• Published 12th Jul 2013
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Lucky number Thirteen - SkyShrieker

Waking up in an unfamilliar land, sold in an auction to a group of crazy mares, and sought after by every country on the planet, what's a guy to do? Pray, and if that doesn't work, roll with it.

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Sold at Auction (Edited)

(A/N: Edited by Stormscorpion)
Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony Friendship is Magic nor any of its characters.

Nor do I profit in any way shape or form from this story.

It was dark, and I was moving. I was laying on my back on a hard surface, it felt like wood, and I was moving through the darkness. At first I thought I was dead, but that thought passed when wherever I was jolted to a stop. Oh, hello headache, it’s nice to meet you. A groan escaped me as I slowly moved up to a sitting position, and I cupped my head in my hands. “Hhhhhmmmm… What the hell happened?” Muffled voices reached my ears from behind me and slowly moved to my left. I raised my head and turned it to where a very small line of light cut through the darkness. A shadow passed over it that was soon followed by another.

Light rushed into the darkened place I was sitting in, blinding me and causing me to hiss in pain. My hand shot up to my eye’s in an attempt to block the offending brightness and succeeded, if only a little. “Hey, come on, we haven’t got all day you know?” An annoyed feminine voice spoke up from the light. I slowly lowered my hand to see a female silhouette standing with her hands on her hips. “What?”, I stupidly asked. This apparently annoyed the person even more, as the next thing I know. I’m being dragged out by an invisible force that clamped down on my legs.

I land on the hard ground with a loud thump and grunt of pain, and once again, I was unable to see. ‘Seriously, I may love you for giving me life, but Fuck you Sun.’, I angrily thought while shakily standing up. A hand was placed on my back and the next thing I know I’m stumbling up a set of stairs and being pushed through what felt like thick curtains and onto a stage. The buzz of conversation that I had only subconsciously noticed fell into silence, an uncomfortable silence I might add, that was quickly broken by the voice from before.

“GOOD AFTERNOON PONYVILLE! My name is Fast Cash, and welcome to my travelling auction!” Fast Cash’s voice echoed over the crowd and incited an air of curiosity and excitement. “For those of you who don’t know me, I like to offer up my best finds first, so number one on the list will be this creature I have discovered. Muscled, possibly intelligent, able to speak, and best of all! … It’s male.” ‘What the heck does that have to do with anything…wait, am I being sold?!’ I rubbed my eye’s furiously and blinked a few times to clear out the spots and finally got a look at my surroundings.

I stood on a makeshift stage about eight feet in width and jutted out a good six feet. In front of me stood a crowd of what looked like women. The problems with that though were immediately noticed. First, every one of them was covered in fur of every color imaginable, secondly, each female had a tail, some were short, some long but a tail nonetheless, third was that their tails matched the same color of the hair that grew from their heads, and lastly (And by my thought process, most importantly) everyone shared equine qualities in their faces from their ears to their snouts. ‘Holy shit, are those wings?! AND Horns?! What the hell is going on, and more importantly where am-.’ “SOLD,TO THE SIX MARES IN BACK!!” “Wait,What?” Hands roughly grabbed me by the back of my shirt and I was dragged off stage, being replaced by a statue that seemed expensive, down the stairs and into a shed. I was pushed and stumbled inside with the door slamming shut and locking behind me.

After catching myself on the opposite wall I slowly looked around. The shed was barren with the exception of a single chair that I quickly sat on with a sigh. My hands gently ran through my hair, a sure sign that I was nervous, before falling limply at my sides. I sat there for what seemed like hours before the sound of approaching voices met my ears. I looked up at the same time as the door opened and was once again blinded. “Oh my, I’m terribly sorry, are you okay?”, asked a soft and gentle voice from in front of me. “Yeah, I think I’m okay, just unable to see…again.”

“Oh you poor dear, hang on for just a second and I’ll have you all better.” A clopping sound echoed throughout the shed and two soft hands were placed on either side of my head next to my eyes. A warm tingly sensation washed over my face and my vision quickly returned, bringing with it two of the most beautiful aquamarine eye’s I had ever seen. I stared into the two orbs before me for what seemed like an eternity before the one they belonged to spoke up. “Umm is that better…?”, she asked quietly while her pink hair fell over one eye. “Umm…yes, th-thank you.”

“Hey Fluttershy are you okay in there?!” Fluttershy, as I now came to know her, turned around and walked to the door, giving me a better look at her physique. Her body was small, only about five four in height and covered in butter yellow fur. Her hair and tail were both a light shade of pink and on either side of her…um flank… was what looked like a tattoo of three butterflies. Lastly but certainly not least, were a pair of folded wings that covered her back.

