• Published 31st Mar 2013
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The Rising Sun.

It took the adventurer some time, but he finally managed to get his way back to Manehatten. “I wish Dusk was here, I still don’t know where to find the right way to get to the Mountains.” He would ask pedestrians wandering the streets of the city, only to be rejected due to the fact none of them actually knew where this mountain was. “Don’t any of these ponies leave to visit other places? If their only about a two hour walk away, it shouldn’t be that hard to find.”

Daylight strode out to the field after grabbing some food to eat and patrolled around the city, he gazed out into the far distances of the city to find a glimpse of the Mystic Mountains. It took nearly an hour of searching but he eventually managed to catch the sight of the mountains. He strode back into the city and found a small shop and picked up some food for the travel. After gathering his supplies, he made his way out of the city towards the direction of the mountains once again.

As he marched his way through the field, Daylight could feel his heart pounding faster, and his vision started to blur and shake. ‘What’s going on?’ Daylight thought to himself. A sudden pain shot to his chest as he fell to his knees. As he grappled on his his chest and took deep breaths, he gazed back up to the mountain in the distance with blurred vision. ‘Why is... this happening?’ Daylight thought to himself. He collapsed onto the ground and the world he knew faded into blackness and his mind went blank.


“uughh.. Where.. where am I?” He asked himself as he pulled his body off of the stone. His eyes were stinging from pain and his sight was shaking violently. It took a moment for Daylight to collect himself as he tried to focus. “My head.” He stated as he held it within his hands.

“And you’re back, I knew you’d return one day but...” The voice trailed off as Daylight tried to focus on on the figure the voice belonged to.

“Who are you?” Daylight said with his eyes closed from pain.

“Well, Daylight’s Break, You may call me Shadow Kin, Shadow for short. I was the other half to my brother, Darkmoon, but he was taken away from me after you arrived.” Shadow sneered at Daylight.

Daylight fell to his knees weakly. He took a deep breath and spoke as he kept his eyes shut,“I’m tired of running. I’m a deadman either way. I just thought I could do some good before I came back, and you know what? I did. I saved Ditzy Doo, made some pretty good friends and finally found my way towards the Hive. I might not have made it there, nor will I, but I feel like I’ve accomplished something. So spare me the lecture and just finish me right here, right now. I’m just so very tired.”

“I would honestly love to put you out of your misery, but it seems you’ve done it yourself.” Shadow said to the author.


“Gaze upon yourself, If you truly are as you speak, you’ll remember what it means.”

Daylight opened his pain ridden eyes and gave his body some inspection. He was glowing an all too familiar black and purple aura, and he knew what he had doomed himself to.

“Sleep is a necessity, and now you’ll get plenty of it here.”

Daylight clenched his eyes shut and slammed his fist into the stone walkway. “No. Not now, I was so close. Too close.”

“I should feel happy that you’re here now, but I can’t seem to find pleasure in it.”

“If I’m in a coma, or dead, I don’t really think it matters. Do as you wish, I’m good as dead now.”

Shadow felt an inner sense of pity for the lone wanderer and knelt down beside him as rested a calming hand on Daylight’s shoulder,“At least you may rest in peace, Celestia and my wife, Luna, both have come to their senses due to the others, the guardians. Losing Dark was a painful thing, for all of us, but we have come to terms with it. Times change, and so do we all. We still have my strong nephew and niece to take his place.”

Daylight shot in and pushed Shadow’s hand away,“It doesn’t have to be like this! I can bring him back! Make everything right and... tell Dusk..” Daylight could feel a hurtful sensation building up from behind his eyes and his breaths became more frequent. “I.. I just.. need to..” He trailed off as tears begun to slip out from his eye’s grasp.

“Daylight, you’ve done many good with the time the gods had given you. All stories must end sometime, there is no continuous story here to be found. Death is inevitable, and we all must face it one day.” Shadow claimed with a light smile in an attempt to calm to sobbing author.

The author had an idea shoot into his mind as he wiped the tears away and let out a small smile,“That’s it!” Daylight stood to his feet and Shadow rose up with him.

“What’s ‘it’?” asked Dark’s equestrian counterpart.

“Death!” He looked to Shadow and placed a hand on his shoulder,“I ask that you lead me to Death’s Doorstep. I need you to.”

“This could only be a coma, are you sure you wish to meet with fate so soon?” Asked Shadow, to which Daylight shook his head in acceptance.

It took sometime but after a lengthy stroll down the ever present stone walkway, they finally arrived at the object they had been searching for. They stood in front of a large iron door with a large skull embedded into the formation. As they approached the door, it seemed to be giving off an all too familiar humming noise. Just arriving at the door filled Shadow’s body with a sense of dread and hopelessness, but as he looked to Daylight, he seen that it wasn’t an expression of worry or dread. The expression he held resembled a sense of... hope.

Sometimes, Death is inevitable, but that does not mean we can’t still fight for what we believe in. Should an unstoppable force meet with an immovable object, hell will be paid. And we must stand up and fight, to laugh in the face of Death.

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed the chapter and Remember, sleep is important. Wouldn't want to be knocking on Death's door, would we now?

Keep it cool, Condemned.