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Two facts according to the internet. 1. Your mother is the largest object in the known universe. 2. Despite fact 1, everyone still slept with her for some reason.


This story, in Danny Phantom's p.o.v., takes place after the series, but starts during the finale Phantom Planet.

In MLP's p.o.v., it takes place after season 2, but with changes that are not canon with season 3.

The story will take an alternate direction completely different from the finale Phantom Planet.

Danny Fenton, just your average teenage boy.

He goes to school, has to deal with bullies, homework, fight ghosts, and keep his other half a secret from his family.

After an accident with his parents ghost portal, his D.N.A. became infused with ectoplasm, turning him into a half ghost.

Now Danny Phantom, he took it onto him to fight ghost while struggling to learn to control his new found powers. Luckily, he has his two best friends, Sam and Tucker, with him to help him deal with the everyday ghost life.

Together, they went through all kinds of supernatural adventures. Together, they stood in the way of many ghost attacks. Together, they kept their city, Amity Park, safe. Together. Always together.

Until that one fateful day. The day that everything changed. The day that three became two, and Danny's life changed forever. Struggling with his guilt for his failings, and letting down the one meaning most to him, he runs away; desperately trying to get away from the nightmares that haunt his memories. But, as the saying goes: ''You can run, but you can't hide.''

Sex tag is there for sexual innuendos and references in later chapters. There will be no clop.

Click: Silver Spirit, Ghost of Equestria, to go to the side story of this fic. Which is important, as a lot of things happening in this fic are important for Guilt of a Phantom.

And click: The Baltimare Incident for the story that happened before Goap and SS, GoE.

Read them in this order.
1. Guilt of a Phantom.
2. The Baltimare Incident after the chapter: Hunting the Hunter's Hunter. Earth.
3. Silver Spirit, Ghost of Equestria after the chapter: The Day the World Looked Pink-ie Pie.

And, while you're at it. Click Guilt of a Phantom: New Destinies for a spin-off fic written by Crepusculo.

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I remember that show. It kicked ass. Good story!

Jesus man. 10k words for your first chapter?:pinkiegasp:

Wow, I'm impressed. I haven't even started reading and I'm already liking it.:twilightsmile:

Okay, I actually read it... most of it. I mainly skipped over everything that was from the show. And I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with this fic. Equestria with tears in reality where all humans can go into it? Hmmm.:unsuresweetie:

I'll track it, but I hope you can really entertain later on.

This is a pretty good story. I look forward to reading more. Will you be pairing Danny with anypony?

Not the best start.... :unsuresweetie: but I will keep an eye on this, just to see where it goes.

2667942 It is not that simple. I have already told that Danny needed a pass to enter into Equestria, and so does anyone or pony else. They cant just go to one world and back as they see fit. It is carefully monitored, or as carefully as it can within the Danny Phantom universe, and they need a pass to traverse worlds. I will go a bit deeper in to this subject in a later chapter as Danny will go through control and enter the realm of magical, multicolored ponies. As for the many tears in reality, I thought about it as a rippling effect, or seed as I call it in the fic. The first tear that appeared in Amity Park was the seed. It caused a ripple that went around the world and slowly opened other tears to other parts of the magical realm. These tears are guarded by both sides, and you cant just walk through. I will tell more about this in future chapters. As part of the story, and Danny´s character development, we will see more and more parts of Danny´s past, and the changes that forces him to become the man he is today.

Well I cant tell much more without spoiling, but I hope that this will clarify certain details about the first chapter.:twilightsmile:

Anyhow, please continue to comment, and tell me what you like or don´t like, and how I could improve that what you don't like.

Thanks in advance. :pinkiehappy:

2671078Well I know people needed passes... but Danny was living in a pretty shabby apartment. How could he afford a pass? Or did he steal it?

2671165 He did save up for several months, and stopped paying his rent for a little while, giving him the amount of money he needed to afford the pass. Also, he still had a little bit of his life savings on him. But I do get your point, I might need to make a few alterations to make things a bit more logical.

Thanks for your input.:raritywink:

2671179No problem. Any idea when the next chapter will be? And if it's not too much of a spoiler, about how many humans would you say actually went into Equestria?

2671225 The next chapter is still unknown for release. I just started on it about an hour or two ago, already close to 2000 words. As for how many humans. Well there was first a large flood of humans and ponies going back and forth between the two worlds. That is one of the reasons why there is a control station at every tear. The full reason behind that particular reason though, I can not say. Not yet.:rainbowkiss:

I have not yet decided on a number of humans and ponies that traversed between worlds. It was a large number in the beginning, but now with more control it is reduced to a more manageable number. For now, just think of it as ponies/people going back and forth to learn about each others respectable worlds. And of course, ghosts. BEWARE. ahum.

I will cover more of this in future chapters.

2671336Kay. Well I hope you can get the next chapter out soon.:twilightsmile:

Wow. 12k. Longer than the last one.

Why? Why must you write an even longer chapter and STILL not have him in Equestria yet?:fluttershysad:

2690259 Just so that you know, Danny is in Equestria.

It is in the last part, yes. But he did cross to the other side.

2690282I know he is... but it's there for like, one sentence. I mean, why would you write so much just to stop when he got to Equestria?

2690292 Did I stop writing? Huh, I didn't know the story was already complete. Strange? :rainbowhuh:

2692959You didn't. You just stopped writing the chapter.

Great chapter. So Danny has caught Luna and Celestia's interest. What will that lead too? Will we be seeing Dani later in the story?

2717187I do have plans for Dani, but I can't say anything about it. The same can be said for the princesses, the will play some role in Danny's life, but how... Well I can't say. You know.. Spoilers :twilightsheepish:

OMG! I think I know who Danny is gonna be paired with! But I won't tell because that may ruin your story!
I hope you post the next chapter soon, because if it isn't posted soon, this comment is gonna drive a lot of people crazy!


