was done. I didn't move for several minutes, and when I finally did look up, I saw that creature, Pyramid Head, standing over top of me with his blade in his grip once more. It was raised in the air, prepared to swing down and silence me forever. I could barely move. I could hardly breathe. All I could do was sit and wait for my death…

A sudden grunt and the sound of something impacting the earth was what I heard next. I looked up from my kneeling position. Pyramid Head was laying several feet away, but something was on top of him. It looked almost like a dog, except it was made of sticks and wood, and through the openings in its hide leaked an eerie red light.

Several similar figures emerged from behind the trees, all with similar red glows leaking from their insides, all snarling and looking thirsty for blood.

...well shit.

They leaped. I’m not sure where I found the strength, but I stood. One of my tentacles shot forward, impaling the first one straight through its mouth and out its back end. It spasmed and went still, the red light within it going dark.

Well at least we know they can d-

The red light returned, brighter than before. The wooden dog snarled and snapped at me. I snarled back and turned, tossing it into a nearby tree where it shattered from the impact.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the glint of Pyramid Head’s sword as it pierced through the dog on top of him, then he tossed it to the side and stood up, looking at the new incoming threat.

I merely offered him a glance before the next wave was on us. I picked up my launcher from the ground, using it like a bludgeon to smash apart any dogs that jumped for me. Pyramid Head made similar progress, slicing and smashing through any of the dogs that made a leap at him.

I felt something leap onto my back, then fangs dig into my flesh. It didn’t hurt too badly, but it was annoying. I willed some tentacles to erupt from my back, impaling the dog that had latched itself there. It still writhed, and I tossed it away to smash into the ground once more.

I noticed then, the pieces of the dogs that we had already killed were rebuilding themselves at an alarmingly fast rate. When they reformed, the red light within them grew brighter, blood seeping from their maws as they came at us again.

They’re just rebuilding themselves! I called out to Pyramid Head, smashing through another three. We may have been enemies but we were getting outnumbered, and they were certainly no friends of his or mine.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, as the old saying goes.

I felt two more dig into me. I snarled, turning and smashing one off of me and grabbing the other one, crushing it in my grip. The pieces that scattered around me already began to rebuild themselves. If there was only some way to get rid of the pieces all at once…

A lightbulb turned on in my head, and I looked over at Pyramid Head. When they get destroyed, they leave behind pieces of themselves, that’s what they use to rebuild! Try to keep the pieces all in one place, I have an idea!

I could’ve sworn there were more dogs than before. Three of them leaped onto me now, fangs and claws digging to find purchase against my flesh. I threw them off shattering them against the ground and causing the pieces to fall between Pyramid Head and I. he was doing something similar, cutting the wolves apart so their pieces landed between us. When I was fairly certain that they were all there, and none were reformed, I raised my launcher and pointed it towards the pile.

You may want to cover your ears...if you have any.


A mountain of flame erupted where the pieces of the dogs once were, leaving behind nothing but ash and burning twigs, which began to rain down around us.

I stared at the fire for a moment more before turning to face Pyramid Head. Now…

The pieces of the dogs around us began to tremble. I stopped mid-sentence, looking around as all the pieces began to come together in the center once more.

Very slowly, they began to build. First was a gigantic paw, then a gigantic leg, followed by three others like it. Then the body began to build, the red light lighting up in the center of the gargantuan beast that towered over both of us. When it was finished, before us stood a massive wooden dog. Then it opened its blood-red eyes, and bared its fangs.

...well shit. I said for the second time that day.
It roared, nearly blowing both of us off of our feet. Then it raised its paw and brought it down on me.

I moved out of the way, the paw smashing against the ground with a loud crash.

It snarled and chased after me, then leaned down to dig its fangs into me.

I reached out, catching both the top and the bottom of its muzzle with my hands. It pushed forward, and I slid back a few feet, but I held fast.

It seemed surprised that I was able to stop it, then I felt it lean heavily to one side. I glanced at the back of it, Pyramid Head had sliced one of its paws off cleanly. I growled, twisting its head with all of my strength and throwing it onto its side.

Its paw quickly reformed and it snarled, but not before Pyramid Head raised his blade and impaled through its underbelly. The monster howled in pain. Pyramid Head moved his blade around, causing the beast more pain before it brought its paw back and smacked him, sending him back a few feet.

I think I knew what he was getting at though, the red glow emanated from the thing’s middle, but its underbelly was thin. If we wanted to take it down, that was our best shot.

The beast turned and stalked towards the prone form of Pyramid Head now, but I ran at it from behind, grabbing its rear leg and pulling back, causing it to fall.

It snarled and kicked backwards, slicing into my bare flesh. I was almost sent flying, but I wrapped a tentacle around its leg. It grew taut as I was thrown from it, then pulled me back twice as fast, and I used the momentum to smash into the monster’s back as hard as I could.

It howled in agony, at least until Pyramid Head sliced its head clean off.

Together, the two of us cut through the beast from the front and the rear. When we reached the middle of it, tentacles left my body and impaled into its ‘heart’. Pyramid head impaled it with his sword. There was a wail of agony and then everything went white.

I was thrown several feet back, but managed to land on my feet. Pyramid Head landed next to me, and I couldn't help it. I felt just a little bad ass.

I looked at the area where the gigantic dog had once been, a red stain on the ground being all that remained of it. I let out a sigh and turned to Pyramid Head.

Listen, we got off on the wrong foot. Thanks for- He was gone. The mist in the area slowly began to fade away, and in the distance I could have sworn I heard the sound of a distant siren beginning to fade away as well.

I stood, staring at the empty spot he once was. I turned and walked towards the area we had fought, the tentacles that I’d let free wrapped around my body once more as I slipped my overcoat back on, feeling my lust for blood dying back down as I did.

I let out a sigh and looked out into the forest. See you another time maybe, Pyramid Head. And with that, I turned and walked into the depths of the forest once more.


Nearby a red-colored wolf watched the fall of its comrades. Not that it cared, its mind was too far gone to feel anything besides hunger. It quickly scanned the area, seeing no appeal in the large man that had struck his pack down, that was too hard of a meal.

But what he did smell was a particularly appetizing scent coming from the north. He didn’t have much of a memory, but the scent made him think of ponies.

And he’d always wanted to know what a pony tasted like.

So he went to find out.