• Published 31st Mar 2013
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Ruins and Relics.

John and Ditzy walked into the living room, the house had dust and cobwebs lining everywhere. The native writer expected as much, given he never really used it in the story except for a couple scenes.

As Ditzy searched around the vacant house, John simply looked around admiring the figures and shapes he fashioned for Darkmoon's house. The grey pegasus looked to John and asked,"Um, what are we looking for exactly?"

"Well, I was actually hoping that I was wrong and Dark would have been here. The likeliness of finding the brave adventurer here were slim to none but I thought that I'd at least try." John walked over to the couch in the living room and sat down. He leaned forward and buried his face behind his hands and sighed.

"He could be over at the Hive." said the grey mare.

"That he could, that he could." John slowly pulled himself away from the couch and thought to himself,'If I were Dark, where would I put... why am I asking myself this, I know exactly where I'd put it.' the native walked down the hall and entered the dusty bedroom. Ditzy followed closely and watched as John slide open the closet door.

"What are you.."

John pushed numerous things out of his way as he rummaged through the closet. He continued to battle with the many objects obscuring his path to his goal. "There you are."

"There is what? John, you're starting to worry me. What did you find?" asked the grey mare.

John reached inside and began pulling out a small safe,"For this little number! It's something Dark bought, nice isn't it?" The little safe was no bigger than a crate and made of solid steel with a large number coded lock. "Dark kept something of Senior's back even he went and found the rest of his gear, It was pointless to him, but it's pretty useful to me."

"And how do we get to it? Didn't Dark only have the code?"

John slowly raised his hand to his face and closed his eyes,"Ditzy... I made Dark, I know everything he does."

"Sorry, this whole thing is really confusing."

"Much like the rest of my stories, don't worry, you're not the only one that's been through this." John turned his attention to the small safe and inspected the lock. After a quick pressing of numbers, the safe clicked open. "Darkmoon, you magnificent bastard. Thanks for keeping this." Out came a piece of paper and quill, they were the only things found inside the safe, but John had a smile on that explained that was all he wanted.

"All that for a piece of old paper and a half broken quill? Why?" Ditzy asked as if discouraged.

John turned back to the grey mare and smiled. "Ditzy, this may look like mere paper and a broken quill, but it houses immense power. And as for it's purpose, let me show you." John took the quill in hand and placed it on the paper.

After writing a brief sentence, the quill and paper faded into nothing and completely disappeared. "That was the most anti-climactic thing I've ever seen." said Ditzy. All John did was smile.

"Ditzy, what you just saw was the Scroll of dreams. I created it and it's purpose is to grant anything that's written."

"So, it's a one time use thing?" asked the pegasus.

"No, my dear Ditzy. What I wrote down was that it serves the same purpose, but it lingers and exists as a memory inside my head. This way, I can access it whenever I want to without the need to carry it around anywhere." John told the grey mare and all she did was nod, but the expression she held told him that she was still confused.

"Umm." Ditzy mustered.

"Here's an easier explanation, It's inside my head now and that's all that matters about it." Ditzy gave a nod accepting the simple explanation.


The strange couple made for the street and proceeded towards the train station,"So where are we going now?" asked the grey mare.

"Well, first we should make for the castle in Canterlot, Celestia needs to know what's going on." John told her.

Ditzy looked to the native and gasped,"What? Are you crazy? Just how do you suppose your going to get in? If you want to see her or Luna, you have to at least book a meeting a few days prior. You can't just waltz in and ask to see her!" the words the grey pegasus spoke were true, and this put a damper on John's plans.

"Ok, well I'll be 'Dark' from now on. He's modeled after me and we do share some of the same traits, all I really need is the clothes and armor."

"And how do you suppose your going to get them? You don't have any money for the clothes and the armor's unique!" Ditzy stated.

"Well, it's simply really." John imagined the fragments of clothing and they came into reality.

"How did you do that?" Ditzy was in awe, with her jaw hanging in pure astonishment.

As John pulled the articles of clothing on, he said,"The paper and quill remember?" Ditzy's cheeks turned plump red. John then realized that he could have changed anywhere else but just decided to change right there in the middle of the street. John chuckled in embarrassment as he rubbed the back of his neck,"You remember when I said that Dark and I share common traits? yeah, I'm kinda.... different as well."


With the plans in motion once again, a smile appeared on John's face as they arrived at the station. He knew that this was going to be difficult but he'd rather go through the difficult process of returning home than sit back and do nothing. If this world needed a hero, a tenacious protector, a Guardian, then this dream was something John was willing to fulfill. He would bring back the guardian and return to earth, or die trying.

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