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There will not be any "official" FimFiction Clan.

I will however will Pin forum posts for Clans that want to advertise on this forum.

There may be some set up where your clan is infiltrated and evaluated for quality. Dunno yet. Need more moderators.

Warframe fics, both good and bad, go here.

Good Hunting Tenno

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Hold it are their those here who are using this place to try and gain more members for their clans? - damn I’m right

hello looking to join clan on warframe name on game is MyCelestia PM me in game or on this site

Greetings fellow Tenno! Just got into the fandom myself, so I look forward to seeing the other stories on here!

Hello ppl. Only just discovered there were fellow Tenno here and Warframe fics! A shame they're so short though...

And before anyone says to make my own, already on it!! Speaking of which, is it ok here to discuss fic ideas and themes? (for Warframe/mlp crossovers only ofc)

A bit disappointing that mine is the longest story here. and apparently, the only one in the Pony Warframe folder as well... What happened to that Endure for an Eternity fic? I know he said it's down for a rewrite but that was a while ago...

All shall bow before the Mirage holding the Quanta, Tonkor, Opticor, Amprex ,or the Soma Prime and then split into five extras. There will be no survivors.

367812 Shhhhhhhh, its all over now... *psssssst* don't bring that conversation here. :raritywink:

366417 The PWE thing, you mean?

Possible shit going on in the Warframe forms!

357063 I FOUND YOU BROTHER :pinkiecrazy:

342824 Why so angry over a little joke? Don't take everything anyone says so seriously.

I honestly don't mind if you dislike Warframe - to each their own. However, there is litterally no reason to actually post that here. It's not like you will make us dislike this game with your short ''review''.

I'm really quick at responding, holy shit.

By Celestia's troll side, a Warframe group!

-joins group instantly-

this seems like an active group
Hi everyone.

The following message contains drunk Sabban, because it's new year, and fuck you.
The most typical response I've ever seen. I don't suck at it, you idiot, I just can't stand doing exact same shit over and over again, can you get it through your head? I pointed out my reasons why I don' like this shit and you're like


Which made you look stupid. Lel.

336032 That's because you just suck at it. :3

Well, you know... I honestly tried to play this shit, but... The UI is horrible, the gameplay is so repetitive it makes me wanna puke, and most importantly, it happens to be full of fucking retards.


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