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March of the Mercenaries.

Daylight, Dusk and Ditzy with their small arthropod companion, made their way up the spiraling stairwell. As they reached the top, Daylight was the first to exit the shattered doors with his sawn-off drawn. Everyone laid cowering on the floor, waiting for the worst to pass. The guards still held their spots on the floor beside the ball guests, and everything was calm and quiet. The author signalled for Ditzy and Dusk to enter the room and follow closely behind.

As they edged themselves out of the room, a large group of sighs could be heard. Next, they had to make their way out of the castle. The small group paraded their way down through the halls with the small scorpion leading their way.

“He’s pretty helpful, maybe you should have brought him in earlier.” Ditzy stated with a smirk plastered across her face. Daylight gave a small chuckle as he reminisced on the past.

“What’s she talking about?” Dusk asked with a hint of confusion.

“I’ll tell you once we’re somewhere less hostile.” Daylight told the curious mare, to which she nodded and focused on the scorpion once more. Almost as if on cue, a chorus of cries could be heard coming from deep within the castle.

“What was that?” The mares asked in unison. Daylight looked to them with a dire look in his eyes.

He seemed to pick up the pace, taking both of their hands and leading them faster down the hall. “Nothing I’d like to deal with right now. Hurry.” The mares looked upon the seemingly frightened author. They listened in further and noticed the cries seemed to be coming closer by the hoofstep.

“Daylight, the screams are getting louder.” Dusk said as she looked to their leader. She slowed as she noticed that he stopped in his tracks. He turned to the two mares and began removing his gauntlets and weapons. He handed all of items to Dusk and gave a stern look to the frightened pair. “Daylight? What are you doing?” She asked as she caught the items that were passed to her.

Daylight turned to the small scorpion and gave a weak smile,“Dearest creation, take these two out of the castle. Hurry.” He turned his gaze from the arthropod to the two mares,“I need you both of you to listen, take these and make your way to the Hive. Tell the guards these exact words,‘The past sons of the land, rise again and reign.’. You need to say them exact, and they’ll protect you. Stay safe. If I don’t show up within the week... you know what’s happened. Now run.”

“But what about you?” Asked the two mares.

“I said run, now go.” Daylight snapped at them, both of the mares shot back and followed the scorpion down into the hall until they had disappeared from sight. Daylight closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he focused his hearing on the screams coming closer from down the hall. He stood in the middle of the hallway, waiting. If they had any chance of escaping, he needed to distract them for just a bit. Just enough for Dusk and Ditzy to leave the city walls of Canterlot.

As the sounds of the screams neared the author, they seemed to stop.“You all took just a bit longer than you should have.” Voiced Daylight as he opened his eyes to four very familiar characters. All were deeming enchanted armor, though a certain rogue wore enchanted leather armor. They all held the same expression, hate. They all held this expression, all except for one.

“We’ve been given the task of ending your miserable life. I honestly felt a bit happy finding out that you were still alive, I’ll feel even better knowing that your life faded away at my hands.” Voiced a very infuriated Terra Firma. The light was shimmering off of his armor and scales, the figure of a mighty hero, now pitted against an unworthy opponent.

“I feel the same, you’ll pay with your blood for what you have done to the guild master.” Sneered the one known as Night Strife. He was accompanied by the Oatsralian stallion by the name of Axton Gears.

“I’m not one for grudges, but the things you’ve done to these lands. These acts have been most monstrous, and I honestly would like to watch your head roll for what you’ve done.”

Daylight turned his attention from the three angered soul and focused on the last of the groups members. Pyromancer. The stallion held a confused expression,“Doesn’t he look a bit... familiar?” he asked the rest of the group.

“Does it truly matter?” Asked Terra, but he was quickly interrupted by the fiery maned stallion once more as Pyro strode over to the author. Pyro walked up to the author and gazed at him for a moment.

“Yeah, he seems a bit too familiar for my tastes.” He said as he stared at Daylight.

“What ‘Tastes’? We’ve all had your cooking. The only one that liked your cooking was..”

“Darkmoon’s Crescent. Ok, we get it, can we move on with this?” Asked Daylight with a hint of annoyance.

“Hold on there. How did you know that?” Pyro asked, the more the author spoke, the more he seemed to be intrigued. “Wait a minute.” He inspected Daylight a bit further and noticed his attired consisted of Dark’s gear, missing only a few choice items. “That’s who you look like!” He took hold of Daylight’s hood and pulled it over the authors head. As the light faded from Daylight’s face, the sight clicked inside the stallion’s head. “He looks like Dark, wouldn’t you say?” He asked as he turned back to the group.

“I know this is something you always do, but try to stay focused! All we’re supposed to do is end this poor sods life and head back, nothing more alright?” voiced Strife.

