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A little about me

Hey there everybrony! My name is James (or Jamie which ever you prefer) and my favorite pony is none other than Fluttershy. I'm a writer/artist, though I think I'm utter crap at it. When it comes to writing I tend to make the dumbest mistakes with grammar. The only reason I'm actually spelling most of this stuff is because Firefox has a spell check in it.
Anyways as an artist I tend to draw scenery rather than people/ponies. Also I'm the kind of artist that is never done with their work. There can always be something added or changed/fixed.
These two things are just my hobbies though. What I really want to be is a computer programer, I am currently taking classes to help me achieve this goal, but right now it's just teaching me the basics of Microsoft Office, and not actual programing.
Also I tend to talk, well unorganized I talk as thoughts come to my head and not planed I'll be mixing up my sentences and start talking about something I said before when the topic was long gone.
Well that pretty much sums me up, I'm surprised you lasted this long without rage quitting from lack of sense. Anyways happy reading *brohoof*

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It'll be worth the wait. I'll make sure of it :raritywink:

Np I haven’t been on this site for a year or 2 and I have barely over a thousand notifications it was hilarious. As for your story it’s really good so far can’t wait for the actual confession :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the favorite! I hope I live up to your expectations :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for adding Blank to your favorites!

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