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Due to some fake posts I have issued that you must be a member of this group for at least 24 hours to post from now on... if you don't get upgraded within said 24 hours then send me a message. I decided to lift the ban now with the increase of followers coming in and I keep forgetting to upgrade them. So to cut to the chase, anyone can post on here again. Also when a time comes where I won't be available I might ask one of you to take over for a while when I'm to busy with school and such, but that won't be for a while anyways.
I could of sworn I edited this not to long ago and now its back to it original well might as well re-explain it. First off this group is meant for Bronies who go to Equestria only. The only exeption would be ponies meet bronies on earth. thats about it and I know I was wrong about the first description and should of never posted it I was half awake when I first wrote it I think... memory isn't that good. But thats about it have fun and hopefully this issue with fake posts will be resolved. Oh and if Anyone can find a banner or find a place where I can use pony pictures and type stuff like I don't know BRONIES IN EQUESTRIA (thought about making that clear) that would be awesome and very appreciated. Also I will give you a shout out Either in the banner (if its customizable) or in this description
with big letters

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If you're gonna post stories, be prepared for criticism. Don't expect a story only staring OCs to become super popular. Those are things I've learned over the years. :scootangel:

If someone needs help with ideas go to my blog and join my groups I will then at least have a general idea of what type of fic you want. :derpytongue2:

Any advice for a brony that is new to FIMfiction?

Rolls Royce in the hishouse

hello i'm new here

yay humans in equestria *yays like fluttershy*

312410 of course though they are rare so I didn't put that in

can it be pegasisters in equestria as well?

I kinda like this new system that knightly did anyone else think so? Oh and is anyone else missing their banner.
Now then onto the real comment I'm surprised to see so many people here though I can't compare to the HiE group I thank you for your support. Also PM me if you feel that there is something that needs to be added or removed any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Well I'm writing a BiE that I'm sure people will really like. I could PM you as soon as It's posted if you like. :pinkiesmile:

Is this all? :(
Of all the HiE's out there, you'd think there'd be at least a sixth of them BiE's :fluttershysad:

Shameless plugging, ho :yay:

Hehe, just thought I'd share my freakishly long one. Hope somepony enjoys it :twilightsmile:

I'm currently working on my own BiE fic, this process has taken months and if anyone here is willing to lend a hand if they got the skills to help improve my fic that would be great. Just PM me, I wasn't sure if I should be making a thread about it. :scootangel:

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