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Crazy Maze Castle.

Once the train came to a halt in the Canterlot train station, the strange pair departed for the castle. Ditzy began leading and parading John through the streets, stopping at every shop she found interesting. John couldn't find it in his heart to say no to the adorable pony. She lead John to a small kiosk on the edge of town near the castle and rummaged through the stall owners goods.

John looked to the castle gates and signaled for them to go in, but was interrupted by the grey mare with a tap on the shoulder. He turned to face her and to his surprise, her face was covered in blueberry splotches and muffin crumbs. He leaned to the side and gazed at the stall,"A muffin kiosk." He was greeted by a very irritated pony with a uniform on, the stall owner.

"That will cost you... a hundred and fifty bits." the owner demanded.

"What? Was it made of gold or something?" John asked.

"No, a single muffin costs two bits. Your friend here ate everything on the stand." John took a brief look at the damage and as expected, the stall was wiped clean.

The author looked over Ditzy as she looked around the area aimlessly. She was so thin, John wondered where she put it all. Ditzy noticed the natives constant stares and asked,"What are you doing? I know we just met but really, love at first sight?"

John was dumbfounded by her statement,"What? No! I was just.. you were.. Where did you put it all?"

Ditzy gave John a confused look and said with a chuckle,"Put what?"

"The Muffins! I owe him a hundred and fifty bits now." the author stated.

"Oh." Ditzy quickly turned around and began trying to wipe the excess crumbs and blueberry from her mouth. Once satisfied with her work, she turned back to face John. With a big, toothy grin, she said,"I don't remember eating any muffins..."

John stood there with his arms crossed with his right hand pinching his nose. "Ditzy."


After John had conjured up some bits and paid for Ditzy's muffin fiasco, they arrived at the front gate of the towering castle. John felt a little nostalgic, though he knew he needed to stay focused.

"Halt" cried the two guards at the entrance. "What business do you have here at the castle? If you wish to seek audience with the princesses, you first must book an appointment."

"It's me, Dark.. you know, Guardian of Equestria." Voiced the author.

"Dark? Is that truly you? Why are you so... young?"

John looked over to Ditzy and gave her a smile. He returned his attention back to the guard,"Well, funny story that. I was trying to cast a healing spell and over charged it. Not only did I heal my wounds, but rejuvenated my youth. Technically, I'm still thirty-two but look eighteen."

The guard gave the other a nod and opened the castle gates,"Darkmoon, princess Celestia wishes to see you. It's very important."

"I shall be on my way, let us venture forth dear Ditzy!" the over enthusiastic native gave a quick fist pump and paraded the pair towards the castle.


"So where are we going?" asked the grey mare.

John looked to Ditzy and smiled,"Well to Celestia of course."

"So.. Where's the throne room?"

"It is..." John looked down the ever stretching halls of the castle and drew a blank mind. "It's.."

"We're lost, aren't we." the grey mare put a hand to her face in disbelief.

"Hey, I know where we're going.. Just gotta.. yeah.." John could feel his enthusiasm cringe and die in the corner of his mind. He took a deep breath and smiled. "No matter, better start searching."

The two continued searching nearby rooms, trying to find their destination but to no avail. "Yep" Ditzy said. "We're lost."

John drew back a deep breath and placed his palm against his forehead. "Yeah..."


After constant searching throughout the castle, the grey mare and the native author finally found a large golden door. This was a key sign that this was the throne room. "Aha! Finally. Now then, let's crack this puppy open and check it out."

John pulled on the door handle and with a great deal of strength, the door slowly creaked open. To their surprise, it wasn't the throne room but Celestia's royal chambers.

"You know what? No. Sundown's coming, so let's just wait till she comes here. I'm tried of being lost, and this building's a gigantic maze." John could feel exhaustion take over and figured he sit down on the chair beside the large oak desk. Just before he landed on the chair, it was removed from underneath him by a nervous mare. "Hey! What was that for?"

"Are you joking? This is Celestia's bedroom! Don't you know anything about privacy?" Her thoughts were quickly ended once she remembered John and clothing. "Never mind, but still. We should get out of here and find the throne room before she finds us in here!"

"Sorry Ditzy, not happening. Let's just wait."

Ditzy exhaled in defeat and spoke,"Fine."

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