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Just a guy that writes fan fiction from time to time.


Sly Cooper. Greatest thief in the world. None can match him for his speed, clever mind, and wit. However when a job goes wrong he finds himself in a world completely different to his own. However he didn't come over alone.

This is a crossover with Sly Cooper and this takes place after the third game. I haven't played the fourth game yet so this is technically out of canon for both worlds. You will not have needed to play the games to understand what's happening with the characters of Sly Cooper in their world or in Equestria. I will explain things as the story progresses.

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Why did I get a notification saying this was posted?:rainbowhuh:

Well, so far I'm liking what I've read. I'm a huge fan of the Sly Cooper games and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Fav'ed and saved my friend!


Interesting start. If you'd like you could watch this clip from the beginning of the Sly 4 game for some idea of what happens in it before you get it. You don't have to, of course.

That is so awesome. There really is crossovers of everything :pinkiehappy:
I've played all three games multiple times, and I own the second and third. definitely giving this a go.

You are a savior! I was actually wishing someone made a crossover between these two :pinkiehappy:

I've read one once before... it was on a very sub-par level, may this one exceed my expectations. :moustache:

This is definitely going on my read later list. Why must school interfere with ponies?

It's a neat concept, and I like how you created your own Sly villain, but your writing style needs work. There's a lot of missing punctuation, mostly commas, and your dialogue and exposition are moving a bit too fast. You might want to find an editor if you don't have one already.

might check this out later. as a game junkie, it's always interesting to see my fav games crossed over with mlp. i'm a major fangirl for professor layton (i mean, look at my own first story! haha!) sly cooper, zelda, and the okami series.
nintendo>sony/microsoft every time.
all the nintendo. all the time.

i really like this and cant wait for more:twilightsmile:also just curious did you or have you ever played sly4 thieves in time:twilightsheepish:

Neat concept. I like the custom villain, but you seem to have some issues with grammar, redundancy, telling instead of showing, scene descriptions, and redundancy.
Polish those off and you'll have a top-notch story.:twilightsmile:

How the hell did I not notice this? Sir, you'll be getting my view, and favorite. Keep it up!

Sweet! :pinkiehappy: Love Sly Cooper! Write more please! :twilightsmile:

I have only one problem. I could have sworn that the name for the hippo was Murray not Murry? All in all pretty good.

*Insert shameless plug here*

If all of you like Sly crossovers, you should definitely check out my very good friend and amazing author Loyal2Luna and her story Stealing Harmony.

To be honest, I was surprised to see another one show up so soon after hers got published. Hopefully nobody will be confusing one for the other, eh?

Oooh! Sly Cooper! You sir, have mad my life complete! :pinkiehappy:

Simply by it being a Sly fic, you have already gotten my attention. I look forward to more of this! :pinkiehappy:

A third Sly crossover? FINE BY ME MOAR! :flutterrage:

A Sly Cooper and a MLP crossover.................. GIVE ME MOAR!!!!!! :flutterrage: I mean..... If you don't mind :fluttershysad:

So I see you like to use the word "The" to start you sentences a lot...
Furthermore, this is pretty cool.
Truthfully, I have never played the Sly Cooper series but always wanted to as a kid.
Maybe now would be a good time to start...

2146770 Not to much. If you browse through the Sly wiki (Which is a good idea if you want some more back story instantly rather than waiting for me to give it to you) you will have a basic understanding of some of the references. This won't rely on any of the previous adventures to much.

And to everyone wondering if I've played the fourth game... I haven't. :raritycry: I lack a PS3 to play it and at the moment I am desperately trying to find my old game copies which have vanished. So if I screw any character traits up please feel free to hit me with the gold hooked cane and tell me I'm wrong. :pinkiehappy:

2147172 The tenth was when I first submitted it but it failed do to a lack of ponies. This story is only a day old as of yesterday. I resubmitted after a small rewrite and now its here for all to read.

Huh, wow. I was just about to cry: reused idea, but this story was published before that other fic got featured.

This looks great. Can't wait to see more!

When I have time I'm so going to read this fic. I love the series and just recently got 4. So when I beat that game then I'm so going to read this.

This is the second Sly fic in the last while I've seen.

Intresting, i will sure take a look at it...
:heart: Sly!

