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Lucky number Thirteen - SkyShrieker

Waking up in an unfamilliar land, sold in an auction to a group of crazy mares, and sought after by every country on the planet, what's a guy to do? Pray, and if that doesn't work, roll with it.

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Soarin through the days

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"Princess. I have some concerns about Leuma." Princess Celestia stared down at Spitfire from atop her throne with an expressionless face. "Explain." Spitfire stood up from where she had been kneeling to voice her concerns. "Shortly after leaving Leuma in his room I heard what sounded like sobbing. I have a feeling that the position we are forcing him into is starting to cause both mental and emotional trauma that may hinder our goal." Celestia leaned back into her throne and gripped the arm rests tightly in her hands. "What do you suggest we do about this Captain?" Spitfire shuffled around before speaking up. "I know that it goes against the rules...but I think it would be good for him to meet another male, namely Soarin."

Princess Celestia closed her eyes and thought about the proposal. Years ago when the stallion gender was getting down to it's last leg the problem of homosexuality sprouted up among the remaining males. It seemed that, rather than doing their duty to the ponies around them hundreds of stallions turned to loving each other and secluding themselves from the mare population. To counter this problem there had been...an event that lasted for three months and had been struck from the Royal Records and it was written that no longer were stallions allowed to congregate together. In that time every stallion that did not flee the country was captured and forced into servitude in hopes of bolstering the population. Unfortunately this method failed miserably and ended with the self inflicted deaths by over half of the stallions. Now though, it seemed that the law would have to be...bent in the name of survival. "What did you have in mind Captain?"

"Ma'am, I would like to volunteer Soarin. His personality and nature make it easy to like him, and he has a calming effect on all those around him. Additionally, he can teach Leuma what it means to be a breeder and can help him adjust." Celestia took a moment to weigh the pros and cons of the decision before answering. On the one hand there was the possibility of not only losing one of the best breeders Equestria had, but also the only hope of ever seeing the pony race flourish. On the other hand though, the threat of losing Leuma to the darkness of ones mind would be beyond tragic for both him and her ponies. "Done, bring Soarin by tomorrow morning and we shall introduce the two, dismissed."

(A/N: Just to make it perfectly clear, I do not have a single problem with homosexuality. Love who you love. That is all.)

(Editor:me neither)


"GOOOOOOOD MOOOOORNING!!!" -Whump- Sptifire cocked her head to the side while giving me an inquisitive look. "Leuma, why are you on the floor?" A muffled grunt was her response as I untangled myself from the blankets I had been using. Upon successfully freeing myself I gave the grinning mare standing over me a contemptuous look. "Oh you know just checking to see how well the flooring was done. From what I can tell they succeeded in making it extra hard if that is possible." Spitfire snorted in amusement and rolled her eyes. "Well if your finished I have someone for you to meet. Come on, let's get you into a shower and changed into something clean before we meet them." After she helped me to my feet the two of us exited the room and headed down the hallway.

"So...Leuma...tell me about yourself."

"Well... There isn't much to tell. The only thing I remember was waking up in the back of a wagon and being sold back in Ponyville."

"Nothing else? What about a family or friends?"

I shook my head and kept my gaze straight ahead. "I don't know."

Silence fell between us again until we arrived at our destination. "I'll have your new clothes brought by, and if you need anything I'll be just outside the door. I nodded in understanding and pushed through the door, closing it behind me with a loud click. The room I found myself in must have been a communal bath for the guards. The walls on my left and right were lined with blue painted lockers and in front of those were benches that could seat four. With a shrug I undressed and headed through an entrance way directly opposite the bathroom door that lead me to the showers. The shower room was a circular and made of white stone with a circular grated drain set into the center of the floor. Evenly spaced around the walls were eight shower heads that poked out about six and a half feet above the ground. Beneath them were a round knob made of some whit material and to the right of it was a tray that held a bar of soap.

I made my way to one of the shower heads and twisted the knob, first to the right and then the left. A blast of cold water sent me scurrying back with a yelp to press myself against the opposite wall. I placed a hand over my heaving chest and rubbed it, an attempt to warm myself up. I shuddered and pushed off the wall to sidle around the icy spray and reach out to the handle. One quick twist later and I was soon scrubbing myself clean with the soap provided me. While I scrubbed I pondered over exactly who it was that Spitfire wanted to introduce me to. "Maybe one of the teachers that Celestia spoke about yesterday?' I thought with a grimace. I shook my head and crossed that thought out. If that were the case Spitfire would have said something about schooling. Instead it was just to meet someone and she seemed excited. I gave a shrug, dismissing the thoughts as I turned off the water and headed back to the locker room.