Pyro held an expression of disappointment,“Come on guys, what would Dark do in this kind of situation? He’d look further into it, and I may not show it all that often but I’m a bit of a detective myself, when it comes to things that fascinate me.”

“You’re interested by the one we’ve been hired to end? We’re not guardians anymore, so I say we lop off his head and be done with this.” Axton stated with a hint of irritation.

Pyro gave his friends a small laugh and turned back to the author,“So... What do I call you? hmm... you look like a... tom? No.. you look too much like Dark so.. wait. I think I got it. Is your name John?” Daylight nodded and Pyro clapped his hands together in excitement. “Ok, John. Tell me a bit about yourself.”

“I would, but your associates seem to be against the idea.” Daylight proclaimed.

Pyro turned to the others and seen that they seemed to be giving him dirty looks. “Lighten up guys, seriously.” He turned back to Daylight and spoke,“Don’t mind them, it’s just you and me.. for the time being. So continue.”

Daylight leant to the side and gazed at the others, all seemingly irritated with their current situation. He found this a great opportunity to stall, so he began to state how he came into the land. And everything he’d been through. The problems that arose on every corner and the constant chasing Celestia had been putting him through. As he explain his side of the story, the others seemed to become entranced by it, all except for Terra.

“And that’s how I ended up in this current turn of events, and that’s why I came here to save Ditzy Doo. I haven’t ever dreamt to hurt anyone here, but the reason this whole ‘Chase’ thing happened was because of Dark and Celestia’s Past.”

Terra stood silent as he listened to the authors explanation,“And do you have any proof that you did in fact ‘Create’ Darkmoon?” He asked.

“Yes, not many could say this, and you know this to be true. Darkmoon was the descendant from the Old Guardian blacksmith Firefist, to which Dark met as a ghost in the old fortress.”

“You shouldn’t know this.. we were the only ones there...” Terra stated, bewithered by Daylight’s statement.

Pyro cracked a smile and looked to the others,“Ok, so in the long run, I was right all along! Bam! Take that!” He began to headbob in satisfaction of his accomplishment.

Daylight spoke up to the crowd. “And Dark doesn’t need to be forgotten about, I can bring him back.”

“How?” Asked the group in unison.

Daylight looked to the group and cracked a small smile,“I just need to return to my world, earth.”

“You can’t, the portals been broken for years and there’s no way of repairing it. Believe me when I say that I’ve tried.” Voiced Terra with a disheartened tone.

“I don’t return that way, that leads back to Dark’s world, not mine. If I have any chance of returning home and bringing Darkmoon back, I need to get to the Hive.”

“Are you sure you’ll find your way back to your ‘earth’ there?” Axton asked.

Daylight hung his head and sighed,“I won’t be able to return right away from there, but I will be able to find answers. All I ask is that you four try to reason with the princesses about my current predicament. I know that you all work here now, so you’re trusted and reliable.” Daylight turned to Pyro and thought for a moment,“Scratch that. Three of you are trusted.”

Axton, Terra and Strife began to chuckle at the small remark and Pyro looked to Daylight with a angered expression,“Hey, I’m trusted!”

“And that’s why you didn’t make trainer.”

“I’m beginning to not like you.” Pyro turned away from the author and stood beside Axton.

Daylight gave a weak smile and said,“If it makes you feel any better, I can’t taste, just like Dark.” Daylight snapped his fingers as a thought came into his head. “And plus.. what was it... oh yeah.. Ginger, eight poison joke, twelve nightberries and two pieces of tree bark.”

“Wait.. is that..”

“Yep, it’s finished.”

Pyro shot out towards Daylight and embraced him in a hug as he leapt in joy. “Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“No problem, I did make it up in the first place.”

The rest of the group spoke up,“What are you two talking about?”

Pyro turned to his comrades and grinned more than ever,“I’m finally going to perfect... pause for effect... My Traveler’s Soup!” He sung a little achievement tune and gave a small pose.

“Pyro, that’s strange. Even for you.” Strife claimed.

Daylight gave a small cough to attract the attention of the others and they heard it loud and clear as they turned their attention away from Pyro’s small dancing session and focused on him. “I have to be making my way, please come see me at the Hive once everything has calmed down.”

“Alright.” Terra called out. The rest of the group gave a small bow and turned back down the hall, but paused for a moment and called back to the author,“So, what do we tell her?”

Daylight called back,“Tell her I’m that I regret the things I’ve done, and everything I’ve told you. Keep it cool, Daylight.”

“What was that?” Axton asked.

“Umm.. nothing. It’s a force of habit. I’ll catch you later.”

Forgiveness, it’s located in the hearts of many but is forgotten by few. For the world to carry on, forgiveness must be remembered. But can forgiveness always be given? Even to those that don’t deserve it?

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed the chapter, I find it so easy to write in this story rather than my first,'It's always worth the price'. But progress must be made, so I sign off for now, though I return shortly.

Keep it cool, Condemned.