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This story is a sequel to Gordon Freeman's Side Trip To Equestria

What promised to be just another day filled with royal duties, politics and politicians, Princess Celestia instead find herself trapped by an unknown, briefcase carrying individual who sends her away to keep her from interfering with Gordon Freeman's story as he journeys across Equestria to find his trusted crowbar.

Of course, this story is not about Gordon Freeman, but Princess Celestia, and she's no longer in Equestria... except at the beginning of chapter one where she is sitting on her throne, waiting for this thing to get started while thinking about cake... Oh, right. Spoilers.

But taken away by this unknown and powerful being, Celestia now finds herself in a strange facility, with a stranger device, and an even stranger disembodied voice desperately trying to kill her. And during all of this, there is only one pressing matter on her mind, besides of finding a way back home: Is the cake truly a lie?

She's determined to find out.

If you've read the previous fic, you know what to expect. If not, go and read the previous fic first. Though it is not required to understand the story told.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 31 )

This is the first chapter and already its... so beautiful...
:flutter cry:

A very good chapter... Science is not important, but Cake is important.

If it was Twilight, she'd be all for doing it for science.

Hell, she might even get along with Cave,

8475617 Lucky for us, Celestia have more experience and know that work is toxic.

The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie
The cake is a lie

This has been a ratman announcement

Celestia knows how to deal with rogue AIs. This is going to be wonderful.

Glados should try to fight fire with fire, throw her with some of the cores like 'space' and wait.

Dear god this is amazing! I love it! Whatever you Do DONT STOP WRITING!

"Politicians, Artificial Intelligences, they're all the same. Using big words, but saying nothing at the same time." 

And don't forget Catalonia independentist...


The Cake is a Lie


I see Celestia has become aquainted with ratman then.

For a moment, her mind focused on the image of the freshly baked, seven layered chocolate cake she knew was waiting for her and a small string of drool almost escaped her when, with a magical poof, a scroll popped into being.

Great, now I'm feeling inspired to write another YTP-style fic involving Michal Rosen stealing Celestia's chocolate cake.

Happy to hear my work is an inspiration. :trollestia:

Neat. Old aperture, here we go!

Celestia need to give revenge to the cake.

Well, that's rude. No comments yet and it's quite a good chapter.

turns out they're out of bullets


It's not like bullets will be enough to kill her...I hope...

that's probably where old aperture turrets sounding like gangsters originated



Sigh. :facehoof:

Add to this the underwhelming response to the recent update of my other fics, and you start to wonder if people are still reading my work.

This is just... depressing, really.

Wow! Such a pleasant surprise to see this update.

Woohoo! Updated finally <3

"Your name is an acronym for being dumb? Well, that just won't do," Celestia stated strongly, pushing herself back up in a sitting position. "Nopony… no one is just dumb. And they should never be named as such. How could anyone even find their full potential if their very name is keeping them down?"

Celestia, let me tell you about a Personality Core named Wheatley...

I loved that scene in Portal 2... When GLaDOS awakens

Oh... it's you.
You KNOW her?

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