After shaking my head to stop my young male mind from going where it shouldn’t, I looked back to the doorway where two more of the pony-like beings had joined Fluttershy. The first was a beautiful lavender color with a dark purple mane and tail that had a single pink stripe running down both. A horn poked out from her forehead that split her hair. Her eye’s, like Fluttershy’s were stunningly gorgeous, though were a deep purple instead of light blue.

Standing to her right was an orange coated beauty with a long straw colored mane and tail. She wore a Stetson upon her head with holes cut into it so her ears could poke out. The thing that stood out about her, besides her emerald green eyes, were the developed, well toned muscles in both her arms and legs. ‘Must do a lot of manual labour to get those.’, I thought off-handed while the three spoke to each other. My eyes wandered farther down and stopped at the cylindrical “hoof” that each of the females had. It was like whatever being that created this universe decided to say “Fuck it, They are pretty much done so I’ll be lazy”. The hoof was pretty much nothing more than a cylinder where a foot should be, leading me to wonder how they stayed balanced when walking. ‘Tails dumbass, used to help one keep balance remember-wait why is everything purple?’

I let out a yelp of surprise and fell, ass over elbow, to the ground in shock. The purple mare, who had made her way over to me when I wasn’t paying attention, she has had been trying to speak to me and ended up scaring the crap out of me. “Oh,I’m terribly sorry!!”, she frantically apologized while attempting to help me to my feet. “Gee Twilight, next time wait till he answers yuh before getting in his face.”

,the orange mare in the Stetson lectured in a southern accent. ‘huh, sounds like she’s from… huh, I don’t remember.’ Grasping the now identified Twilight’s hand, I hauled myself up to a standing position and took a step back. “You’re all good, I just wasn’t paying attention is all.” I said while dusting myself off. “Oh wow, he speaks perfect Equish, ooooh this is so fascinating! The princesses will love to hear this!”, Twilight all but squealed while hopping up and down in excitement.

“Twi, if’n yer gonna write to the princess, at least wait till figure out what he is.”, the southern sounding mare spoke up while shaking her head. ‘Twilight ceased her bouncing and seemed to change instantly. “Right, thank you Applejack, Fluttershy would you be so kind as to make sure our friend here does not get snatched up on our way to the library?” Fluttershy stepped closer to me and wrapped her arms around my left one firmly and gave a nod. “Good, Applejack I hope you have your lasso ready just in case.” Applejack pushed her hat back and pulled out a coiled rope from…I haven’t a clue actually.

“Got it right here Twi, no need to worry, we won’t be losing him with me around.” Satisfied, Twilight took my free arm and,together with Aj and Fluttershy, marched me out into the sunlight. The trek across town to the library Twilight spoke of was both interesting and dull at the same time. All of my senses were assaulted by the brighter than usual world around me. Colors were more vibrant than what I could (Vaguely) remember them being. Smells floated in from all around me, causing my nose to twitch as it worked through all of the new data it had just been handed. Further up my head my ears were doing much the same.

Every new sound was instantly filed away to be sifted through and identified at a later time. To make sure I absorbed every possible detail I could, my head had begun to swivel around every few seconds in an attempt to aid in gathering more sensory data. The sound of light giggling came from my left and I looked down at Fluttershy who had been watching me with amusement written all over her face. I gave her a small smile which was returned before going back to learning about the world around me.

“Sure is a curious feller ain't he”, Applejack chuckled while watching me look at my surroundings. “Yes, it’s so fascinating. I wonder how intelligent he is, or if he can use magic, or what he is for that matter.”, Twilight stated while watching me. “Calm down Twi, you can do yer experiments later, for now let’s try to get him back to the others safely.” Thankfully we arrived without a single disturbance and I was ushered into a giant tree that looked like it had been turned into a house.

Applejack stepped in front of Twilight, Fluttershy and myself to open the front door. Pink, my world had just become pink, and blue oh wait that’s a face. I blinked once, then twice before the pink mare who had her nose pressed to mine came into focus. Her blue eyes shimmered with barely contained joy and happiness that seemed to just radiate off of her. Then came the words. “HIIMPINKIEPIEITSNICETOMEETWHOWHATEVERYOUARE!ILIKEPARTIESANDSWEETSANDHANGINGOUTWITHMYFRIENDSWHOAREYOUANDDOYOULIKEPARTIES?!?!” The pink bundle of energy was yanked off of my chest where she had been sitting and I was helped to my feet by an alabaster unicorn with a curly purple mane and tail. “I’m dreadfully sorry dear, Pinkie can get…rather excited when it comes to meeting new ponies.”, she said in a cultured and sophisticated voice.

