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New story brewin'! · 11:33pm Jul 22nd, 2012

Hello, everybody! Today I deleted both my stories... simply because I thought I could do a bit better... so yeah. I HAVE been thinking of making a sex/gore/payback kinda story in which if you've seen "my little slave" you might know what I'm getting at. it's like that story but, roles have been switched and someone rescues her... and you can bet a sweet and painful payback will ensue! HAHAHAHA! also, I'm just inspired by the story, I have no intention of ripping the author of "my little slave"

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We are watching you!

ok everyone, I wasn't n here for weeks because my charger was broken. My brother is getting a new charger for me, he's letting me use his laptop, and I'll pay him back so, sorry I was. not that anyone would care given the feedback on my 2 stories but yeah, I'm back. I will still work on BOTH of my stories, it's time to toughen up and NOT procrastinate so, I might change some of the existing chapters a little bit.

I hope everyone will have a good life... my mom might have cancer... I'm worried about that...

so, yeah... I'll work on my stuff more often... until then, see ya!

First, I love Sonic in Ponyland (though you should put Equestria instead of Pony Land) and I also wanted to tell you that YOU, THE CREATOR OF THAT FIC, HAVE THE POWER TO MURDER COMMENTS AND DELETE THEM! :D so if you want to get rid of any flaming, that's your ticket out.

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