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It was supposed to be so simple. Step into the teleporter and join Eli Vance and his daughter, Alyx Vance at Black Mesa East. Of course, life hardly proved to be simple to Gordon, and today was no exception. Having only just been brought back by his inhuman 'friend', Gordon once more finds himself face to face with the not quite human individual who seems to hold a particular interest in him. Worse, this face to face just so happen to coincide when the teleporter goes ballistic thanks to a certain domesticated headcrab.

Now Gordon finds himself in a strange world with even stranger inhabitants, without any weapon to defend himself. Will he be able to survive, or will the magic of friendship and harmony do irreparable damage to his respectable intellect?

Also, just where did his crowbar end up?

This fic was requested by Mr-War. Although he was not all too specific with what he wanted other than it should be a crossover with Half Life, and just let me come up with the general story. So, here it is. A silly fic about Gordon going on a chase to find his crowbar. Don't expect it to be too serious. Characters may act out of character from time to time, although I do try to keep it to a minimum. Updates will also be sporadic, as I am focusing most of my time on my own fics. But those who know me should be used to this by now.:rainbowwild:

This fic showed up in the feature list on:
August 30th, 2016.

Really, guys. Thanks.


Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 64 )

I like this, going at this my bookshelf.

keep up the good work

this was fun to read i would love to see more

This is a great story so far, love the jokes, I hope you will keep writing the story like in the game. I would have wish Gordon to have come as a pony but this is just as good so far. I am looking forward to see more of this story soon:rainbowlaugh:

Nice. I'm honestly looking forward to Celestia at Aperture more than Gordon in Ponyville.

I was a little confused at first as to why Gordon didn't answer their questions... :p I can't believe I forgot my favorite hero was mute.

This story is going to be awesome. I eagerly await the next chapter.

Please don't make us wait as long as Monocratic does (the stupid piece of Rari-Twi trash he is :twilightangry2:).

Noticing some typos and awkward wording, fix and it'll be one of the greats!


Please do message Powerdrainer if you see any typos that need correcting, it helps us out a lot!

7507631 Like Clayton said, if you notice anything wrong, please inform me about it. Small mistakes such as typos are not something I easily notice, seeing as English is a second language for me. And my editors, all having done a wonderful job fixing the more obvious mistakes, understandably miss some things here and there when dealing with the chapter as a whole.

On a side note, I'm also lacking a proof-reader, so that could explain a thing or two as well.


The second chapter is already being written, and is just under 1.5 K at the moment. The third chapter, however.... Well, I'm sure we can all imagine what could happen with the THIRD chapter of this installment. :trollestia:

oh boy. Celestia's in Aperture.

i am so tracking this story. so far, its the best half life story i've seen.

Wake up, Mr. Freeman. Wake up and... smell the ponies.

Ok, that sounded better in my head.

Twilight, as well, stood frozen on the spot. One part, for everything she'd just heard; the other, because Rainbow Dash had just proven she knew words with at least three syllables, and she didn't know if she should either be disgusted, or impressed.


I have never played Half-Life, Portal, or L4D.
I still find this story supremely entertaining.

Wait, if Celesta is in Portal, Luna is in L4D...

I know where Discord's going :pinkiehappy:


Honestly only thing I dislike is the chapter title. Valve can't count to 3... And I fear if they ever do count to 3 it will be the end of the world. Might I suggest renaming this chapter 2.1 ?

7794329 There is a hidden message located directly below the title. It is directly linked to both the number, and what you just said. Copy/past it into the comment box to read it.

I almost cried when the crowbar melted at the end of Half Life 2. In fact I would have cried if my tears hadn't evaporated in the white-hot rage of my GRAVITY GUN REVENGE RAMPAGE!

My point is you had me at crowbar.

7794357 Thanks for the reply, :) I see it now. Surprised I missed that.

Can't wait for more. I wonder where that crowbar went?:rainbowhuh:

7794397 Well, it did hide it... more or less.

great to see an other chapter of this hilariousness story.

oh my god its the legendary 3... The world has not blown up yet? Ok good.

It hath been updated. Splendid!

I love it. That simple. Keep up the good work.:derpytongue2:

[muffled music]
Am I hearing things?
[blaring techno music]
[techno music fades]
MAN! Programmers...
Who knows what they're doing in there?
They're going to deaf by the end of the year at that rate.
Next time I have to go in there, I'll bring some ear protection.

I've been waiting for Valve to do a Half-Life/Portal crossover.

Imma call this the next best thing.

well now i want to hear the other stories.

Ok. You got my attention. Must know more....

Please! I need this in my life, I just want Celestia in Portal 2, PLEASE!

"TOOK THEM!" Rainbow Dash shouted. "She literally pried them off with that damned thing. I still got a sore spot on my butt because of her."

Pfffhahahaha, I was wondering if it was going to be that. This is stupid and hilarious.

Ah, such as the sad story of Half Life leavesus with questions, so does this fic; only difference being this actually got finished.

I loved this fic and i cant wait for a RvB fic hopefully! :derpytongue2:

Are you going to put about the Adventures of Luna and Celestia? It could be curious to see them in the other worlds

8430106 8429554 8428484 8446373

Sooo, you want a continuation of this fic, revealing what happened to Celestia, Luna, and or Discord, huh? Well, here's my answer:


Let's leave it in a... Maybe?

Well i know what i'm gonna read after my test. I'm sure i'll love it as well.

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