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Lucky number Thirteen - SkyShrieker

Waking up in an unfamilliar land, sold in an auction to a group of crazy mares, and sought after by every country on the planet, what's a guy to do? Pray, and if that doesn't work, roll with it.

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Canterlot Castle, a most luxurious prison

(Edited by Stormscorpion)

Wake up...Wake up and grow stronger, love like you never have before....Make bonds that will last forever with those that will care for you...so it will be all the sweeter when I erase your existence and revel in their pain....


My eyes snapped open abruptly and breath expelled forth in quick panicked gasps. Fear tore through my body like a twisted dark beast tearing through me with wickedly curved claws. My eyes darted around the room I was occupying while the sound of my blood thundered in my ears. That voice in the darkness, it grabbed a part of my memory and rattled it to the point that the memory of it almost surfaced... but the door to my room opened, chasing away the mental stirring. My eyes automatically locked onto the newcomer, a bright green earth pony with an auburn tail and mane wearing a doctors coat and carrying a clipboard. At the sight of her, the panic and terror that had been coursing through me vanished, leaving me visibly shaken and covered in a light sheen of sweat.

"Well Mr. Leuma how are you fee-, Oh my you are actually awake, wait here for a moment!" The doctor, who had been looking at her clipboard, looked up to see that I was indeed awake and quickly left the room. A short time passed before she returned with two of the most beautiful beings I had ever laid eyes upon. The first, and taller of the two, was pure white in color with a multi colored ethereal mane and tail. The second was a dark blue with an ethereal mane and tail like that of the night sky complete with tiny white pinpricks I assumed to be stars. Most notably about these two pony that was different from the rest was the fact that the two before me had both wings AND a horn.

I must have been staring because the taller one let slip a small laugh that sounded akin to tinkling crystal. "I must say that I am surprised that of the three of us, you would be the one staring.", she said with a smile. I quickly struggled to sit only to yelp in pain and grab at my chest. My fingers tightened over the spot my heart occupied while it beat out a rhythm of fiery pain. So absorbed in the intense feeling I did not notice the two mares approach me with their horns glowing until I was enveloped in a mix of gold and midnight blue. A warm tingling sensation quickly replaced the pain and, with a sigh of relief, I lay back against the bed.

"Please, do not over exert yourself, you are suffering from what is known as a "burn out". This comes about when the heart tries to filter too much magic before it is properly able to, resulting in your heart nearly burning up with the excess energy.", the dark blue mare stated in a powerful, authoritative, and yet concerned voice. "That...that does not sound good.", I weakly muttered. With a dismissing wave from the taller of the two, the doctor quietly left the three of us alone, probably to discuss both myself and what happened at...wait... "Where am I, Who are you both, and what happened?" "Let us start by introducing ourselves. I am Princess Celestia, co-ruler of Equestria and goddess of the sun.", Celestia Started. "And I am Princess Luna, also co-ruler of Equestria and goddess of the moon and stars.", finished Luna.

"Currently", Celestia continued, "you are taking residence in room 3002 of the Accidental Magical Injury ward at Canterlot Unicorn Hospital. You were brought in four days ago by an emergency pegasus transport after being stabilized at Ponyville General Hospital. From the report sent to me by my student Twilight Sparkle, whom I know you are familiar with, you accidentally overloaded the device used to read a unicorns magical level and destroyed said machine, injuring yourself in the process. Luckily though, nopony else was injured and you should be fine within a few days." I took a second to absorb what I had just been told while organizing my mind. "So, Twilight and the doctor are okay?"

Celestia nodded in response. "Good, good... So, I was having my magical tier calculated...what did it say?" Celestia and Luna shared a look before Celestia answered. "That is actually one of the reasons we came to see you. I don't know how else to say this, but the device has read you as a Tier 15. From the letter's I received from Twilight I am to assume that you haven't a clue as to what this means?" I gently shook my head. "I thought as much. Leuma, what I am about to tell you will add to the burden that it seems fate has decide to saddle you with." Celestia took a moment to organize her thoughts before looking me in the eye and beginning her explanation. "The day of your accident, I received a size-able letter from Twilight. It was the medical file compiled by Ponyville General and the results were shocking to say the least. According to the results from the tests performed on you, you are what is being called a genetically perfect being in terms of compatibility. It would also appear that your DNA has the ability to sire male offspring as well as female, though why this is we don't know. What I mean to say is, you have the ability to successfully breed with every known sentient species on the planet, and produce male children."

