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What’s up everyone, the name’s DyKaiowyn or Kaio/K.O. I like anime mainly Bnha and Beyblade Burst


DyKaiowyn or Kaio was just an average pony until getting struck by a green radioactive lightning bolt making him half ghost. Now will Kaio and the main 6 save the world or die trying.

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How exactly does a radioactive lightning bolt make you half-ghost? Shouldn't it just kill you?

A self-insert piece with poor structure, pacing, spelling, and tense.
It's not a good first story to have.
It's all very well and dandy that you want to write MLP, but get an editor and write something centred around the ponies of the show instead of your very special OC, for a proper first story at the very least.

White hair and glowing green eyes you can walk through walls and he can fly it's a pony new that he had to do he had to stop all the villains coming through he's here to fight for me and you

It’s just the beginning

Aight I like it

Can't wait to see him fight Nightmare Moon:pinkiehappy:

Sonic the Hedgehog reference.

Why the name change and is cadence not going to be a part of the story at all?:applejackunsure:

His full name is DyKaiowyn but he’s sometimes called DyKaiowyn, DyKaio, Kaio, or K.O. And yes Cadence will be in the story

Thank you for responding

Question will their be Danny phantom villains like Skulker and the Box ghost. And stuff like the ghost portal.

ngl, I normally don't care for OC's but with how you made this story has gotten me invested. I can't wait for the next update and to see where this story goes.

What do you like about my oc Kaio

Typical story where everyone is terrible and heartless to a damn child because cliche I guess. I swear if their behavior turns a 180 after he becomes a hero and try to act like they weren't that cruel...

True but if they do, K.O. has every right to beat the shit out of them

Somepony found out and everyone immediately started sending violent death threats that actually scared us to the core. I had to leave and Miss Cheerilee agreed even though she misses me came by to check over me. I don’t how she always find me she just do.

Seriously, no one in their right mind would let that happen. They would move and get authorities involved. Though with everyone's track record of being jerks they wouldn't help. Still shame on you Miss. Cheerilee for crumbling under pressure and letting him do this. It won't change their behavior towards him so why do it?

Granny Smith she basically slaved me to death. She’ll have me do these insane chores. I had to fix the roof on the barn and she know I can’t fly and the ladder was broken. The plow was heavy it nearly took me three days to finish the field.

Applejack She’ll force me to apple buck and plant the entire field with no breaks. That took me 2 weeks.

And Big Mac He trained me and trust me it was HELL. I had to pull a wagon filled with 300 pound apples barrels. Next hell sit on me and tell me to do 200 push ups. And Lastly, I had to run around Sweet Apple Acres 500 times with no breaks. I couldn’t move for a month. And this was before my powers.

How was he in a position that they could do that to him. Not like he was working there. The cruelty is too much that it's to the point that I am not even angry about it but completely baffled everyone is like this. I have never seen anything so forced in a fic before that it moved passed anger into complete nonsense and confusion about it.

Do you still like the story though

“Your literally trying to belittle a kid, re-evaluate your sad existence in life you fucking loser. Imagine feeling terrible about yourself that you have to talk shit. You don’t have the fucking brain power-brain power or mental capacity to ever be good at anything in fucking life, you fucking loser.”

Finally someone calls one of the girls out for this. I have seen many fics where one of them usually Rainbow, has no problem casually belittling or even threatening a child and never gets called out. Even when said child was actually getting defended. It's nice to see Kaio fight back.

"You honestly think we'd let you sleep alone in a tree?" Rainbow Dash asked, raising an eyebrow.

You haven't cared before. Were you blind to his treatment? I mean Applejack on the same night showed it and now she suddenly seems to care too. Hoping she apologies and actually realizes the error of her ways. Something should also be done about the way everyone treated him too. If that just gets ignored or forgotten because it was only there to give him a tragic backstory, that would be the worst thing about this fic yet.

As long as something is done about his cruel treatment, that isn't being easily forgiven, than the story will be fine. For the most part it seems to be an average written version of the show with an OC added. Nothing special, but nothing too terrible.

All those claims are True .

And should be ... Disharmony at least to hate for the crippled , Scotaloo was probably better treated?

Scotaloo has sickness in his/her wings that prevents it to fly and bone operation and than the healthy bone grow back and should be awesome .

Anyway this halfa is treated with names like Rock Lee .

How much trouble would be just to be send to the characters of the story some hints in form of messages .

“I’m Kaio.” Kaio said in a monotone voice obviously bored of this conversation. “Let’s get this tour started already.” Spike couldn’t help but muttered “Well he’s a ray of sunshine.”

