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Don't Lose Your Way, Celestia.

My children are still in the world, influencing people as they need... but enough.
Time for Senketsu to shine.

A LoHAV, written as complete and utter crack.

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I guess I should watch Kill la Kill.

I just watched an episode...
Bigged WTF did I just watch in my life :rainbowlaugh:

At Least until I saw episode 2 that is :ajsmug:

*Walks up to the author and gives a handshake* Now make a group for Kill la Kill fics. Do it swift, and do it right. *Fades into a sudden mist*

Celestia and Luna never approved of me or my kind, for with my help, even the meekest of ponies could challenge an alicorn, and probably win. Still, they had my only daughters on as well.

so, in other words Sweetie Bell could kick BOTH their plots since practically ALL their magic and power comes from their outfits and NOT their own magic capacity and reserves:facehoof: I hope in the end you get tia separated from her outfit and have a Diamond Dog show what a fair fight REALLY is:pinkiecrazy:

I'll watch for more:pinkiehappy:

So this is where you've been.

I think Senketsu and Youmu from Touhou should hook up. But that's just me. :rainbowlaugh: Good story btw.

4142271 I hope you enjoy the other 23 or so episodes.

Yesssssss......My friend pointed me to Kill la Kill and it had my heart by the third minute. I <3 Gamagoori.

Who is who in a Ponified Kill la Kill.

I vote Rainbow Dash for Ryuuko.
Mako is obviously well-served as Pinkie...
Satsuki is Twilight.

Past that....hmmmm.....
Jakazure is Octavia? Vinyl?
Shining as Gamagoori!

Sanageyama is obviously going to be Applejack.
Inumata is the role I saw for Twilight, personally. You know, information and all that.

Satsuki, in my opinion, would be best filled by Sunset Shimmer.
It totally fits.
Also, here is a scene from the future.


4144353 Oh sweet, you wrote this. There will be more!


"Well, it's pretty dangerous for people. Here," he pressed a familiar glove into my hand, "take it. It's on the house.

That guy is a jerk. And to quote my recent time in TTT

It's not safe around these explosives, here, take my bomb.

4143299 I'm up to the latest episode released.

Never thought I would ever favorite a Cosplayer in Equestria fic. Kill la Kill is an absolute exception.

4144726 And how do you like it so far?

Just to be safe, I'm joining both groups.

Thank Jesus, someone has actually started to create crossover fiction for Kill la Kill. Now that the show has ended spectacularly, we'll need something to fill the gap :pinkiehappy: can't wait to see where this goes

4145067 *Punches jesus out* That good.

4145005 Sudden disassociated ions attack! *Fractures the planet with scientific fuckery*

If you don't update this I will personally come over to your house and slap you!

Okay now that that's done, this. Is. Good!:rainbowdetermined2:

And the only Kill La Kill fic I've ever seen at that!

I am a fan. Gonna start a crossover where Mako decides to go to Equestria and do things that are Mako

4147521 Mako and Pinkie in the same uni-?
NOPE! NOPE! Not gonna finish that sentence! It's not worth it!

Can I say one thing before reading, WHAT ARMOR!!!!!!! Seriously though, in Kill la Kill they talk about this being great armor but it doesn't protect the VITAL ORGANS!!!

Comment posted by Naughty loki deleted Mar 28th, 2014

luna┬┤s kamui beign nyx is brilliant

Comment posted by Ssendam the Masked deleted Mar 28th, 2014

I'm glad to hear that I've expanded your horizons. Please criticise my other works and call me a dirty slut.

I love you man, you know that? I have been waiting like FOREVER for this! Finally I get a crossover with Kill La Kill!~

Oh, and I love most of your other work to.

Reading now.


I like comments. They make me feel euphoric.

I think it was like warm moist utters. With a glass of milk and cookies.

A little short but that's the only fault I found, and it was a small one at that:twilightsmile:

In Kill La Kill,clothes wear you!


ohhh celestia you naughty naughty mare

That meme on the top of the page...

Oh you sexy chapter. Shackle Regalia fits Celestial to a T. Continue please.

Well, then, I think it's time to watch Kill la Kill

Interesting, keep it up.


"Speaking of my strange origins, I'm going to need to feed off of blood. Just a little bit should do me fine. If that isn't too much of a problem."

OUCH! what an introduction:twilightoops:

Life Fibres verse creative liberty: Creative liberty wins instantly.

"O-old lady?! I'm just as old as you are!"

Who said old?

I fucking love this sentence:

"What I'm harnessing is the concept of evolution and drilling itself! We turn onwards and onwards! We're not the same people we were a moment ago! That's how a drill works!"

That alone is worth a thousand favorites.

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