"Let me guess, you want to use my DNA to father children and hopefully keep the species from dying." I watched both sisters nod and turned to look up at the ceiling in thought. 'They need me to keep their people from going extinct but... I'd have to do something very intimate...but not doing so could condemn them...besides, they'll probably force me if I say no...' "I'll give you what you need. What kind of monster would I be if I allowed an entire race to die out?" Celestia's face creased slightly at the hollow sound of my voice but dismissed it for now. "Thank you Leuma, You have no idea what this means to us.", Luna said with a smile. "Come Celestia, let us leave him to recover. We shall see you soon Leuma, get better soon." With that the said their goodbyes and left me alone with my thoughts.

"Tick Tock....Tick Tock... Tick Tock...." I slowly turned my head to stare at the clock that sat on the wall opposite side of the room. I stared at it a moment longer before sighing and closing my eyes to take a nap.


"My queen, one of our spy's in Canterlot has returned bearing important news! She has enacted Orius Corutla and will only speak with you!" "Send her in and all of you, leave me." The guards filed out of the throne room one by one until only a single stood before the large stone throne. The figure descended to one knee to bow before her queen before rising. "My Queen, on the third of Falls Gate I witnessed Princess Celestia and Luna receive an unusually large scroll. After reading it Celestia dropped the scroll and took off with Princess Luna. I cautiously flew to the balcony and retrieved the scroll before finding a secluded spot to read it." The spy produced a thick parchment scroll from behind her back and held it up to her Queen who snatched it up and unfurled it. "Have you verified this for yourself?", the queen asked in a trembling voice. "Yes your majesty, before I left he was checked into the hospital and had a heavy guard placed over him." The queen rolled the scroll up and held it over one of the many candles that jutted out of the thrones side.

As she watched the parchment burn she spoke up, giving a single order. "Inform the Rocs to meet me in my chambers, our salvation has arrived and we will not allow the ponies to partake in it. I shall take such joy in watching their last die out... What are you still doing here? LEAVE!" The spy made a hasty exit, leaving her queen to plot and plan Equestria's downfall.


"Now Mr. Leuma, you may feel fine but that does not actually mean you are. Take it easy for at least a week just to be safe. Try not to do anything to stressful, and under no circumstances are you to use magic as you could accidentally burn out your heart." I pulled my head through the hole in my shirt and put my arms through their designated holes after. Having finished dressing I turned back to the doctor, Dr. Healthy Heart I think, and nodded to let her know I had been paying attention. "Thanks doctor, I promise to take it easy, I have no desire to end up here again, or worse." The doctor, a white earth pony, lead me out of my room and into lobby empty of anypony save two. "Hello again Leuma, you are feeling better I hope?"

I smiled at the royal sisters and walked up to the duo, stopping to offer a small bow to the two. "Yes Princess Luna, I feel much better now. My chest twinges a bit every now and again, but it's to be expected I guess." "You are correct and were you of any lesser magical tier I would be shocked by the speed at which you are healing. However, that is a conversation best saved for later.", Celestia said. "For now, allow us to escort you to where you shall be staying for the time being." The two sisters escorted me out of the hospital and into the busy streets of Canterlot. Ponies of all species milled about the wide cobble stone streets at various shops or sitting out in front of the occasional café. All activity ceased though when the three of us set foot on the street. Silence descended, bringing with it the distant sounds of the rest of the city. I shifted nervously while moving closer to my guardians, trying to avoid the stares that were now directed at my person.

Besides the eyes assaulting my person, the three of us were left alone on our trek through the city; mostly, it seemed, out of respect or even fear of my two escorts. Thirty minutes of walking later we arrived at the open portcullis of the Canterlot Castle. I stopped and stared in awe at the massive wall that encircled the castle in a white ring of stone and wood. "Leuma, come". My head snapped down to stare at Celestia. Giving the portcullis one last look I jogged forward to rejoin my companions. I was lead up away from the wall and into the castle courtyard where groups of guards in golden armor trained while commanding officers barked out various exercises. 'Hmph, I should have known this would happen. Don't worry Princess, I get the message.'

