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Gods can be real dicks. That is the one thought that has echoed throughout my head since I arrived here. Don't worry about my name as I'm sure you will find out soon enough. Being only one of thirteen males on the entire planet kind of has that effect. What? Only one of thirteen you ask? Well yes that is what I just said after all. Basically it all boils down to someone making someone mad so someone, The second someone, placed a curse on the planet that is slowly killing off the worlds population. And guess whose job it is to figure out how to lift the curse? Not mine actually, but I've decided to make it mine anyways. If you would like to find out more about me and the quest that I have taken all you have to do is ask, but be warned, the tale I have to tell is quite...unusual.

A/N: Sex tag is for implication of said activity.

Update: New chapters will be arriving soon, I have just been busy as of late. So keep an eye out over the next week or so.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic or its characters.

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Me gusta! This shows much potential!!

You had my Curiosity. Now you have my interest!

This needs an update PLEASE !!!!!! Oh and so far so good

Not bad don't be disgruntled about the like ratio mine started off with 15 likes to 13 dislikes. But make sure to keep your punctuation straight or people will pick you up on it they did with me

I misjudged this fic I think I will fave and like.

I kinda like where this is going. Save the world...through sex :moustache:

if they tried to make me do magic i'd just say " meh not interested" just to get a rise out of them.

Errrm, Spika? Might need to change that.

2956268 Ignore that, didn't see she was a female in this case.

The last thing I registered before passing out was the nurses that practically blew the examination rooms door open was Dr. Redhearts disbelieving voice saying. "Fifteen...by the King and Queen he's a tier fifteen."

High Wind level fifteen is about a quarter of the way to god like standard XD. Love the clip though :rainbowlaugh:

MOOOOAAAARRRRR!!! Oh, and would be VERY pissed to find out I was a sex slave.

He needs to escape fast theirs something clearly wrong going on.

Comment posted by SkyShrieker deleted Aug 21st, 2013

3084046 True, but at least gold is a soft metal, iron rusts, and stone can be broken.:raritywink:

3083544 Unfortunately escape is almost impossible. Equestria does not have cardboard boxes.

3084166 you would think so. But the entirety of the pony race relies on him. He also has no magic training as well as a few other elements I have yet to reveal.

3084183 I agree and see your point but they also need him a whole lot more than he needs them

3084208 For the most part that is true but he needs their protection for now.

im waiting for him to learn how to blast something and start being badass:pinkiehappy:

3084271 will it be like: Twilight: "Hey leamo what does the machine say about your magic level. Leamo: ITS OVER 9000 (crushes stone in hand)

My suggestion: replace "Spika" with "Spica". The latter is actually a name (of the star Alpha Virginis) from a Latin word meaning "spike" (although it refers to an ear of corn or grain, not a sharp object), and is even pronounced the same way (Spaik-ah).

Plus, it won't look like you just replaced the "e" in "Spike" with an "a", while still being just as simple.

"Fifteen...by the King and Queen he's a tier fifteen."

Heh heh, tier fifteen.... :trollestia:


2972750 Sex god?

3085876 No, nothing like that. I will reveal how he gained the magical power he has later. and it is NOT an all powerful force with zero drawbacks.

3086230 Thank you for the suggestion and observation, I will change it right now.

Please post the next chapter I need y read fix.:raritycry:

If I were in his place i'd be like The boss from saints row are luffy from one piece. fuck that im doing things my way! I understand he wants to help them but I will bow to no being and I will never be used even if its to help the country with their issue, their problem is theirs alone not mine and if I have to i'm not above violence.

3166108 I agree with you. This guy needs to grow some balls once in a while.. :ajbemused:

3166328 And the second piece of the puzzle has been found. Wait for the rest of them appear and put them together once you have them. The finished product will paint you a picture, the likes of which has never been seen ybefore.

The dialog needs to be separated. There should only be one person talking per paragraph.

Also, you should really give them unguligrade legs. Otherwise they would not be able to walk with hooves.

Umm. Maybe you should just use the popular name of Barb for female Spike.

3195358 I like the idea of unguligrade legs but the ponies don't have an actual hoof, and in my head that looks...well very awkward.

This mother fucker should cheer the fuck up. I mean come on, Free Sex! With almost no consequences. At least 7/8 if the guy population here had thought about it. But still, the way this story is going, he's about to get uber fucked by craziness.


i wonder how better the world too be if there a sperm bank


Well, I kind of want to see where this is going, but the future of this fic will need to be handled very well, in order to rise into "good" status.

You're skating on thin ice, be careful.


Hooray an update like it pretty good, best part was what Celestia read about humans.

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