“No no it’s okay, I love being around energetic people.” ‘I think…’ The unicorn cocked her head to one side in confusion. “Ummm, I’m not sure I understand…People was it?” I nod in confirmation. “People, it means a group of humans…” My eyebrows knit together in thought as the word echoes throughout my skull. I quickly shrug it off, saving the word for pondering later. “Human? I’ve never heard of a human before, where are you from? Are their more humans there?”, Twilght asked while taking notes down on a piece of parchment she had grabbed from…somewhere.

I scratched my head and tried to remember where I was from or even who I was but the most that came to me were hazy memories at best and only the echoing of far off voices. “I’m…not sure. I can’t really seem to remember anything except…” ‘Leua.’ (Lay-ooh-uh) “Leua, my name is Leua.” The sound of Twilights quill scratching over the parchment stopped and I looked up to see the five mares staring at me with different expressions. Twilight was the first to break the silence. “Are you sure? Think what is the last thing you can remember?” I took a seat on the floor and held my head before sifting through the most recent of memories before waking up.

Hazy images floated through my mind once again before stopping on one vivid one. I was looking down at a massive pyramid in a desert somewhere that I could not name. I slowly descended until I was at ground level, then the memory jumped forward to what looked like a stone box in a room that was lit only by a single white candle. I crawled into the box and slid the lid shut and everything went black.

Shaking my head once again I looked up and shrugged. “Not much, just a giant pyramid and a box in a dark room, other than that it’s all fuzzy.” Twilight returned to scribbling down notes before laying down the parchment and quill. “Well, that’s okay I’m sure Princess Celestia has a spell that can help you to remember.”, she stated matter of factly. “But for now I think it’s time that everypony went home, We can all learn about each other tomorrow but at the moment I need to run some tests on you, for science.”

A shiver raced up my spine at the last part of the sentence and a faint memory returned. ‘Hello and welcome to Aperture Labs,I’m Cave Johnson…’ The fear must have showed on my face because the next thing I know I’m being crushed against a very…endowed yellow chest. “Twilight Sparkle, He hasn’t even been here for twenty minutes and already you’re trying to experiment on him like he is a thing”, Fluttershy scolded. “I will not allow any such thing until he has at least had some decent rest,Celestia only knows what he’s been through.” ‘Whatever it was I think I can die happily now.’ I thought. Twilight had the decency to look embarrassed and mumbled out an apology while rubbing the back of her head. I managed to extricate myself from Fluttershy’s bosom and sucked in a lungful of air before releasing it all at once.

“Yeah, sleep sounds nice.” I grunted while rubbing the spot on my neck where Fluttershy had been holding. “I suppose it is getting. Well, it was lovely to meet you Leuma, You may call me Rarity. I shall see you girls tomorrow, ta ta.”, Rarity spoke up before leaving with a wave. “I reckon I ought to get home too, Big Mac’s watchin Apple Bloom so I better go rescue him. Come on Pinkie.” Pinkie, who had been hog tied by Applejack let out a muffled goodbye before being dragged out by AJ.

“I have to go home too and feed Angel Bunny, be good Twilight, and welcome to Ponyville Leua”, Fluttershy said with a stern look to Twilight and a smile to me. She too left for home, leaving me alone With Twilight. The tow of us looked at one another for the longest time before Twilight Seemed to realize something. “Oh, pardon me I never told you my name. I am Twilight Sparkle, and it is Nice to meet you Leua.”, she said while extending a hand and smiling.

I stood up and slowly reached out to grasp the appendage. We shook hands briefly before letting go and falling back into silence. “So, where will I be sleeping?”, I asked to both break the silence and ascertain as to where I would be resting at night. “Oh, well, for now you can take the basement, I’ll have to bring down a few blankets and pillows but you should be fine there. As for the rest of the week, we’ll have to talk to everypony else tomorrow.” I squinted in thought before asking “What do you mean?” Twilight nervously poked her index fingers together and looked down.

“Well,we all agreed to have you stay with one of us for two days when we…bought you.” Oh right the auction… “Oh,okay then.” Twilight’s head shot up with a look of surprise plastered to her face. “What?”, she asked. “I said okay. I may detest slavery of any form…but So far I don’t think this qualifies. Also, you and your friends seem to be extremely nice, and you are not beating me so it’s whatever.” It took a moment, but Twilight recovered from her shock and smiled. “Thank goodness, I had thought that you wouldn’t take that well. Now, I have to send a letter to the Princess, then I’ll show you to where you will be staying.”

Author's Note:

So, just want to tell everyone, there will be magic and there will be fighting, lots of magic and fighting. Leave your reviews below and tell me what you think so far. In the mean time I'll be thinking, and typing, and updating. Have a great weekend and see you all later.

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