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Bachelor no More, and most of my stories aren't either · 5:10pm Jan 9th, 2015

Long time no chat everypony. Things have changed a lot since the last time I blogged.

For one, I'm engaged. I'll be married in May of 2016. So thats been ocfipying my time way too much, and my money more :3

But I'm still here and still writing stories. I just put Neon Nights out as Mature, and Im delving back into my Shining Armor Alicorn fic. And no that doesnt mean Im making a fic about Shining Armor becoming one. Wait and see

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Our name is almost the same


The sequels haven't come yet.


I've been gone.


I'm back now.


The sequels aren't ready yet, but they will be.


I can't wait to get them out, and that'll be soon.


Bye for now.

Your Profile image made my day

you have the best profile pic ever!

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