Writer's Block.

by xXCondemnedSoulXx

The Raging Royal.

The sun had begun to kiss the horizon and the sound of hoofsteps could be heard approaching the royal bedroom. John jumped off of the chair he sat on and waited, unsure if it was a guard or the princess herself. Each step closer made the author more skeptical by the second, each step felt like they rang through John’s ears.

 He turned and gazed at Ditzy, she was quietly and calmly sleeping on Celestia’s bed. Underneath all the silken sheets, light snores could be heard. John gave the sleeping mare a small smirk as he saw the adorable lazy-eyed mare snoozing. He returned his attention to the door once he noticed that the hoofsteps had vanished. The large golden doors began to glow with a radiant yellowish tinge of magic and seemingly dissipated into thin air. A tall ivory alicorn strode through with a grand smile, which quickly faded as she caught sight of John.
        “What are you doing here?” Asked Celestia. John gave a quick bow in respect before answering.
        John looked up and gave the white mare brief nod,“Ditzy and I are looking to get me home. I’m not supposed to be here, and without Darkmoon here to...” The white mare launched a ball of light from her horn and he was struck to the ground, left wincing in pain.
        “What have you done to Dark! Where is he! Tell me!” The white alicorn continued to cast these spells at John. Quickly thinking, the author leapt onto his feet and found cover behind objects within the room. He first hid behind a dresser but it was destroyed and turned into wood chips as the first blast impacted. The shock of the spell hitting the dresser launched John through the air and crashed him into the edge of the bed. He dove over top Ditzy as she slowly came out of her sleep from the sounds echoing throughout the room. He grabbed hold of the grey mares arm and pulled her over the edge, just as a spell came into contact with the mattress. The spell struck the middle of the mattress and it begun to catch fire.
        The strange couple knelt behind the bed, finding security within it. “What’s going on?” asked the grey mare. John just gave her a simple explanation.
        “She might be a little mad that Dark’s gone, I couldn’t tell her the rest.” The fire had begun to spread on the bed and he found opportunity in it. “Ditzy. Do you trust me?” John asked.
        “Yeah, why? What’s going on?” asked the grey mare. He didn’t answer her and signalled her to follow him. John stood and faced the raging princess and took a deep breath.
        “I’m just trying to get home!” screamed John.
        “What did you do to Dark?!” replied the princess, followed by another powerful spell. John quickly took hold of the mattress and lifted it up to block the spell. As the spell struck the mattress, it seemed to absorb the impact and spread the fire further.
        “What are you doing?!” asked the grey mare.
        John gave her a quick look and a nod,”No, the question is ‘Where we’re going’. If you trust me, hold on. Tight.” The grey mare wrapped her arms around John’s body as he begun to push the flaming mattress. The further he moved the mattress, the greater his momentum became. He rammed the mattress into the balcony doors, nearly crashing into Celestia. As the duo rammed through the door, John leapt off the edge with Ditzy. “Ditzy! fly!” John yelled.
        The grey mare spread her wings but they couldn’t support the weight of the two. Instead of gracefully landing in a nearby field, the fall was only slowed to a crash landing. As Ditzy stood to her hooves, she turned to face the towering castle in the distance,”We’re in so much trouble.”
        John could feel a hint of regret smouldering inside his heart, but what he did was necessary. “Well, I tried to explain it to her but after I told her Dark was gone..”
        “You told Celestia that Dark was simply gone? You do realize the two princesses brought him here to protect this land right?”
        “Of course I knew that! I’m the one who created him in the first place!”
        “Well then you should start wording your ‘Conversations’ better! Did you at least tell her what happened to Dark?”
        “I couldn’t, once I told her that Dark was gone and that I was trying to get home, she started opening fire on me.”
        She had an look of disbelief, the situation the two had been thrown into. Angering a princess and soon...an entire continent.”Well this is just fantastic!” Sarcasm, John didn’t realize the grey mare knew it. “What in Celestia’s name are we gonna do now? I can’t move to a new home, they’ll all be looking for us!”
        John finally stood to his feet and dusted himself off,”I’m sorry Ditzy, for what I’ve done. But there is a silver lining on my black rain cloud.”
        “What silver lining? What possible ‘good news’ could you have?” The grey mare was furious at John, and he felt that he deserved every moment of her anger.
        “Their looking for me, the ‘supposed’ Guardian slayer. They won’t be looking for you.” He gave her a light smile. “If you want, you can return to your life. I promise you that I Will fix this, and I’ll bring Darkmoon back. You just have to trust me.”
        “Do you really think.. that I could?” The anger had left her mind and her words were calm. “But I couldn’t just.. leave.”
        John gave the grey mare a warm hug and looked into her eyes. “Ditzy, you’re a wonderful mare. But this is something I’d rather not drag you into... Goodbye for now.” And with those simple words, the grey mare vanished into thin air. John had sent her to Ponyville with the power of the quill. He could have used it to calm the princess, but the severity of the situation blocked all communication with it. As for his current situation, he couldn’t fix it on command because the damage had already been done. Soon everyone would be searching for him, and no place would be safe. He needed to find a place to stay until he calmed things down with the princess, but where? His train of thought was derailed once he found the best possible place.
        He turned and begun walking through the field, heading towards the direction of Mystic Mountains. “Hope your ready for the real me Chrysalis. I know I’m not.”