I found that my clothing had been replaced by a white fluffy towel and a package wrapped in brown paper. 'Someone was in here while I showered, can I not have any privacy.' I shivered in revulsion at the thought of someone watching me at my most vulnerable while I didn't know they were there. I quickly snatched up the towel and dried myself off before wrapping it around my waist and taking a seat on one of the benches. 'This is my life now. I could try to run but...even if I escaped I would be fair game for the rest of the planet, and who knows how they would treat me.' "Hmph." 'I guess I just gotta go with it. Nothing else I can do really...not yet anyways.' With that I nodded and grabbed the package off the floor to open it. Inside was a pair of plain dark blue pants and a basic white shirt with both Celestia's and Luna's mark, one on each shoulder(Pretty much just like a t-shirt.).

I stood and let the towel fall to the floor and quickly got dressed. Once I was properly clothed, I exited the shower room to find Spitfire sitting against the opposite wall with a bored look on her face. "Took you long enough." She stood up and stretched before taking my hand and leading me back towards the main entrance of the castle. The two of us came to a stop in front of the main entrance where someone was indeed waiting for us. I blinked in surprise then allowed a small smile to grace my lips. Standing before the two of us was an ice blue stallion with a dark blue mane. He was dressed in the same spandex suit as Spifire. 'They must work together.'

"Hey Spits, you weren't kidding when you said he was different. The rumors going around town said as much too, but I didn't expect this." He spoke with a voice full of confidence and laughter. "Name's Soarin, member of the Wonderbolts and royal breeder for the kingdom of Equestria." He extended a hand which I quickly took and firmly shook. "Leuma, royal breeder for Equestria. Well, not yet but soon." Soarin didn't miss the look of resignation that passed over my face but didn't comment on it. "Yeah, I kinda figured. Especially with those cutie marks on your shoulders." I raised an eybrow at that and looked down at the moon and sun. "What is a cutie mark?"

"It's a mark ponies get when you find your special talent." Spitfire explained from my right. I made an o shape with my mouth at this tidbit of information. Soarin rolled his eyes in mock annoyance and spoke up. "Yeah, not really interesting, anywhoodle Spits hear tells me that you haven't started your "duty" yet. She also told me no one has exactly explained what all this entails. So, I'm here to teach you the basics." Soarin quickly grabbed my hand and dragged me through the front entrance with Spitfire close behind. We were led through the grounds and around the left side of the castle. Soon the three of us found ourselves in a garden filled with statues of white marble. We passed by dragons and ponies in various poses with bronze plaques at the base of each one.

Our trio stopped at a fountain and took a seat on the lush green grass. "All right, calm setting, check. That's all we need. So Leuma, Basically what it means to be a breeder is just that. You are expected to copulate with at least six mares every two weeks. At the start of each second week you will be presented with a list of twelve mares to choose from and the dates of when they are available. Then at the time chosen they will be brought to you and from there you have your wicked way with em." Here he waggled his eyebrows at Spitfire who rolled her eyes. "In your dreams only Soarin." .

"And what beautiful dreams they are." He sighed with a far off look in his eyes.

I snorted in amusement and let a small smile cross my face. "Sex isn't the only activity you will be engaging in though. Sometimes mares will come to you for company. This usually means taking them out on a date or staying with them through the night. Basically you'll be playing escort and coltfriend to all the mares her in Equestria. Those however are just your basic duties." Soarin grew a bit more serious and I gave him my full and undivided attention. "Every year we have an event known as the Grand Galloping Gala. This event is held in the castle by the princess' and it's used as a way to assess the 'power each of the major nations hold. And I'm guessing you don't know about the great nations do you?" I glumly shook my head. "That's alright, better it come from me than one of those stuffy old professors who'll just drone on until you pass out. Now, our world is broken up into three major land masse; Equestria, Zebrica, and Titernia. Zebrica, which is far to the west, is home to a race of ponies known as zebras."

"Zebras, unlike the ponies here at home, only come in one variety. They are like earth ponies with the exception being that they are able to make potions and brews rather than grow food. Next we have Titernia which is a mountainous and very inhospitable land, is home to both the griffons and the dragons. Griffins are a hybrid looking creature with the top half of an eagle and the lower half of a lion, which is kinda like a really big cat. Dragons are great winged lizard like creatures that can breathe fire and are able to use magic without a focus point. The reason I'm telling you about this is because once a year, they all travel to attend the Gala. Each nation brings with them their breeders and a type of...exchange happens that night. Under heavy guard, each male is selected by the highest paying, or most important female of each species and they have sex. Sometimes all night."

