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For hundreds of years humanity had been fighting a losing war. Outnumbered and out maneuvered they looked for a way out of the war as quickly as possible with as few causalities as they could. They found their answer: Project SKIRMISH. Now, centuries since the end of the First Contact War, Humanity is nearing the seat of the galactic throne. With new found allies, resources and technology humanity has all but pushed back the alien invaders, cured all illnesses and plagues, tripled human life spans and are always looking to the horizon.

After a fleet of Frigates are destroyed in an unexplored system only a handful of Pilots are left. With no other options they are forced to land on an unknown world and quickly form alliances, or fight for survival with their limited resources and technology.

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The deleted comments were between me and Newbiedoodle about the story and my editing skills. He told me to improve the story and my editing skills, I took his advice and redid parts of the first chapter, split paragraphs and improved my grammar. I took them down as they were not relevant anymore. Thanks for the advice Newbiedoodle...Though I will probably screw up and make a mistake while writing again.

Good! I was just about ot take you off book mark then you got anew chapter up! Excellent!

First person isn't my preferred writing style but you do it very well! Keep up the good work. :)

4900550 Thanks, i'll admit its a bit tough to write in first person but it find its kind of just how I write.

4900625 Yeah, i ca't imagine how many problems could come from that.

Also it would be kinda cool if you blogged a bit, it can be useful to show that you are still working on your stories. :)

4900739 I do try to work on it but I tend to get sidetracked by stuff. I'll try to get a chapter up at least once a week for Chassis but no promises


I write myself and i can understand how you feel. :)


*sits on his bunk cradling a massive rifle surrounded by a small armories worth of weaponry*

Could be worse, you could be me a year and some ago, I need to edit (redo) everything I've done

4905328 Even Jayne himself once said Reavers ain't men. Yea, without an editor or proof reader writing is a nightmare.

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You should'nt switch perspective so often

4910637 I'm most likely going to spend a few chapters strictly from one persons perspective like Vec or Elizabeth.

Now, this is* what I imagine the space battle like...
And another thing to do us mute the audio on the original and play flight of the Valkyries in its place


4921417 Thats probably the closet thing that sums up what I wanted it to look like. Serenity is an awesome movie btw:heart:

The only problem I had with it was that they made kaleei?
Seem like and idiot,

I loved the rest of it

4923287 It's been awhile since I've watched anything Firefly but yea I kinda feel like she was a bit more of a ditz then usual

I'm surprised by the ending of Delta chapter. I really want to know what happens next.

4966960 Im a big fan of suspense. Somethings got to go wrong for someone afterall:ajsmug:

I liked the way that Delta dealt with the interrogation. I hope to see more of this story soon, particularly because the King may attempt to incorporate Delta's weapons into his army.

My guess he plans on attacking Equestria with deltas help

5151044 I think I'm going to focus on Elizabeth in the next chapter or maybe Esther...Or both...Hell I might just check up on the Mane 6. Which do you think would be coolest to see? I got ideas for all three of them and I'm going to do them, just not sure in which order

With this kind of story I wouldn't recomend bringing the main six into this until much later as they specialize mainly in the simple shit like going into the woods to find something or transcending time and space to explore an improbable anomaly that could change both worlds for the worse. They probably wouldn't be more involved than what you've already portraid. Maybe a little political guidance here and there, but nothing too major.

5157051 I plan for Taylor to interact with Big Mac in the story but not sure with the Mane 6. Their not a big focus in the story as I will most likely focus on the Pilots+vectis and world leaders like Anzu, Tia and Chrysalis.

ya i knew the king was way to friendly

like the kind of multi cultural thing you have got on with the minotaurs and the changelings, but i feel like its going a bit fast.
the humans are WAYYYYY too trusting, the guy who was suspicious about the changelings was more realistic, i guess, maybe its just me reading to much LOHAV and HAS stories.

5314563 I will slow it down in the next few chapters as I establish different views on the war and ties with the locals, but I did'int want to drag out first contact with it ending in a bloodbath as it would be stupid for trained soldiers to loss their cool or make a irrational choice. Its less them trusting them and more a ceasefire. Trust me, Elizabeth and Esther haven't lowered their guns and Delta dosent trust anyone. Also, What does LOHAV and HAS stand for again? I keep seeing it but I can't remember where.

This is a really good story


They are groups.

LOHAV = League of Humans Acting Villainous
HAS = Humans Are Superior

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5358281 I'm not sure if that's sarcastic or not:trixieshiftleft:. If your serious though, thanks I'm not sure if I like it as you probably read.

5358326 Yes, I'm serious, but I didn't have the time to express my liking the scene with Big Mac being cured and a drunken Vinyl thinking that the guy's voice was a statue of Celestia talking because I need to take an exam in...5 minutes.

5358489 Thanks, and sorry for getting in the way of your exam:twilightblush:

Ayy Lamo, some good exposition.

5363984 Thanks, I was'int sure how this chapter would turn out.

Elizabeth's interaction with the Changelings is interesting, I hope I can see more.

Merry xxrismas.

Great chapter.

Two lumps if you don't mind, love that sugar.

Over all interesting read, all the different view points is throwing me for a bit of a loop, but hey I'll get used to it. Liking it so far, especially the take on Chrysalis in one of the previous chapters.

5614166 Thanks, yeah I'm gonna start slowing down on all the perspective changes but I'll probably keep them either because it's an easy way for me to continue a scene if I run out of ideas for one particular character or if I feel like nothing interesting would be happening then. I've always like the Changelings as a race desperate to survive and less as villains wanting to kill people, so I like to write them as less assholesih then in the actual show.


Oh no I'm fine with the perspective changes, it's just been a while since I've seen it done and yeah I don't quite like the way the changelings were portrayed in the show. I mean a race that is literally starving for love and need it so much they need to fight for it? I feel bad for them :( they needs hugs

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