as the name implies the group will be dedicated to helping authors expeancing problems from new authors with no expireance to expernced one's that have hit a wall also the folders are meant for holding fics till they no longer nead vhelp and to hold conversations in the 2 new folders to help you find someone in specific to help you anyway this group will mostly be ussers with only the people who have earned it being Admin's (i'm the one exception since i made the group but i will be helping all who come)

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Does this group aid in improving a story's ratings and views?

That's not all I'm out for, but getting more reads would be nice.

Anyone do commissions?

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

hello im new to writing and i have like a bad english and a bad grammar. i just don't know what to do.

A few months back, I accidentally deleted my stories. When I put them all back up (which took awhile), the reaction to them seemed less pleasing. I would like some help and feedback as to how to make them better.

Does anyone have advice as to how to spice them up a bit?


Comment posted by Star Shadow deleted Jun 13th, 2019
Comment posted by Star Shadow deleted Jun 13th, 2019

I’m an old but inexperienced writer. I don’t expect anyone to help me right away as I understand that everyone has their own lives, but I need help getting back to writing pony fics.

I need help with spelling grammar in my story. This is driving me nuts!

I need help with all this spelling grammar in my story. This is driving me nuts!

Do you still need help?
PM me and we can chat.

im a old yet very inexperienced author. ive been doing stories for 10 years now, tho never actually finished one. i would like to make the "blog" i have into a full blown story, but i cant think of how to continue it. any ideas?

Please I'm looking for help making my stories. I have ideas but I'm a poor writer and struggle with making story. I really would appreciate any help, co-author or anything. Please message me.

I have an idea that the mane 6 ring an abandoned filly in the everfree forest but I can't get a name and can't figure out how to publish anything. Plz Hall meh

First I would like to say I am posting this, only because a few suggested to me that I do so. So, I am.


What can I say, I am one of many that joined this site to read stories about ponies.
Well, I could have done that without joining. I mostly joined to post comments to others on stories they made that I liked, and give my general opinions of said stories. During my time here, I did a lot of that.
In time, like others, I came up with some of my own ideas for a few stories. To say the least, they have not been well taken.
Not that I have had any expectations on how my stories would be perceived by the masses, the overall lack of comments I did not expect. Even by those that did not like my stories.
I could say within a twisted way of thinking, that my stories have proven to make the readers of my stories speechless, as being an achievement of sorts. Though this doesn't help with the knowing by me as to why so many do not like or those very few who did like it what I created.
For any who ask, yes, I did like my own stories, in that they are some of the type of stories I like to read.
I think that will do it for Introductions. I don’t wish to get more carried away with it then I already did. :derpytongue2:

About the stories if any are interested.

The first was created over a discussion I had with another author. It had to do with the lack of details as to how a pony got the name that they did. It is of course a bit of an oddity that the name of many ponies fit who they turn out to be so well. Question being, how and why. So, my story Baby Naming was made as an idea on how one might have gotten their name.
To date, it has 153 views, 5 likes and 11 dislikes. And two helpful comments by another on some spelling issues I fixed. Some comments was by one who liked the story. All of that was a while ago. That story is mostly dead now.

Onto my other two.

These two are part of a trilogy I have been working on. First thing to know about them is that they are both a sad fic with some gore. There were many facets behind the creating of them both. I think I will start with the first. A Kezzerdrix in Equestria. Can’t say what was the first thing that was an inspiration to me in making this story. Be it the Kezzerdrix killer rabbit from the card game Magic The Gathering, or the development of a few OC’s I was thinking of making.

The story plays out as a simple day in the park with some ponies at play. One get’s separated while off looking for an errant ball that got away from her. A little exploration ensues till she finds herself in the the presents of one not so friendly large rabbit. Something she or any within Equestria has never seen before. This is a spoiler. It does not go well for her. Hence, the sad, dark, and gore tags.

The story has an alternate ending. A possible source for why some did not like the story.
If it was do to the reader not liking the gore in it, well one should not read stories marked gore, if they have a problem with that.

