• Published 27th Mar 2014
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Demon Clothes - Ssendam the Masked

In an anthro Equestria, a man is transformed into Senketsu and spawns many Kamui.

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Brief moment in time

Luna looked at her Kamui, bequeathed to her by Senketsu. The midnight blue dress, with its durable silver belt, glared back at her with blue eyes, watching her carefully. With a sigh, she put it on. "Alright, Nyx, you win. I don't have anything else that really suits me, apart from my more modern casual wear." She cast a glance at the sweatpants and baggy T-shirt, adorned with the decorations of grease and various food stains. Thanks to an alicorn metabolism, she could effecctively eat anything she wanted and not risk getting fat. Plus, no noble really wanted to upset her after her comments when she'd first seen them about 'meritocracy.' So, one time she'd considered wearing them to a fancy dinner. Unfortunately, common sense and her sister had intervened.

She then glared down at her bosom. "But if I get the slightest hint of rebellion from you... I'll pour chocolate sauce on you."

"NO! Don't do that! You'll stain me forever! That's so mean, Lulu!"
Luna nodded. "Maybe so, but I am NOT going to become the Nightmare on my nieces' birthday. Asides from the fact that I would have to be stopped again, Eternal Night is a really terrible wedding gift."
Her uniform cheered. "Yay! You've gotten a bit of your sense of humour back!"
Luna smiled gently. "That's good to hear."
Her dress frowned mischeviously. "Speaking of 'good to hear...' your BMI is a bit high."
Luna blushed. "Wha- IMPUDENT DRESS!" She pinched her midriff. Maybe it was a bit soft. She sighed. Looks like a cut back on snacks was necessary. "Thanks for ruining my afternoon."

Celestia looked at the form-fitting yellow dress, purple eyes staring at her with mild amusement. "Sol, I don't think I'll wear you today. Instead, I think that I'll wear a suit." Celestia pulled out, with some reluctance, a large, white suit, with spiked shoulders. It looked plenty formal, plus wouldn't leave her wholly unprotected.

The Kamui spoke. "Milady, I wouldn't advise that! There isn't anything wrong with it, it's just that... that..."

Celestia chuckled good-naturedly at her partner for a thousand years. "Relax, it's just a wedding. Even with the threat against Canterlot, if I need you, I can just call you from afar, and you'll come to my aid. Not that I should need you for my niece's wedding."

"Yes, but even so-"

"Enough." Celestia chided, gently yet firmly. "If I call, please respond."

Just as she was out of earshot, the Kamui spoke. "I LOVE YOU!" It then realised that it was alone. "Goddamnit..." she whined, content to throw herself around the room in boredom.


With nothing to do, she amused herself by picking up a piece of parchment and scrunching it up. She then threw it around the room in complete and utter boredom.


Chrysalis smirked as she looked at her new acquisition. This was perfect- a legendary Kamui! These garments were more than capable of turning even the most anemic of ponies into a deadly fighter capable of challenging the alicorns. And she was hardly anemic- she was hopped up on the most intense love that Canterlot had to offer. Her children had fed gloriously on the love that semed to permeate the air.

That Twilight Sparkle brat had almost ruined everything. Good thing she'd brainwashed the younger mare and... harvested a bit of additional love along the way. Reassuming her disguise, she looked at hte white dress, baleful orange and yellow eyes staring at her in an uncontrollable bloodlust. Chrysalis nicked her thumb, green blood permeating the fabric and feeding the Kamui.
"Come and attend me, Junketsu!"

The Kamui squirmed, latching onto her. Maybe she'd miscalculated-
She was not going to be bested by a piece of clothing, no matter how powerful! She imposed her will, the suffering of the Hive Mind, crushing the Kamui beneath her indomitable will. When it was fully dominated, she smiled, fangs exposed for a brief instant from beneath her disguise. At last, she was victorious! With this and the power that she'd assimilated, victory was guaranteed.


"Okay, now, pull the little knife out of the glove. It'll hurt for a bit, but it'll allow me to be activated. You see, when you're embarassed about my appearance-"
"You're asking me to slit my wrists?!"
I waggled my eyebrows furiously. "No. This'll extract some of your blood in a safe manner. Unfortunately, due to your embarassment, I'll need to constantly drain blood. Understand?"

Cadence frowned down at me. "You're asking me not to be ashamed of my appearance with you on."
I nodded with my eyebrows. "Mmm."
Cadence frowned. "Look at it from my perspective. You're asking me not to be embarassed of wearing less clothing then a... a... stripper!"
"Technically, strippers wear more clothes, so really, you're not being dressed up as a stripper. But really. Just imagine that everypony's as naked as you are."
Cadence closed her eyes, then shuddered. "Ugh."
"Something the matter?"
"Yes. I just imagined Pony Joe and my aunts naked. Not a mental image you'd particularly like to see under any circumstances."
"I don't know who Pony Joe is, but the others I've seen and felt naked many times."
Cadence glared at me. "Really? How old are you?"

Hoo boy.
"I'm one thousand, five hundred and twenty five years old."
Cadence looked at me. "Really?"
"A long time ago, I came into the world, and met your aunt when she was but a young maiden..."

1,505 years ago.

When she woke up, I gently pressed a clothy arm on her forehead. "Art thou alright?"
She stared at me. "This is a dream, isn't it? Some prank from my younger sister."
"I don't think that I'm in a dream. Try pinching yourself, that always works."
The young girl pinched herself, then looked at me. "This has to be a dream. Clothing does nay walk and talk as if it had a mind of its own! Tis simply inconceivable!"
"You keep on using that word. I do not think that you understand what it means."
"Pay no attention to my ramblings. But you never answered my first question. What ist thy name?"
She grinned widely. "Call me Celestia."

Author's Note:

Second chapter update.