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Tenno Name: Sherlock
Gender: Male

Background: After being backstabbed twice and nearly loosing two of his warframe's from those times, Sherlock went to doing mission's by himself in paranoia of, if it were to happen again, he'll lose the warframe for good. In doing so, Sherlock started to get more proficient in certain mission's, like Spy and Capture mission's. His main warframe he uses for most mission's is Ivara Prime, though he will change into a different warframe if the mission better suits it. Thanks to this, Sherlock has gotten a reputation for, if someone needs information from somewhere or needs someone captured, this tenno is the one to call.

Main Warframe: Ivara Prime
Mods: Config A:
Aura: Energy Siphon
Exilus: Coaction Drift
Other's: Redirection, Vitality, Steel Fiber, Streamline, Rage, Infiltrate, Primed Vigor, Primed Flow

Main Primary Weapon: Baza Prime
Mods: Config A:
Exilus: Ammo Drum
Other's: Magazine Warp, Serration, Split Chamber, Primed Shred, Infected Clip, Primed Cryo Rounds, Wildfire, Stormbringer

Main Secondary Weapon: Aksomati Prime
Mods: Config A:
Exilus: Trick Mag
Other's: Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Hornet Strike, Primed Slip Magazine, Ice Storm, Pathogen Rounds, Convulsion, Primed Heated Charge

Main Melee: Sancti Magistar
Mods: Config A:
Stance: Shattering Storm
Other's: Primed Pressure Pint, Primed Reach, Life Strike, Heavy Trauma, Primed Fever Strike, North Wind, Shocking Touch, Molten Impact

Artemis Bow Prime
Mods: Config A: Primed Fast Hands, Primed Shred, Split Chamber, Serration, Primed Cryo Rounds, Infected Clip, Stormbringer, Hellfire

Config A: Blood For Life, Blood For Ammo, Blood For Energy
Config B: Intruder, Untraceable, Failsafe
Config C: Intruder, Auto Breach, Untraceable

Unairu: Unlocked and Maxed out all skills in skill tree

Companion 1: Carrier Prime
Mods: Enhanced Vitality, Metal Fiber, Calculated Redirection, Ammo Case, Guardian, Assault Mode, Primed Animal Instinct, Primed Regen, Shield Charger, Vacuum

Weapon: Sweeper Prime
Mods: Config A: Full Contact, Hell's Chamber, Point Blank, Shotgun Spazz, Chilling Grasp, Contagious Spread, Charged Shell, Incendiary Coat

Companion 2: Name: Dracula
Species: Vasca Kavat
Mods: Config A:
Link Health, Link Armor, Link Shields, Swipe, Maul, Shelter, Transfusion, Draining Bite, Primed Animal Instinct, Primed Pack Leader

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Thank you for the Fave in Saints and Sinners, please let me know what made you add it.

Thanks for the fave on The Wolf of War :pinkiehappy:
Have you got a favorite scene/part so far?

"What? Get that script out of my face!" (Incoherent speaking) "Fuck you! I'm doing this my way! HEY! Black-n-White. You ever need someone blown up just let me know, capiche?"


Thanks for adding my story to your favorites, I hope you enjoy it as it continues.

Hi there! Thanks for adding From British to Midlander to your favourites. Any thoughts about it?:twilightsmile:

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