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What’s up everyone, the name’s DyKaiowyn or Kaio/K.O. I like anime mainly Bnha and Beyblade Burst


DyKaiowyn or Kaio was just an average pony until getting struck by a green radioactive lightning bolt making him half ghost. Now will Kaio and the main 6 save the world or die trying.

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How exactly does a radioactive lightning bolt make you half-ghost? Shouldn't it just kill you?

A self-insert piece with poor structure, pacing, spelling, and tense.
It's not a good first story to have.
It's all very well and dandy that you want to write MLP, but get an editor and write something centred around the ponies of the show instead of your very special OC, for a proper first story at the very least.

White hair and glowing green eyes you can walk through walls and he can fly it's a pony new that he had to do he had to stop all the villains coming through he's here to fight for me and you

It’s just the beginning

Okay I'm hooked:pinkiehappy:

Aight I like it

Can't wait to see him fight Nightmare Moon:pinkiehappy:

Sonic the Hedgehog reference.

Why the name change and is cadence not going to be a part of the story at all?:applejackunsure:

His full name is DyKaiowyn but he’s sometimes called DyKaiowyn, DyKaio, Kaio, or K.O. And yes Cadence will be in the story

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