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This story is a sequel to Pick-axe man 2: Equestria's Pick

The third and final installment of the Pick-axe Man series. This one took me a whole lot longer than the rest. But, regardless, I think it turned out pretty well.

Suction cup man belongs to Piemations. Obviously.
Steve as a character belongs to Mojang, while Steve as an idea belongs to me.

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Well that was fucking funny. Thank-you for blessing us with another one of your kick-ass works.

Edit: I just realised you used my idea! Holy shit I'm actually giddy.

HOLY SHIT! How did I not notice this?

This is bloody brilliant!
Now we're missing a Pick-axe Man Theme song. Hehe
Possible parody? ':0

“Greetings, evil on…!!”

Just change it to on-!!"

The centaur stomped his hooves. “Enough!! Bow before me heathen and face my wra…!!”

The dots make it seem like he slowly stops, instead of getting cut off

looks at story before reading....OH HELL TO THE YES THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please tell me your doing a pick axe man song!!!!!:pinkiehappy:pwetty pwease?!?!?!?

Now we need Pick-Axe Sans ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Who the heck is that?

I, I am so fucking confused. What the hell is that image?

Now for the Plushie Episode.

9857740 youtube.com/watch?v=c02SbcKJNcM

since no one gonna do I will

Pickaxe man is coming round,
My picking power got no bounds!
Pickaxes all wood and shit,
I'm pretty hot you must admit,
Do not test my picking power,
I'll climb your castle in just an hour,
You can't kill me I'm way too cool,
I'm picking at your walls fool!

Pickaxes mannnnnnnn (hey that's me)
His name is pickaxes Mannnn (fuck yeah it is!)
Fuck you his name is pickaxes mannnnnnn (I have my own theme song!)

Fuck yeah let's do another verse!
Fuck your shit I'm going up,
You can't stop me until I'm on top,
There's so much stuff I'm yet to climb,
So while I climb I rhyme full time,
Since I'm climbing up so far,
I'll play a tune on my guitar,
I don't climb for mares or money!
I climb cause it's fucking funny!

Pickaxes mannnnnnn (it's me again)
His name is pickaxes mannnnnnn (my favorite words are the vulgar ones!)
Fuck you he's pickaxes mannnnnnn (that's the Shit I'm talking about!)
Breakdown motherfucker oh shit!

His climbing castles for just the thrill,
Take it up to the man who has the skill,
To piss people off their anger builds,
They try to stop him but he's climbing still,
He can take a hit he can take a blow,
But signs of stopping never show,
He'll climb anything he's a pro,
As his shouting "look at me go!",

His name is mannnnnnnn
Pickaxes mannnnnn
Fuck you he's mannnnnn (his name is pickaxes man)

Pickaxes mannnnnnn (one more time baby oh lord)
His name is pickaxes mannnnnnn (I'm like a super hero but fucking pointless!)
Fuck you he's pickaxes mannnnnnn (just try to get me of your castle!)


original song by: piemations
Slight edit by: me

That is beautiful. Thank you.

Thanks alot I had to go watch the original again thanks to you.

These stories were amazing and extremely enjoyable.

Did you know they have a 4th suction cup man

I do hereby await the glorious Pick-axe Man 4: For Business or Pleasure.

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