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This story is a sequel to My Little Pony: Blue Version

It has been four long years for Lyra, and in that time a lot has happened. For one thing, she has gotten closer to Twilight and her friends as she draws farther away from her friend Bon Bon. This isn't mentioning the Pokemon, a gift from a human friend named Blue, which she has been taking care of. During that time, she has had a lot of time to think to herself about Blue, and about her time in the Pokemon world. Slowly the week arrived, and she has started to sense old feelings stirring up once more, as if they had been frozen for this very moment. Would Blue have changed? Would she have changed? How long would he be visiting?

Of course, not even she could have foreseen him being dumped by his friend Red at her feet as said human crushed the PASS, a device that enabled them to travel between the two worlds, on Blue's wrist, and vanished into his own portal, closing it behind him. This meant Blue was now trapped in Equestria.

Lyra was so proud of Blue, he always found a way to make things interesting.

It is recommended to read My Little Pony: Red Version and My Little Pony: Blue Version before reading.

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correct me if im wrong but is lyra celestia sized? cant remember if her physical stature reflected her growth leveling in the pokemon world.

Yeah, I haven't mentioned her size or appearance yet now that I think about it. :facehoof: Let me go add that in.

Cyndaquil....best Fire starter ever.

I'm confused.

What the fuck was going on last chapter with blue being in court and stuff? Seriously, wut?

:rainbowwild: Best intro I could think of. Don't worry, it'll be back in about 3 more chapters.

Dafuq did I just read:rainbowhuh:

4708589 Seams pretty obvious to me. Giovanni was clearly mind controling most of the court somehow, and was getting rid of Blue because he is an obstacle to his goals.

The only thing I can't figure is how Red and Green ( and possibly Jenny) was able to resist it.

Not bad, but wrong. :derpytongue2: You have two tries remaining.

4757084 Well, if that is wrong I will have to wait for a bit more info, as musty of my theories revolves around Giovanni manipulation the court. :twilightsheepish:


Ever hear the phrase 'blind justice'? :ajsmug: Means that even if the person accusing you is a convicted felon, they have to ignore that.

It's one lesson the show couldn't address, accidentally treating your friends like a background. :applejackunsure:

(I dont mean to sound like a dick, it really is a good topic) I'm sure the show could do it, it could also discuss romance induced problems (flash/light) but it most likely won't due to the target age groups, and the negative signaling out of a specific character.

Exactly, they couldn't do it. :ajsmug:

either way it sadly won't happen (I'm still hoping for flash light next season) but at least this important topic of ignorance is being covered in addictively entertaining mannor.

:derpyderp2::heart: Thanks
:rainbowkiss: If that means my story that is :rainbowwild:

Hmm... that's a first, I never got thanked for stating the obvious before... oh and thanks for this painfully amazing entertainment.

:rainbowhuh: Alright, now I'm confused. Is that good or bad?:rainbowderp:

I would assume so, the long wait for you to throw us our (literal) bone (<-- pun) is agonizing.

I'm actually currently halfway through the next chapter, and I'll probably have it up tonight. Just in case you were interested.

Haha, don't be, one shouldn't rush anything of this sort and the only solution you have for this is reducing the quality (seriously don't do it, I will literally kill you with a keyboard) (<-- BTW another pun). And long is a relative term, and so is short which is my attention span. The point is do your thing (but don't go searching for Mr.moon-man that would be bad)

(fluttershy scream) Yay!

Also if you get the chance (or are just willing to do it) could you pm/explain to me the symbolism and hidden/underlining topics you put or tryed to express in the story, I love hearing what the author tryed to get across in his/her stories compared to what I picked up(or just over thought).

Ha ha, thanks for the tip wolf

Wait, when did Lyra have hands?:rainbowderp:

:rainbowhuh: You'll have to pm me a list of moments you want me to explain, I don't normally think about something after it's been done. :applejackconfused:

hehe, nope. That was mah favorite part.

For one thing, she has gotten closer to Twilight and her friends as she draws father away from her friend Bon Bon. <--- In the description
Blue leapt out of his chair and tried to make a break for his friend, shouting the name, which was Green, as he was also apprehended
God save your soul and stop blubbering, Take the prisoner down
Red jumped off grabbed onto Blue’s arm

1. Farther.
2. She.
3. Was supposed to be a full stop.
4. Red jumped off and grabbed onto Blue's arm.

Well... Here's the... Threequel? Drama was had and will continue being had.


It's a Cyndaquil!:twilightoops::twilightblush:

They're always so adorable... And I always choose Fire for my starter for some reason...

Lyra knew how stubborn a rock she was

1. Twilight is a rock?! Ohm yogis that's just so unbelievable! Or was it How stubborn as a rock she was? hmm... Maybe she's Rock type?:pinkiecrazy:

Lyra's conversation with Twilight though... Cuts deep. Friendship isn't a study you snide little... Graahhh!:twilightangry2: *storms off to next chapter*

Welp, I'm officially lost as of this chapter because I never watched all of season 4. Hah! Oh well...

The fun part is what happens next, because I've left myself an entire year to mess with. :pinkiecrazy:

It was five days before she realised he wasn’t coming.

Oh god why:raritycry:

poor lyra, waiting for years just to be stood up.

:facehoof: The amount of :facehoof: can never be enough.

Sorry, did I do something wrong?

4961217 Oh no, it's not the fact that you did something wrong, it's the fact that you did something right.

People hating on Blue just because he was born? I mean :facehoof:

You get where I'm going right?

Well it's not so much he was born but what he was born with in this context, but yeah a lotta people do feel that way about Blue :pinkiecrazy:

If they think Lyra is going to take this lying down then they have another thing coming.

She might go and go to Starter Squad extremes.

Let the fight commence:pinkiecrazy:

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