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This ain't as easy as I make it look.


Caboose was helping his friend, but took a wrong turn while looking for a bathroom, and now he's in Canterlot during the Changling Invasion... can someone explain to me how that's physically possible?

Red Vs Blue crossover

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This has got to be the best thing ever..... of all time...
Seriously thought! Friggin AWESOME!!!!!
(Btw FIRST!!!)

This... is exactly how Caboose would have dealt with the situation. If this was just off the top of your head, I would look forward to what you can do if you actually tried.:moustache:

I'm impressed. However, there IS one thing that would make this story even more epic.






I can see it now... they will live happily ever after as a postal worker and a soldier, and live in a house made of muffins and cookies...

7406435 Thanks a lot, now that's gonna stay in my head and live there, until someone writes something like that, as I am not currently ready to write a story that has that.

7406197 I am unworthy!

huh...Why didn't I thick of doing something like this...

Also, calling it now, this is gonna get featured.

now if you will excuse me... :rainbowlaugh:

I bet Church is the reason changelings have holes in their legs. Chances are he had greatly improved his skills and was aiming for their heads in the past.

That was actually really good. I was excpecting something kind of stupid that was just fun, but I didnt excpect to laugh that much. It was a nice read that had me laughing most of the way through. Also, i loved that you even had the reason that luna wasnt there was because she's a bloodthirsty psycho.

7408842 I wouldn't exactly say psycho, but I will say my headcannon is that of the two, Tia's the diplomat, Luna's the general.

Reading a funny, no sense fim-fic? Best way to start my day. Ooh, that fic is also a crossover with one of my favorite no-sense series. Even better. Oooh, that fic has Luna going ape on Chrissy? better, and of course, Caboose is Caboose, and Pinkie is Pinkie. All in all? I'd say its a definite favorite, 9/10. Good job, you don't stretch it too far, but the cover shows a pony, while the text says bipedal, in relation to Caboose. Slight continuity error:

Everypony turned to see who had spoken, it was a large bipedal figure in blue armor.

Without it it would've been10/10. Thanks for the start of my day.

7409095 That picture is there for the laughs.

Tucker did it.

We need more of this. No arguing.

It's lightish red!


I literally lost my balls while laughing at this part.

Caboose looked at the destruction he had wraught, "Tucker did it."

And that was when I officially fucking lost it.

I laughed way too hard at this. You got Caboose down perfectly!

8191153 You need a pre-reader for you-know-what, just PM me.

I don't use pre-readers or editors.

What's Red Vs Blue?

Screw Attack's second most popular show after Death Battle?(tied with RWBY)
You don't know what it is?

"It's lightish red!"

And we hear the angry roar of the native doughnut.

I know how to explain this, one word, starts with m.

It's moose.

Luna pouted, "Is it over already? We haven't even got to use the big hammer yet."

You mean the gravity hammer

Bru aka what the fuck.

Caboose looked at the destruction he had wraught, "Tucker did it."


As Luna went to work, Caboose was the only one who was still able to speak. "Um, I don't think knees go that way. Bug ponies have green blood, I did not know that. Huh, so you can beat someone with their own skull."

Oh dear...looks like Luna is capable of Mortal Kombat...

i actually see this happening

No, one of the minor named characters (He gets mentioned by name only once i think) was beat to death with his own skull. While screaming “This doesn‘t seem physically possible!”.

No warthog tho.


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