• Published 27th Mar 2014
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Demon Clothes - Ssendam the Masked

In an anthro Equestria, a man is transformed into Senketsu and spawns many Kamui.

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My Beautiful Children.

Author's Note:

So this happened.

I'm so bored. I mean, I was pinned down by several knives, but I really wanted to get moving. How long have I lain here? I know precisely how long it has been.

For one thousand and five hundred years, I have hung here, in the Crystal Caves, when they finally separated me from potential wearers. Time has flowed slowly down here. I know every inch of the room that I can see. I am bored. How long will it be before I taste blood? I need it. My children are still out there, somewhere, scattered to the winds. Celestia and Luna never approved of me or my kind, for with my help, even the meekest of ponies could challenge an alicorn, and probably win. Still, they had my only daughters on as well.

I felt the last dregs of blood that I'd absorbed fade from me. As darkness clouded my vision, the last thing I heard was the doors opening. Someone was coming! I tried to move, but the strength had been drained from my cloth.

3rd Person perspective.

Cadence looked around her cell despondently. Ever since Chrysalis had imprisoned her down here, all she could really do was survive on what water she could find. She suddenly slipped, skinning her left arm and her knees. She whimpered, but firmed her resolve. She was Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, niece to Celestia and Luna, and she was not going to break her resolve! ... but still, she was wondering whether or not she would ever get out of here. Maybe Chrysalis would break her cover-! No, that was unlikely. If Chrysalis could impersonate her for a week, then it was unlikely that the deception would ever be discovered.

She looked up at the doors. They seemed to be of a bass relief- the two alicorn sisters, sealing away a sailor skirt and top. She blinked, then pushed them open. Pinned to the opposite wall was a black and red, long-sleeved sailor fuku, the dangerously short skirt connected to the main body by a pair of red suspenders. Peculiarly, it had what appeared to be a darker black patch over the right side, over the breast. How peculiar.

What was also peculiar were the various crude stakes holding it in place. They looked as if they'd been hammered in a hurry, and were made of raw diamond. She pulled them out with her hands and magic, lifting the garment down, her bloodied hands rubbing into the fabric. "What are you...?"

1,505 years ago

I checked myself out. It'd cost a lot of money, and it really didn't suit me, but it was finally complete. "Aw yeah, Senketsu cosplay for the win."

I posed in the mirror, my skinny frame adorned in the black sailor fuku that was the secondary main character in Kill la Kill. My eyepatch and the contact lens that I wore improved the effect. I looked at myself, then took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing."

I got a lot of odd looks, but nobody really said anything. I grinned, exposing a mouth of sharp teeth. Let them stare at the man who is cosplaying as a piece of clothing. I'll match them weird for weird!

The convention centre was packed full of people. I grinned as I circumnavigated a Ragyo. "Nice cosplay there, girl!"
Ragyo turned around, and only then did I notice that the breasts weren't quite the right skin tone as the rest of her body. "I'm a guy."
I face-faulted. "Wow, that's... that's an incredible cosplay. I didn't realise... I'm sorry." Mr Ragyo smiled gently, an expression I'd never expect on the face of Worst Anime Parent of All Time. "it's alright, I get that a lot."

"No, no, I insist! Alright," here I leafed through my wallet, giving him a fifty, "I owe you something. Take it."

Ragyo thanked me and took it, sauntering off. I felt pretty bad about that, so I walked off.

"Psst." I turned, my nose being assaulted by a combination of smells. Standing there, in a small, dingy stall, was a small, ratty looking man in a hoody beckoned me over.
"What is it?" The small man glanced around himself hurriedly. He lit himself a small dog-end with trembling hands.
"You know those disappearances?" I nodded. They were all over the news- people disappearing at conventions, never to return. He continued. "Well, it's pretty dangerous for people. Here," he pressed a familiar glove into my hand, "take it. It's on the house. Now, I gotta scram." With that, he hurriedly threw his remaining wares into several bags and beat a hasty retreat. I looked at the glove. It was red, and it had a little thing in it. I'd seen this glove in almost every episode of Kill la Kill. Ryuko's glove? Well, it would only add to the cosplay-

Suddenly, I felt really, really ill. I blundered around as the blood pulsing through my head boiled and my vision blurred. Finally, I collapsed on the stand, trying to get my breath back. The darkness took me, and I slumped forwards.

When I awoke, it was to the feeling of being completely immobile. Worse yet, my right hand had apparently disappeared. I tried to move, but my arms felt like they were made of cloth. I checked, and screamed.
I was right in that I didn't have my right hand. Instead of my normal human arms, I was a piece of clothing- a very familiar piece of clothing- Senketsu himself. No more did I have legs, unless I attached myself to an unsuspecting person and let them walk around- instead, I had a dangerously short skirt and some suspenders.

As I lay back, staring up at the blue sky, all I could think was, I am so boned if a lion sees me. Then, I heard the clip-clop sound of horse hooves coming towards me. Oh thank god somebody's going to rescue me!
I cleared my throat. "HELP! HELP ME!"
"Dost mine ears deceive me, or didst yon garment... speak?" I looked at my saviour and promptly face-faulted.

I was being rescued by an anthropomorphic horse lady with wings and a horn. Her alabaster fur looked so pretty, as did the bubble-gum pink mane that swirled around her head. What impressed me most about the view though, were the decently-sized breasts that shot out from her chest,like the prows of two mighty ships. I did the only thing I could think of doing- I tried to prop myself up, eventually standing. "Fair Lady, might I enquire as to thine maiden name?"

She looked at me, the gears in her head evidently gave out, and she fainted. Well, I couldn't blame her. So I just sat there, watching her chest rise and fall with a slight jiggle. Jesus, I feel like a perv.

Present Day.

I felt blood flow throug hem. I desired more. No; I NEEDED more.
"MMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRREEEEEEEE!" I screamed, scaring the poor pink mare.
"W-what are you?" I stared at her with my good eye. She was bleeding. I needed more blood. I threw myself at her.
"More! Give me more!"
She gripped me firmly. "What do you want?"
I grinned. "Your blood. I won't take much. Now," here I gripped the front of her torn and dirty blouse, "Let's get these rags off!"

She put up an admirable struggle, but I was fighting for my continued survival. In the end, I was firmly stretched over her nice assets, pink fur pressing against my fabric an unusually welcome experience. She blushed heavily at the dangerously short skirt. "W-what is this?"

I snorted. "Do you know not of the Kamui? I am the first of my people, we who grant those who wear us with incredible power. Why, even Celestia and Luna have two of our number. But I can sense you''re embarassed by this skimpiness. Not to worry!" I shrank down to my sleep-mode size. "We'll work on that."

"I... just... what are you?"

I frowned, looking up at her. "Enough talk about the past. So, how long have you been down here for? You're evidently starving, I can feel your ribs."

My new wearer blushed. "H-how can you tell something like that?"

"Silly girl, I can tell EVERYTHING about your condition. Whether that's your BMI, or your period. I know them all. Speaking of your BMI, you really need to eat more."

"Shut up, you." It wasn't with any real malice. I waited for a bit.

"...can you help me get out of here?"

"My dear, when my power is fully activated, I will enable you to do feats as unto a gods."