Kaio is that because names and well the previous chapters say it . Ch 3

“Why is everypony hurting you!” Twilight said very worried at about him. A feeling in Kaio felt unnatural to him so he suppressed it and glared.

The next of the few people who treated Kaio like normal thing .

Finally offered possible help . Well it's you story to make him incognito

Apple Bloom looks very identical to Blossom from the The Powerpuff Girls , but she is a yellow earth pony with a red mane and tail and a large pink/red bow on the top of her head. She now reaches up to his neck. She’s basically one of a few who can make Kaio smile.

I never took the comparison but you are correct

“Don’t question it.” She just left it at that.

Halfa metabolism like Undertale boss monster converting the food to energy or mostly energy .

Plus increased metabolism , trained stomach or used to overfeeding

Twilight smiled at that. Suddenly, we heard the chirping of birds. Curious, we went to check where it was coming from and saw a ton of birds chirping with the one and only Fluttershy supervising them.

The slight disharmonius tone was better than the one tone singing in the birds

"Oh my, he talks too." Fluttershy said. "I didn't know dragons could talk. That's so incredibly wonder I...don't even know what to say."

Things about dragons . Most of them are omnnivores , some in other dimensions may eat for example sea weed and blue oleander ,
Mostly the dragons should eat meat to develop better , in few instances is seen Dragons to eat cristals in such cases specific cristals may charge with energy including to heal or add their element in this way , some dragons may develop their element as well from the thing they eat as magical energy or material properties in enough quantity .
In Equestria it seems Dragons can sustain on Gems but Eating meat should develop them much better . Most dragons are more aggressive exept few exeptions .
Equestria Dragons are especially cursed with Dragon Greed making them stronger at the cost of their sense becoming more in caveman mind and like beasts . The Greed effect is for the persived value of the thing seen as most valuable .

Most dragons are fire breathers but some can use other elements . Some dragons could freeze their spit into ice breath or something similar as well

Most Dragons are intimidating especially the grown ups

Most uncivilised dragons can not talk talking only on their language which is draconese ,
Some dragons have their own magic language for spells similar to magic casters

The dragons behave mostly on their interests/concern/fascination depending mostly on upbringing/raising to shape their
And better to be along with their instincts .

Most Dragons are impulsive and maybe emotional.

Purple Dragons should BE CAPABLE TO use ALL ELEMENTS

Adalisks gave their effords of teaing themselves to understand and harness the element they desire to even replicate it .

Usually the dragons cast their spells as with their breath which is with their mouths unless if something else is made to be outlet for their magic .

Most dragons are fire proof , dragons with fur or feathers is less likely to be fire resistant

Serpents are subspecies of dragons
So are the wiverns .

Equestria Dragons are so fire resistant to take lava bath .

Dragons usually are more Brutish/roughousing but depending on the upbringing and raising of the environment to change .

The sudden acute rash from shedding and stink breath I had seen in Equestria Dragons , and possibly some reptiles . Usually the dragons should shed their scales/skin in more subtle way like uh... Flaking of the dead damaged scales , not that aggressive pimples observed in Equestrian Dragons .

For some strange reason Equestria Dragons get bad breath for a while when they got under age growing up or something like really bad breath .

By the insofisient feeding Spike the dragon development was stunted , Splike the dragon was shortened in size than most natural grown up dragon teens , even to the later wings development .

The Dragons Opinion of value if it is not in control the dragon could grow really large , Even the stunted growth Spike. Ould grow to a size of A House like when Spike was originally when Spike Hatched from Twight's magic energy . Like very greedy Dragon with Godzilla size.

Interesting story,Yes ,I like it , I just wanted to give my observations of All Dragons I had ever seen to be mentioned . Like Wikipedia sort of .

In future Spike would wish to know about Dragons , I think what I described about dragons is mostly correct .

I wished to prevent some of the disasters or weaken the effect if it is provided some knowledge before the disaster struck .

Oh ... and hunting your OC to have better life , because Twilight Sparkle Showed sincere concern and having way more weight/importance than the meek mrs Cheerle . Also some past distaste of some displaced for just their look , so it's hypocritical to preach for harmony .

And how to cure Scotaloo from her sickness in her wings .

Is that knowledge way too great importance if it is made that change ?

Ok so in ch 3 I gave bigger description so here's possible use for it

Knowing their greed Spike would control more himself

Knowing Spike can use magic in the mentioned way could use it

Prevent and possibly cure smoke breath fog

The scaryness of the adult dragons

The sudden acute rash from shedding and stink breath .

Development of the dragons in their way of feeding

And behaviour .

