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Danny Fenton was a normal boy, but when his DNA is fused with ectoplasm, he is turned into a half boy/half ghost hybrid. What does he have to thank for that? The Ghost Portal his ghost-busting parents had created, which they had originally deemed a failure.

Danny had kept his secret for a little while from everyone except his best friends, Tucker Foley, a tech-nerd with a passion for meat, and Samantha Manson, a gothic girl who happens to be a hardcore vegetarian. He's been keeping the world safe since from ghosts hell-bent on wreaking havoc on the world under the alias of "Danny Phantom".

He's had his share of fights, but for the most part, life was turning out...alright, albeit repetitive.

However, one day, the Ghost Portal malfunctions, and instead of bringing them into the Ghost World, Danny, along with his two best friends, are transported into the distant land of Equestria with seemingly no way out.

Will Danny, Sam, and Tucker find a way to get back home? Or will they be stuck in Equestria forever?

Cover art done by Cookiepoppet on DeviantArt

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This is this the first Danny Phantom ponyfic I have seen. Hope it's good

Edit: It is good.

Interesting this look's like it will be a good story.

When in the MLP and Danny Phantom timelines does this story take place?

Will more Danny Phantom characters end up in Equestria?


1. Most likely after season 2, before season 3 for MLP. For Danny Phantom...eh, I'm not too sure. Few episodes into the first season, that's for sure.

2. Psh, I'm not telling. :rainbowkiss:

Danny Phantom crossover? You make me such a happy girl...

molecular DNA with ectoplasm

Verb please.

I'm offended by that. Not really.


A Danny Phantom crossover.


And I just noticed you wrote TMNP... you are like my ultimate crossover fandom person, since I love all those shows! :pinkiehappy:

Danny Phantom and MLP Crossover? Using the Ghost Portal as a substitute to a portal to Equestria? Good, good, let the Phantom flow through you.

Oh my God, I just started watching this on Nicktoons today, and now I found a crossover! I'm going to read this, especially because I haven't seen a crossover of it yet. :pinkiehappy:

EDIT: So you used the Ghost Portal to go into Equestria? That actually works! And does this mean the Box Ghost is in Ponyville, too? That... is going to be hilarious. I see much promise for this, so you got my attention!

Just one thing, though:

“You have?” Danny asked, not recalling. He s

Seems something was cut off here. :twilightsmile:

This is the first My Little/ Phantom fanfic. Fingers crossed!

Cyneryk, I commend you for bring a Danny Phantom crossover to the site.
However, there is a slight error in your story description. Sam and Tucker were actually there when Danny became half-ghost.
Sam was the one to convince Danny to check out the inside of the "non-functional" ghost portal device. (Season 2 Episode 1: Memory Blank)
On the other hand, I may be looking at creative licensing with you changing their pasts on purpose. If this is the case, I apologize.

2452927 Yeah. I hoped no one would mind if I changed it a bit.:twilightsheepish: Hopefully no one will mind...

I love it. Keep it up, I hope this story doesn't slow down anytime soon!

I really hope my favorite ghost will be in this story.

2452945 Thank you for this blast from the past. I have high hopes and love it :pinkiehappy: . Do not abandon it would be a tragedy.

Might I recomend giving Danny all of his powers except for the ice one's?
You know before that movie where sam gets possesed or something like that :pinkiesmile:

-Kiryu :moustache:

if the portal is going to lead into ponyville... that means the box ghost is going too?
well, he is harmless enough to be a fun villain in equestria... "The horror, the horror!"

It would be heaven to him, being taken seriously...

2452945 Hey, if it works, I won't complain. But there are going to be some things that you'll have to write around, things that the canon timeline has that yours won't.
I don't want to tell you how to write your own story, though.
Though I do see that you changed your story summary.

Started reading cuz I'm a fan of Danny phantom... I am now interested.:duck:

2453095 Even the ghostly wail? I always thought that was a kind of dumb one.

2453131 Are you kidding? That's my favorite power of his! :pinkiesmile:

Well... This is interesting. Will fav and upvote on writing style alone.
We will see about the plot...

I could totally hear the Box Ghost in my head.

Oh my gosh DannyxLuna it must happen:pinkiehappy:

2453168 ...That...might be interesting...

Will ponder... :rainbowkiss:

Yes. Yes he is.

Dun dun duuuunnnnn!

2453168 YES, YES, YES, OH FUCKING YES. :pinkiehappy:

Puberty Screech!

I can't wait to get the time to read this. Danny Phantom is definitely one of my top five favorite shows of all time. I've read so many of the fanfics for both of these shows (and many others of course) that now I can barely wait to see what your crossover will bring.

2453283 Those are all so freakin' cute :rainbowkiss:

I couldn't help but hear Jack Fenton as Soldier. Man I need to watch this show again... TO YOUTUBE, ZOOOOOOOOOOOOM! SPACE BANK!

No! He has Sam!

Also where's Jaz? She's one of the best characters!

2453439 Uh...doing...teen girl things...?



This. he must be in this story. It's required.

Why is she missing? What was that "empty chair" stuff? :rainbowhuh:

2453485 Don't worry, he is. And he will make MANY more... :pinkiecrazy:


His mother, father, and older sister have already dug into their meals greedily, smacking their lips with pure delight. Danny looked at the one empty chair,


I'm going to predict Tucker is going to have a freakout about the ponies being vegetarians. Oh and Sam was probably watching MLP.

My bad. :twilightblush:

Anyways Tucker's going to react to Equestria the same as Luffy. I shall enjoy watching him freak out over the lack of meat. :pinkiecrazy:

No, and Danny was comfortable in the Everfree Forest because he's a ghost and stuff and ghosts are spooky, and the Everfree Forest is spooky!

I am a fan of bot My Little Pony and Danny Phantom so when I saw this was a crossover of the two shows, my hopes for this are high. After reading the first two chapters, my hopes for this went even higher. PLEASE hurry up and get the next chapter up.:pinkiecrazy:

I know right? :yay:

-Kiryu :moustache:

Danny Phantom was my favorite Nick cartoon. Definitely going to read this once I catch up with my backlog.

I...would usually detest the thought that this exists, Feel downright hatred towards the author for crafting it... But, you crafted it right.

You are a rare breed of DP fan, and by that I mean, you're not obsessed with what happened to Sam and Danny after the show ended, you're not drawing fanarts of what their kids would look like, you're not being annoying like most DP fans are.

For this, I commend you, and give you a like/watch.

Woah easy there, partner. :ajsmug:
You might want to hold your horses until we get to the good stuff.
Danny and Luna? I don't know :applejackunsure:. Is Danny is in relationship with Sam already?

I AM THE BOX GHOST! :rainbowlaugh: That just made my day right there.

Actually, there's one exist before this great, well-written crossover story was upload. :twistnerd:

Take a look over here.

Also, I will read this later on my list. This is gonna be way better than the old one. :pinkiehappy:

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