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The Last Nightmare.

The two boarded the train, they sat in the far back of the trolley and sat there quietly. Dusk watched as the buildings and structures flashed by as the train sped passed. Daylight simply sat in his seat, lost in his thoughts.

‘How do I get back? What if I can’t?’ The very thoughts of not being able to return back to earth and his previous life were terrifying. Sure, at one time in his life he thought living in the world of Equestria would be filled with happiness and smiles all year round, but since his arrival, he’s been accused of murder, and gone a week or so without sleep. The only thing that kept him from closing his eyes was the mission at hand, Saving Ditzy Doo. But in all honesty, that wasn’t the only reason.

He did fall asleep once, the night after the escape from the castle.


As his body rested in the field underneath the constant glow of the moon and the radiant stars, his mind drifted away and crept into the realm of dreams. He awoke in a dark space and as he stood to his feet, the ground shifted and turned into a stone walkway. The area around him turned into a pleasant garden filled with flowers of all sorts, benches and wisps flying through the air. And that’s when he saw it. The Gazebo. It looked just as he imagined it in the story, white, wooden and classy.

He traveled down the stone walkway and slowly approached the gazebo, he noticed a horde of small yellow specks glaring down from every which direction. Upon closer inspection, they seemed to be eyes. Wandering eyes filled to the brim with hatred. Why they stared down on him in such a way was unknown, but he had a rising suspicion.

The author turned his attention back to the white gazebo and noticed a small glowing orb. Much like the wisps that fluttered through the air, but larger and brighter. It hummed with an uneasy tone and sent chills up the native’s spine. As he laid his first step on the platform, the orb burned brighter and grew in size noticeably. Unsettled by the sudden change, John took a cautious step back. It appeared to not make any form of difference as the orb grew into a blinding light, causing him to shield his eyes and wince in pain.

“If you were wise, you would try to find a way to wake up.” Stated a figure within the blinding light.

“What are you talking about?” John asked the figure.

He lowered his hand and squinted as he tried to focus and gain some vision back. As he looked back up to the figure, another stepped from behind the first. It was smaller in size, both in height and shape. ‘The first ones a male from what I can tell, but the other’s a... female?’ John thought to himself. “Wait a minute... Are you two..” he trailed off as he realized who they were.

“Yes, I am known as Shadow Kin, Brother of the fallen hero, Darkmoon.”

“And I am the Princess of the Night, Luna. I am the ruler of the Dream Realm, alongside my husband, Shadow.”

“Shadow.. fallen.. wait.”

“Yes, you should fear me, and my wife. For we are your demise and the end of your little cowardice story.”

John watched as they stood back to back, Shadow clenched his fists and a magical shield and sword faded into existence. Luna rose her hand and magical energy pulsated out of her gasp and spun around her arm as she began charging a spell.

“Do you have any last requests, Monster?” Shadow asked as he slammed his sword against his shield for the intimidation factor, and it seemed to work as John stood there silent. “Nothing?” he asked.

John thought to himself for a moment, pondering what he could ask.

“I say we end him right now!” Luna yelled to Shadow.

The equestrian counterpart of Darkmoon closed his eyes and reflected on his brother,“Dear, you know Dark would have at least waited, so we must do the same.” Luna lowered her head and sighed as she thought about the old guardian. “Speak then, you only have one wish. So make it a good one, you fiend.”

John tapped his index finger on his lips as he thought, pondering what to ask for. Then the best idea came to mind. “If I ask you to let me go...” he trailed off but was answered with the shaking of both of their heads in disapproval. “Damn.” He thought to himself once more, then the next best idea came to mind. “Anything but that is alright though, right?” He asked. The couple looked to each other and held puzzled expressions. Shadow lifted his index finger in the air to signify that they needed a second to discuss the matter.

‘Well, this could go one of two ways, hopefully it works.’ John thought to himself. The couple spoke in whispers but soon turned back to the author with satisfied smiles, Luna spoke up,“Any wish is yours as long as you don’t ask for us to let you go. Other than that, you may have anything you wish.”

“Alright, I’ve made a decision.” John stated with a smile as he slowly backed away from the angered couple.

Shadow slowly began to raise his glowing sword as a warning for John to stop. “And what have you decided on then, speak up.”

“I want to wake up.” He turned around and could feel the world around him starting to dissipate. He took off in the opposite direction of the couple to give himself enough time to wake.

“NO!” Cried the couple as they chased after him, Luna shot blasts of magic at the fleeing human and they just barely grazed him. Shadow whipped his shield at him but John dodged to the side.

“Ha!” John yelled as he ran as fast as his feet could carry him. Suddenly John couldn’t feel his body, he had been caught in Luna’s spell and though he couldn’t move his own body, the spell turned him to face the two.

“Yes, I’m going to enjoy this.” Luna stated with a sick and twisted tone. All Shadow did was glare into John’s eyes with evil intent.

“I do not know why you did what you have, but I will tell you this. You made dangerous enemies from what you’ve done, but fear not. It won’t be long before you’re dead. Just close your eyes and wait for your end.”

“Wait, what’s happening?” Luna asked in confusion, John looked upon himself and found his body was disappearing into the void. He was waking up and this was his only chance to fight for his life. He scrunched his eyes and tried to speed up the process. Shadow raised his sword and just as it came crashing down to impale the author, it struck the ground as John faded away. “Damn it!” Luna cried out in anger.

John shot up from his bed of leaves and grass and sat himself up as he gasped for air. His forehead was covered in sweat and his heartbeat was racing. Through heavy breaths, he said to himself,“Well... sleeps off the table from now on. Fuckin’ great.”


“Hey.” He turned to his side as he felt a nudge on his shoulder. There beside him on the seat in the back of the trolley was Dusk. She held a worried expression,“Are you alright? You’re being awfully quiet.”

“Ah, don’t worry about me. I’m fine, just lost in my thoughts is all. Thanks for worrying though.” Daylight gave a weak smile as he turned back to the window to admire the passing trees as the train sped by them.

Dusk looked to Daylight and gave a smile back,“No problem, that’s what friends are for.”

Daylights attention turned to the mare as he held a blank expression, he didn’t know what to feel. Friends weren’t a common occurrence for him, so it left him baffled. “You think of me as a friend?”

“Of course I do” She gave him a playful punch in the shoulder and chuckled. “And as your friend, I suggest you get some sleep. You look tired.”

“I haven’t slept in nearly a week or so, I’ve lost count. So if I wasn’t tired, I’d be surprised. I can’t go to sleep, not yet. Not right now, there’s too much to do, and so little time.” John’s focus was captured by the speaker in the trolley.

“Good evening fillies and gentlecolts, we’ll be arriving in the Canterlot train station in twenty minutes or so. Thank you for riding the Ponyville 233. Good night.”

Daylight turned his attention back to the window and looked to the ever-looming moon,“Almost there Ditzy, just wait.”

How far will one go to save those he cares for? What will he sacrifice to protect them? Why does one feel the need to help those looking to condemn him?

The answer is cold and bittersweet at the same time. There is no answer, just the feeling. The raw need to feel accepted. The need to help, and the price that one’s willing to pay to achieve these things, no matter what that price may be.

There is always a price, but sometimes... it’s worth it.

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed the chapter, and I'll see you in the next one.

And I leave you with a,'Thank you'.

Keep it cool, Condemned.