To date, it has only 45 views, 6 likes and 39 dislikes, and a lack of helpful comments. Some of the few where simply stating that the story was confusing, and bad. Another was a question of, “What is Kezzerdrix?” Even if the Kezzerdrix did not come from any given source, the story dose described it as one mean, and bad tempered big bunny. Looking like a twisted nightmarish hair.
I also think some forget, Google is your friend. Aside from that, the ponies don’t know what it is so it was supposed to be a bit of a mystery as to what it is in the first place.
I do have a link to a video showing just what a Kezzerdrix is. Yes, it was shown once in a commercial on TV. So, I did not just pull this rabbit out of a hat, it has an origin of sorts.

Commercial link:

The alternate ending was important to the story. One, it helps tell a little of what one of my OC’s can do, and it is a catalyst to the beginning of the next story. Return of the Kezzerdrix.

Onto the next and last one.

Return of the Kezzerdrix.
This is a long one, but I will try to keep it short. It was created for me to have a chance to expand some on my OC’s. Again, it is a sad, dark, and gory story. So it should be of no surprise that some ponies get hurt or even dies in it, and in a horrible fashion. Would not have been much of a horror without such moments. It also has some parts where many are having to not only deal with some unknown threat killing ponies, but having to deal with their sense of loss.

The story also takes from parts of the show directly. Some readers like this, some don’t.
Overall the story is mostly a sad fic, and some odd comedy in it, that I happen to like. This sort of makes it pay homage to a lot of the “B” horror movies out there. Slither, Nightmare on Elm Street, Feast, just to name a few. The story is a horror, though many parts of it is less serious than the previous one. Another possible reason some did not like this story. I would not know.

To date, it has only 49 views, 2 likes and 17 dislikes, and a lack of helpful comments as well.
Again, Some of the few where simply stating that the story was confusing, and bad. Another was another question of, “What is Kezzerdrix?” This one may not have looked at the story before this one, or they not have asked that.

I post this not in asking for good reviews or anything like that. As it stands by those that have looked at my stories is, they are not well liked and are bad stories. I am really only interested to know why they are seen as so bad. Mostly my last one. I put a lot of work into that one. I am also currently creating the third story to this trilogy. It will have in it the explanation as to why that Kezzerdrix was in Equestria in the first place, and what next is to follow. Bigger plans I have for this last story. Though I have little to no interest in posting it when it is done. If an interest in it dose one day grow, I might be tempted to share what I created. Though for the moment there is little interest in it by others.

Again, I am just curious as to why my story bombed so badly. None is saying. One did post many comments that I did delete. But those comments where an attack on me personally, and had nothing to do with my story. He even told me he did not read it. That it would just be a piece of shit not worth reading. Oh, well.

For those that do have an interest in any of these stories and do wish to give me comments, even if they are unfavorable to the story. I would appreciate some insight as to what is wrong with them. I will also look over and give my comments to some stories for those that do comment, and wish to have a few comments on their stories as well. It is why I joined this site. To read some stories, and comment on them.

For those that got this far-
Thank you for your time. :twilightsmile:

hi im a newer author, I have posted one story but I didn't do a good job at it so can some one please help me by editing/reading my new one. just reply to this comment or send me some mail. thank you for the help.

Hello I'm an not a new writer per say, I haven't written anything in almost 10 years until now though. I have story in my head and I need to get it out but my spelling and grammar have been bad my whole life so I avoided writing because of it. I just can't seem to learn how to do it very well. Part of my Fic has been published and apparently has a lot of problems with it that are still unknown to me. If somepony would please review it for me and give me feedback it would make me a really happy pony.

It's always hard to write not in the native language... Grammar and puntuation are never perfect, and sometimes you just don't even know where you made a mistake... I need some help with my story "Expolring Equestria" (notice: sci-fi base), pre-reader is very necessary.

Hello im a new author and my story is oddly enough getting disliked a great deal. is my story, please help. And acc added me story to new author section, plz remove when possible due to myself still needing assistance. I apologize for doing that.

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