Past the courtyard and through a set of massive golden double doors and we entered the entrance hall, the doors closing with a resounding bang. "Welcome to Canterlot Castle Leuma." Celestia said, stopping and turning to face me. "For the time being you shall remain inside the castle. Anywhere within the walls you are allowed to go, with the exception of our rooms and the second floor of the western wing. At all times you will be accompanied by a guard whom I have hand picked. This is for your own safety as you are the most valuable male in the world. Ah, here she is now." The sound of hooves on marble pulled my attention to a hall to my right. Dressed in a blue spandex suit with lightning bolts around the area where her ankles would be. Her fiery orange mane went perfectly with her yellow wings and what I could see of her coat.

What grabbed my attention like a lioness catching her prey, was her stunning burnt orange eyes. My breathing and heart rate increased while a light blush rose up across my cheeks. A smirk slowly spread across her face when she saw the pink twinge. 'Jack pot, this is going to be a fun assignment...probably in more ways than one.' She shivered lightly while letting her eyes roam over my figure. Spitfire stopped and bowed before the Royal sisters. "Good afternoon Princes Celestia, Princess Luna." Celestia inclined her head while Luna shot her sister a look. "Good day Spitfire, this is Leuma your new charge. I would like for you to help teach him every thing you can about our culture and society. You are to accompany him at all times of the day and make sure he stays out of trouble. Now, we must bid the two of you farewell as my sister and I have important matters to discuss." With a nod the two princesses left myself and spitfire alone.

"Well, first things first. Names Spitfire, captain of the Wonderbolts and Second Lieutenant in the Solar guard.", Spitfire introduced herself with an extended hand. Collecting myself I took the soft appendage in my own and shook it. "My name is Leuma..that's all I guess." Spitfire cocked an eyebrow in disbelief but shrugged it off. "Well Leuma now that we have introduced ourselves let me show you to where you will be staying, then we can get to know each other better." She ended her sentence with a wink then turned and started walking back down the hall she had come from. Not wanting to be left alone I jogged after her, oblivious of the leers I had been receiving from some of the guards standing in the entrance hall.

The two of us walked in an awkward silence down the white halls of Canterlot Castle, passing various tapestries and other decorations as well as the occasional guard. We stopped outside an oak door with a heavy Iron door handle and one serious lock. 'Don't want me running away it seems...unless...no I don't want to think about it. "Here we are, this is your room. I'm sorry that I have to say this, but I've got an important meeting that I have to attend to. It shouldn't take too long and I'll be back before you know it. Until then though, I'm going to need you to wait in your room." The feeling that caused my chest to constrict was unfamiliar to me and to be honest, I could go the rest of my life without experiencing it, was new and very unpleasant. Regardless though, I said "Ok", and entered the room, closing the door behind me which was soon followed by a loud click.

I sighed softly then scanned my new surroundings. The room was fairly large with a giant four poster bed resting against the wall opposite me. To my left there was a round table where four chairs had been stet next to two bookshelves that covered the wall they rested against. Finally to my right there was a large wardrobe where I assumed I would be storing whatever clothing I would soon be gaining. Slowly, I shuffled over to the bed and quietly sat on the end of it with my legs hanging off of the edge. Silence permeated the air around me for a short time before being broken by an odd sound. I looked around to try and ascertain the location it came from, only to realize I had made it. A second sob escaped my throat as hot tears welled up in my eyes. Here I was, in a castle surrounded by female pony people who wanted to use my body to revive their dying species with no memory of where I had come from. No idea if I had a family somewhere that was worried about me; all the while being subtly threatened by royalty that new enough about magic that my apparently huge reserved would give me no edge in a fight against her. So I did the only thing I could. I caved under all the conflicting feelings inside of me, and cried silently to myself.

Author's Note:

So, terribly sorry that it took forever to get this chapter up but I've been working my flank off so I haven't had a lot of time. Not a lot happening in this chapter but IO will soon remedy that with the next three I'm writing up at the moment. So keep an eye out for more chapters as they WILL be coming soon. Anyways, that's it for now.

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