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It's my pleasure to entertain, and my drive to continue forward. I hope I give you a good time for your share, and maybe I'll give you a laugh or two. We'll see. Keep it cool, Condemned.


Warning: Anthroponies! Again if this displeases you, well that sucks.
Alternate version to It's always worth the price.
One night, John Dixon was working on a story for Fimfiction. He was about to hit the publish button when the most unexpected happened. What does one do when they become a character in their own story?

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Nice story, like to see this alternate universe as a go, and I like where this is going

2387883 Thanks brother, I shall write to my hearts content and hopefully fill your craving for..:pinkiehappy: well...:pinkiesmile:... my stories.:derpytongue2:

2387910 Wait for Pinkie to have a conversation with him

2388116 Well, this is a self insert. my other story has a much more interesting name. Darkmoon's Crescent, sounds pretty sweet.:pinkiesmile:

2388116 Is it just me or are you everywhere reading everything? Lol, I see your name in almost every story I've read's comment section:derpytongue2:

2389399 Lol Nah, I'm sure it is just coincidence.:raritywink:

Lolz, lolz is the answer to all, and yet none

Does your name happen to be John, by any chance? idk, just asking.

2419075 Tis' my lady, or good man...not sure...

This was a story based on my other story 'It's always worth the price.' One night while I was sitting around writing a new chapter for my other story, I thought,"I wonder what I would do if I were there in Darkmoon's shoes... Damn that'd be awesome.. except for the torture parts.. other than that though, I'd be pretty sweet. I could probably write a story on that..." And Two and a half days later, Writer's Block was born.

Welcome to the darkness...

Mare faints
”well shit....”
Btw, you should have a Luna rage in here c.s.

Windows: Another plain in the glass.

woah... interesting plot development. :derpytongue2:

I feel like shit is about to hit the fan.

Welcome ”daylight” to the worst dance of yourlife!!
Nobody hurts my friends!!!! Mwahahaha
Celestia jumped the boat... fell off a cliff, landed in a rocket, and went into orbit...

There is a reason I specialize in humor my friend, now, I just need that potatoe, nobody can find.it!!!!

god... Is there anyone who is not clouded by bloodlust to finally see the truth?

I await the next chapter with patience and eagerness. :ajsmug::pinkiesad2::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile::moustache::derpytongue2:


End line

Yup. You just got a date with your character's granddaughter. Smooth

I say, well done my good lad. I wonder how wrong this plan will go.

2563196 Saw this, nearly pissed myself laughing.:rainbowlaugh:

2564369 Technically, when you really think about it. Since I'm the author:applejackunsure:... and I created her:applejackconfused:... oh no.. :ajsleepy:

2564378 :twilightoops:That's how I felt when I first saw it. But then I'm like,
":pinkiegasp:Why the fuck not?"

I say its okay, as long as you weren't beatin the meat...
Jk, its still okay tho. Ya gotta have some fun bro!!!

Oh ho ho. This will be fun!:pinkiecrazy:

*sigh*... I don't want to wait for the next chapter.

Hmmm, I need fish n chis... Oh, have fun John, ;)

nice, I can't believe that Celestia just stood there. She would have done something. :applejackconfused::trixieshiftleft::derpyderp1::applejackunsure::twilightoops::duck::unsuresweetie::moustache::derpytongue2:

you'd think that a princess would be able to think and reason, I mean, that's part of her job, but noooooo, she all thinking 'lets kill this guy even if we have no proof that he did anything.'

Same reason spok gave up command in star trek, she is emotionally compromised, he really needs to talk with Luna, she is more controlled about emotions after her trials...

hmm.... I wonder if Celestia trust these ex-guardians enough to see past her blood lust to see the truth or find them traitors.... FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON THE ADVENTURES OF DAYLIGHT!

Come on and grab your friends, where goin to a distant land with cresent the pony and day the human, the adventures never end
Writers block!!!
See, I like pyro, he atleast talks hmm hmm politicians hmm hmm, the only way he could do better is if all he could say is ”huddahudda hudaaa!!!!”

2594104 to quote the mysterious gas masked pyromaniac "Phudda dipenza heah"... wait what....?

Who said;
”I once met a Congressman, he was delicious?”
Nobody!! I justchange ahannibal qoute fer der lers!!

2419105 No, Come into the light. Into Daylight's Break.:rainbowdetermined2:

see kiddies this is why you should always have a good nights sleep even if there is some spirit wanting to rip your heart out.

Should an unstoppable force meet with an immovable object, hell will be paid

I wonder where that pain came from?

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