My eyes widened in shock and I leaned back on my hands. "Like, literally all night?" I asked meekly. Soarin nodded. "Yep, sorry to say but I've been taken for a solid five hours without rest. Dragons have ALOT of energy I'm afraid and they also LOVE exotic things; and you my friend count as exotic." The blood quickly drained from my face, leaving it an interesting ashen color. "Cheer up Leuma," Soarin attempted to bring my mood back up, "The Gala isn't for another year so you'll have time to work on your endurance." I slowly nodded while my mind ran crazy with thoughts of sex hungry, powerful females that could take what they wanted. Let me tell you it wasn't pleasant.

"W-what happens if I do get a mare, or in the case of the gala some other species, pregnant?" Soarin cringed internally at my question and had to take a moment to keep his emotions in check. "That's the best part, you don't have to worry about it at all. The mare in question receives a stipend from the princess' to raise the foal until it's able to contribute to society. Foreign offspring works pretty much the same, so once again no worries. Also, it is, encouraged by Celestia that you don't try to contact them". It felt like my heart had split in half at his words. It seemed that in this world that I would be father to an uncountable amount of children, but I wouldn't be a part of their life. Whether it be because the mare didn't want me too, or because my duties would get in the way though remained to be seen. I reached up and wiped my eyes of the growing wetness.

"So, used against my will and not even allowed to see my kids, great. This is turning out to be fantastic." I growled out. "It's a lot better than if you were among the zebras or dragons. At least this way you can choose who you wish to be with. If you had been found by them, you would have been forced into breeding the same day. This world may not be perfect, but we do the best we can." I turned to Spitfire who had spoken up and thought about it. In comparison, not being able to see the children I would sire seemed to make up for the amount of freedoms it seemed I was being allowed. "I don't like it...but I think you're right and if it means that in the future this never has to happen again, I'll gladly do my part." I said, my voice hardening with resolve.

The two pegasi gave me an encouraging smile and Soarin continued his explanation on what it meant to be a breeder.

An inconspicuous wagon being pulled by a single ox that made it's way up the winding path through the mountains of Canterlot. The wagon was being guided by a lone Griffon wrapped in a thick brown traveling cloak. Her yellow beak poked out from underneath her hood and, if one were trained to spot it, was moving ever so slightly. The massive gates that lead to Canterlot slowly came into view and a group of four Solar guards came to meet the lone traveler. The griffon pulled back on the reins to bring her cart to a stop.

"Please present your traveling papers and remove your hood." The lead guard, a white Pegasus stated in a bored tone. The griffon reached into her cloak and withdrew her papers and handed them over. She next removed her hood and let the guards take note of her before replacing it. The lead guard, after verifying that the documents were real, handed them back. "Reasons for visiting?", She asked ion a bored drawl. "Merchant, I've come to purchase a trade license and peddle my wares." "Do you mind if we search for any contrabands?" The griffon shook her head. "Go ahead, I have nothing to hide." The four guards moved forward and removed the brown tarp that covered the back of the wagon. Laying parallel to with the sides of the wagon were twelve life sized griffon statues. Each one was beautifully carved to mimic the creatures themselves in all their glory. Satisfied, the guards replaced the tarp and waved the griffon through. With a snap of the reigns she was moving into the city.

The city of Canterlot was divided into different districts and were sectioned off by great ring like walls with the castle in the very center. The outermost ring, also know as the Earthen district, was where most of the cities food was grown as well as where most travelers were able to find lodgings. The second ring, or the Cloud district, was where the majority of trade happened. The cloud district was packed with both stores and houses and was a constant hotspot for activity. Here, ponies went about their day to day lives shopping, working and just enjoying what life had to offer. Further in was the last ring, or the Platinum district. This was home to both Canterlot castle and the richest of ponies.

The griffon, though, ignored the last two rings in favor of a small inn in the Earth district. She pulled the wagon into the stables and hopped off. She took a moment to look around before whispering into the back of the wagon and making her way into the Inn. The statues wiggled slightly then went still and waited.

Author's Note:

I just want everyone to know that I will be going back and redoing these chapters at a later date. So if you think that these chapters could have been better or done differently then all you have to do is wait.

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