I hope you post the next chapter soon, because if it isn't posted soon, this comment is gonna drive a lot of people crazy!


2777314 But seriously. I am working on the next chapter for some time now, and it is going to be a big one. And seeing that I have posted only 10k chapters so far, that means something. It is currently over 15k, and more is being added.

Yesterday I even had a moment were I had a light bulb appear above my head, which, all in all, was weird, but I chalked it up to magic. Not sure how my co-workers responded to it though. :twilightblush:

This moment of enlightenment made me change several things in the chapter, and what I am going to add to it. It will, however, give more depth to the caracters in some way. I do try to stay true to the canon characters which we all came to love and respect, but not everything can be the same in a world that I create. Especially with the Danny Phantom characters. They are six years older since the series stopped, and a lot has happened to them during this time. So some changes will be in the characters that does not seems like that of the series, but I try to stay true to them as much as I can. Luckily I have a lot of reference material. :pinkiehappy:

As for your idea of who Danny will be shipped with, Pm me with what you think. I will not confirm or deny anything, but I am curious to see what you came up with.

Also, :yay: seven down votes so far. This story is somehow doing a lot better than I originally thought. Probably magic, or possession by ghosts, Or magical ghosts. Now that would be something. :twilightoops:

Ahum, anyhow..... Right, let me know what you think of the story so far, (this is for anypony that reads this comment!), And tell me what could be better, what you liked and any mistakes I have made. I try to better my own writing, and have succeeded in some way already, but I need to improve even more, I know I can do it. So, please tell me about any and all mistakes, or what I did good, and I try to use this in the future.

Ok, this was a lot more than I set out to write down, so I just leave it at that.

Have a good day.

I go to my favorites looking for something to read and I see this. Then I see the word count...

JESUS CHRIST! This chapter is a beast!

"What are you going to say next? Maybe he is a ghost too!?"
Ohhh, the irony!
And I love Spike's comment to Danny's apron!

The princesses also seem to find Danny mysterious and interesting. It may not be long until Twilight or the princesses find out his secret! NO SPOILERS!!!!

Keep the chapters coming, Powerdrainer!

Great chapter my friend! Please update soon!

Oh god, the shadow just absorbed NMM.

Oh god, the shadow just absorbed NMM.

"Dannycus Humanicus"?...i think i face-palmed so hard it rivaled Carl's by a milipoint.

The chapter was good. Quite a lot of humor with the CMC! And poor Luna can't help Danny. I hope the next chapter is more exciting than this one! I can wait another week or 2.

Danny's shadow + NMM
Hmmm... Frightmare anyone?
And this is my first time posting for this story sooooo I shall say~
GOOD JOB SIR! (or Madame) I loves the story and hope ta see more~
PS. Anyone know if the rumor of new Danny Phantom season coming 2014 true or no? (heard it somewhere, forgot where, and was wondering if it true or not) Cause I too wonder what's with his white hair turn black hair in ghost mode dealio and wish the creators would explain the dang thing...
PSS. (semi-grammar snob time) "brake" should be break if you're talking about taking a break. Sorry, just irks me. I high five my face for you.

2915741 It is sir, and I too heard something about a new season, but I cannot confirm it though.
And with his white hair turning black in ghost mode, :rainbowderp: don't you mean the other way around? You know, black turning white. Just like Michael Jackson.

And thanks for the correction, I have edited it and if you spot anything else, please let me know.:pinkiehappy:

Nah I meant what I meant. Ya know regularly Danny's hair is black when he's human right? When he turns ghost, his hair would turn white. But during the episode where he gets his ghost wail power (the episode where he versus his future self), his hair turns black during the shout while his power was still on. Then it reverts back to white while his ghost mode was still on before reverting back to human. Not sure if it was because of his power being drained because of the shout or it was a "level up" but it confused me ever since I saw it years ago. The creators never really explained it... so yeah...
For your purview(starts at 0:20):

2915903 Ah, like that. Yeah I don't know how that worked either, probably due to the severe drain on his powers like you said. But whatever the case, I do hope that the rumors of the new season are true, maybe we will get some answers there.

How does this story not have more views?!
Words fail me; all I can say is that this fic is awesome. It does everything perfectly, imo.
Grammar mistakes and misspellings notwithstanding (it's not intend, it's intent; ex: with hostile intent).
All in all, I LOVE THIS STORY.

2950889 Thanks for the correction, I will make sure to keep an eye on it in the future :twilightsmile:

As for not having more views, it's probably because the story never has been featured. :ajsleepy:
Oh well, maybe next chapter. It would probably also help if those that have not yet up-voted the story would do so. There are 83 favorites, and 63 up-votes so there are still some who could make a difference.

Any how, thanks for your input, and have a good day sir or madam. :pinkiehappy:

Sorry, haven't done this in forever. First.

Now that that's out of the way. Good chapter as usual. Nice close to 20k words. More than makes up for the long wait time.

Edit: Oh god, the Nightmare is coming back.:facehoof:

Danny´ lesson to Twilight about basic astronomy reminds me to Peter Dickinson´ one to Omadon in "Flight of Dragons".


Oh god, the Nightmare is coming back.

Maybe, maybe not. just wait and see what I have planned. I am 95.2 percent sure you don't know what I came up with. :derpytongue2:

2974300I have a fairly good guess, but that's all it is.

You had to break the fourth wall, didn't you Pinkie!


Ugh I am to tired for this


as far as tho go


Awesome chapter, grammar passable, and misspellings at a minimum.

3060177 Well, it is 1 pm over here... So, yeah.:twilightblush:

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