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This is the prequel to My Little Pony: Blue Version

After agreeing to help Oak with his latest invention, Red gets sucked into Equestria and now he has to work out how to return home. And being mute isn't going to help.

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Ash can talk. Red can't. This is made pretty clear by the games. After all, have you ever seen him have dialogue? Anyways, I'm assuming the author chose Red because that allows for more comedic potential.

Because he's badass.
See? Badass.

2301829 I would guess because if it was Ash as the main character, then there wouldn't nearly be as many shenanigans as there would be with the stoic, mute character that is Red.

Shit, Red you done fucked up:rainbowderp:

Hahahaha, Twilight... almost had em, lol! :trollestia:

Because Ash is annoying, and pretty stupid.
That too.
That too XD
That too :P

Well what did you expect? In a world where everything is either A: Human or B: Pokemon what was he going to think they were?

Yep, damn!

2303587 true, but I meant going to Equestria, granted he didn't know it was gonna happen. Still, valid point you have there, Madonna


I thought about what Red would do first for some time. This is based off game Red, not comic Red. :\ I think Comic red talks so yeah.

2304348 oh, well shit me then:twilightblush: I haven't played Red in years, I think I lost it back in 08. Hmm, *opens drawers* found Yellow:twilightsheepish:

I actually never played red, however I've recently been playing firered, and all the main characters are much the same. Silent so that people can immerse better as said chartacter.

Except red's the only one that sits atop a mountain looking awesome.
I did read up a bit to make sure I had my facts right.

2304423 play the Johto games, he is hard to beat unless you are a higher level than him, and I mean WAY higher leveled. Personally, I didn't like the Kanto remakes, but they were fun. Loved Emerald though:twilightsmile:


I wonder if Celestia is the Champion of this region?



I grew up on Ruby and sapphire so :\ The quality shock kinda doesn't help if you know what I mean. I might go and play it so I know my character better, but I kinda know Red already, I mean everyone of the characters you play as is a little bit of Red.

The problem is, making him still the silent protagonist, but trying to keep my emotions out of it. Red is everyone, and no one. I have to try and make him like a layer for-
I'm trying to make THE Red from the games, the silent guy who can be surrounded by a world made for little girls and still act as he does, a silent but strong character that doesn't give in even when the rockets have taken over or done this or that thing.

I've got this character that is really hard to describe and capture, and then I have to put him into words.

Honestly, it's a challenge that is probably going to test me with each and every sentence, but it will make me a better writer in the end cause of it. How do you describe the Red you play as during the game? He's silent, he does what he is asked without thought, he saves the world as if it was the obvious thing to do.

I have to make THE Red, and that is the greatest challenge I am going to face in this Fanfic. Not the story, not making Twilight and that act like normal, but keeping true to Red.

I have to make a 2nd person character in a 3rd person world, without giving him any emotions he would not have. Hopefully I don't let people down, and he remains Red. We shall see.

2304522 well then I have one thing, er two things to say: 1. think of him as one of the guard ponies, stoic and cold, and 2. Buona fortuna, Madonna. Buona fortuna

2304561 anytime, also, how old are you if you grew up with Ruby/Sapphire?! The way you been writing in ANY of your stories makes you seem to be my age, nineteen. Granted women are better writers in my personal opinion:twilightsmile:


I'm 19, but I didn't get into games until late in my childhood, and I didn't have much money.

2304660 understandable, let me guess, born in mid '93? Well I'm sorry to cut this conversation short, but I have early shift tomorrow, gotta be up a 4 in the morning.:rainbowwild: Nice talking to ya again, Madonna. Good night


He Does Not Need Any Words To Be A Badass.......

Uhm, well his name is either hat or Red


:trollestia: Hey! Hat's not a bad name!

Lets not go into details. Internet remember?


Hat Is A Very Heilarious Nickname For Me.......Gotta Name My Children The Names Of Objects......Wonder If I Can Call My Eldest One "Dildo"(Unisex Name)

Blastoise used Surf, its super effective

That Made Me Laugh. :rainbowlaugh::moustache::eeyup:

Well It made sense, considering this is based off the games :P

Never Thought I Would See The Day It Was Used In A Story.:pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp::moustache:


It's telling, not showing so yeah it wouldn't be used normally. It seemed right.

All I Can Say Now Is Good Job And Keep Up The Good Work.

oh dear jesus christ it red...

gary motherfucking oak (aka blue) is coming this is going to be fun

2306387 absolutely nothing but pure badassness

I lost it at Rapida.




Sorry, couldn't resist. Good lord, all these Pokemon stories.


Considering I started with a generic changeling story, I'm entitled to jump on whatever bandwagon I please :twilightsmile:


I started with a rather generic TwiLuna, so I can't really say much myself. Just been Y to the Nth degree of Pokemon stories lately with Z of them being featured. It seems like yours is well written, plus I liked the concept of your 'Twi Alicorn Filly' story, so not really poking at you, moreso the fact that everyone seems to be doing them as the current 'in' thing. Better than Red Thrush clones though. Those are soooo horrible.

This is fucking great. One thing that keeps confusing me though is when he says Lyra is blue. Cyan is a shade of blue, right? Lyra is green though. Sorry, that was just bugging me.

:rainbowhuh: Really? I guess that's why I failed art class :twilightblush:

Fitting Song Time (I can't believe nobody posted this yet....I'm surprised)

oh and I was thinking....since 1/3 of the pony population (or so I think) consists of flyers.....Pikachu would have a field day

Oh and grats for Featured btw


I just have so many story ideas, and the hard part is choosing what ones to write. I can only juggle so many stories, SHOULD only juggle so many stories. It's just nice having a range to write, if I'm feeling comedic, or dark, or well...bad ass like in this fic.

It's hard because these 'bouts of feeling' change from day to day, week to week.

So I feel a little bad for favouring one story over the other, but if I don't write the story in the right mood(music can only go so far) then it doesn't turn out right. I guess it's a case of I know myself, and it's a war with what I should do, and what I want to do.

Kinda like global warming for example. I should just turn the computer off, find a less energy consumptive task, but I want to be on the computer.


Lol, yeah. I've got a document with a bunch of ideas, as well as something like 5 or 6 GDoc files with a page or two written in them, or outlines. Hell, I had one idea hit me over the head last week and I've got ~13,000 words of text with no title and no good description either. Fun stuff.

:twilightsmile: yep, the brain is very demanding if the writer ignores it.
Ignoring leads to writer blocks as revenge, :rainbowderp:BEWARE

His mother stood at the table, and turned to face him and gave him a sweet smile.

Bad grammar is bad. :facehoof:
"His mother stood at the table, she turned to face him and give him a sweet smile."
or even "She turned to face him; giving him a sweet smile."
How old are you? I'm serious, I really want to know. :ajbemused:

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