"Oh my beloved little subjects." Nightmare spoke in a calm tone. "It's been so long since I've seen your precious little sun-loving faces."

And here's mrs angry
Challenging Nightmare Moon .

Shocked at first, Nightmare Moon then blasts a laser beam at DyKaio and he then used his own magic which covered his whole body in his aura color and he made a shield to protect himself from the beam. After the beam deflected off DyKaio's shield, he then shot his own beam at Nightmare Moon, but she dodged it. Nightmare Moon then creates several strikes of lightning bolts to hit DyKaio and as he puts up another shield to defend himself again, the lightning breaks his shield and DyKaio is knocked back several feet.

Basic standard Equestria skills ,Beam and shield .
Does he control his intanguality with his ghost half or wouldbe too suspicious

"You've been up all night Spike," she pointed out as he continued to sleep, "You are a baby dragon after all." Once the light was off. She quickly started to search the library, tossing books around.

Well Spike has developed in mind of a Teen from his upbringing with just small body , even if he is Baby dragon

"Let go," Applejack said plainly.

Movie critic says that sentance sounds suicidal ,Has to be More clear

"I studied hedgehog behavior," he answered simply, "adapted to their special way of self-defense."

Oh that one Sonic . Expected Crossover in a meeting .

Beware of the Hedgehog with bleeding eyes
Or the yellow coloured two tailed doll .

Sonic.exe ,Tails Doll ,
Yellow Hedgehog yellow coloured with spiral eyes

Or with diagonal stripe eyes Fleetway and Corrupt .

I have a one minor challenge for Luna after all seasons end if she can defend against Exetior .

For this test when is possible a fusion between Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash to fight against Luna . Luna would have to take maximum 10 hits from the fusion to fail the test

The fusion has to take at least 25 hits to be admitted that Luna would passed the challenge .

The idea is Luna to fight someone very fast and Rainbow Dash is Equal to Sonic in speed give or take . and it may shoot nasty things

,So this is the challenge if Luna could survive by completing the Challenge to fight against Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle fusion which is the closest equivalent to What Standard Exe would try to do by attack

"Hold on you guys!" Kaio added loudly, but Rainbow was already at the offense. Until Manny's roar blew her away, causing her to scream.

The Banshee scream ghost wail beginning

"Rainbow!" Twilight called out as Manny grunted at them. The rest of the ponies minus Fluttershy and Mario began digging their hooves into the dirt. Twilight snorted with determination before the five girls began to charge at him all at once. (Well four charged and Pinkie bounced toward Manny. They were within attacking range when Kaio channeled his inner Bakugou.

What Mario

I wonder can she also break the laws of physics?, he thought to himself and they were on their way. They continues to laugh and hop happily until Pinkie came to sudden stop and they all collided into each other. That was when they noticed before them was a wide stream dividing the forest. While it appeared to be rather shallow, the water was actually raging violently.

The GREEK GODDESS OF FATE CAN NOT SEE THE PINK ONE'S FATE . SHE HAS WAY TOO MUCH Fate particles ,+Chaos energy so can even shock Discord , And that is if Pinkie Pie did not trained her powers

"Why of course it is," she replied for Steven as she stepped forward, "How can you be so insensitive?"

Well Steven Magnet and Rarity are fashion fanatics

“Damn suck up.” His words caused the group to laugh even AJ.

Technily Super Vain

"You're kidding, you're kidding right?" Nightmare asked. Twilight just glared before she and Kaio charged at her. Nightmare moon came right at them. Then at the last moment, Twilight used her magic to disappear. Reappearing in the middle of the elements. Kaio had unintentionally transformed into his alter ego in front of them much to their shock. He shot a green blast from his hoof before going at high speed zipping over to the center of the elements himself just as Twilight reappeared. Twilight was a little woozy since she wasn't used to teleportation spells.

One wrong move and Twilight Sparkle would be impaled kebap and with it if Celestia sees her bet failed Celestia would turn corrupt as the angry burning sun vs Nightmare moon

And So Kaio became parts of everything in elements . I suspect ... Maybe to explain finally what was going on .
He ... Deserves it .

The next Trouble after the party soon is to havea gas mask anda air filter shield because sick adult dragon from his smoking troath , maybe cold very heavy causing smoke veil .

Disaster prevention

Oh other onei forgot .

When is need AND ONLY THAN TO WRITE FRIENDSHIP REPORT , I would prefer Smarty pants accident to not happen to be avoided.

I love the story but some disasters to be prevented would be great

Consideration between two people even with different the opinion in face of vain Rarity and Country used to dirt Apple Jack

And Fluttersby dragonophobia

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