Loved the story, this site is missing on the raccoon love, and I'm hoping this fic of your's will deliver. The story itself was put together very well, almost feels like I can hear Sly talking as I read :pinkiehappy: . The only criticism I have is that you need to proof read your story a little more as I found numerous typos. Below are the ones that I found, kinda gave up towards the end so there are probably a few more.

*So how’s are things holding up at - So how are things holding up at
*buildings and on many of them it appeared to be several - buildings and on many of them there appeared to be several
*Above him as a small RC - Above him a small RC
*glanced over a spotted a arm reaching - glanced over and spotted an arm reaching
*panther girl now more than - panther girl no more than
*of a table it an alter - of a table at an alter
*and we defiantly don't work with - and we defiantly don't work with
*I shall kill you then I will kill every last one of your friends and that - I shall kill you, then I will kill every last one of your friends, and lastly that
*Tight space, anger mongoose, - Tight space, angry mongoose,
*boyfriend of two months Sly on - boyfriend of two months, Sly, on
*was all feeling starting to look like a rerun of a older job - was all starting to look like a rerun of an older job
*smoke pellets and smash them on the ground - smoke pellets and smashed them on the ground
*friends and make you watch them die slowly - friends and made you watch them die slowly

Great first chapter. Just so you know Sly 4 is already out.

Not much is truly known about Mchawi's early life is known

I think the second "is known" isn't supposed to be there.

it does look pretty awesome; read later

I was thinking to myself yesterday I was thinking while playing sly 2 I was thinking that there should be a fan fic to it Invlolving him and today I have found It love you writer


Hell yes. Chapter 1 was sick. You combined two of my favorite things, and I am forever grateful.

Sly run(1) up to the double blinded guard and leaped in the air. For a brief moment everything seemed to freeze as Sly readied himself. He tightened his grip on the cane and brought it crashing down between the eyes of the guard. Sly landed softly as the guard stood there for a moment dazed then fell backwards onto the ground.

(1.) Ran

I'd have to agree with some of the earlier commentators. There are very numerous typos to be had in this chapter alone.

That being said I has found myself with a question for you.

Will we be seeing a Clockwork? Or do you plan on leaving out that diabolical owl?

So sly universe has equestria or did this wierd magic took him to a diffrent universe that is equestria i am very confused :derpyderp1:

I dont hate it i love it. you did a good work on this fanfic. Im mad because i didnt want the chapters to end even though im a brony who almost hates mlpfim (dont ask why) Keep up the good work fellow dude :scootangel:

What- I can't- this is- You are a God, my good sir. Or Goddess if you're a female. *shrug* Whatever, you are a genius anyways. :rainbowlaugh:

2149640 I've looked at that story and I hope that we both aren't heading to the same place with it. Still gotta love that cover picture they have.

Ohmygoshohmoshohmoshohmoshohmoshohmosh.... :rainbowkiss:

I HAVE to read this.... buuuut, before I do, here's what i'm imagining COULD happen.

It goes a little something like this. Sly gets sent to Equestria through some kind of thing, if he's still a raccoon when he gets there well that's great, if he's a pony, that'll be interesting to see. Meanwhile Bentley and THE Murray ( I had to say that) are stuck trying to figure out how to activate said thing that sent Sly to Equestria, while having their own problems and adventures back in their world of course. Sly has some adventures in Equestria bla bla bla, and either Bentley and Murray open the portal or thing about halfway through the story and stuff goes down, (they go join sly in Equestria or something) or they open it at the end and Sly goes back to his world. HAPPY ENDING ( I hope)

Ehh, something along those lines. :twilightsheepish:

Funny. I was just at a store called "Five Below" on Friday, and I saw the three games of Sly Cooper there. :rainbowlaugh:

..... Starts out with a child-rapist warlord and Carmelita getting clued into Slys actions.... This is going to get really gritty real fast

..Is it strange that, even though i have NEVER played sly cooper, i really like him?


When I first played PSAllstars, I saw Sly and instantly became a fan. Got the games and am now playing Sly 4.

Anyways, this is the second Sly fic I've seen get in the featured box. I'm thinking this might become a thing.

2150692 Would it be so bad to see more sly crossovers?

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