A Hellsing Ultimate/ My Litle Pony Crossover; a remake of one of my failed stories but after a while I reposted it on my fanfiction account in spanish, and finally decided to translate it. Again I hope you like it and is you read Spanish you can see the original here

Vampires: horrid creatures who tormented the already extinguished human race; vanishing along with their preys thousands of years ago. Or do they? Fluttershy accidentally awoke the last of the vampires, bringing back to Equestria the past horrors. GORE


Also author Ocelot the Devil posted his own version and you can find it in here on FanFiction. Ocelot, I hope you like this new version, is quite different than my original one so you can keep going with your version.

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My only complaint with this story is that the ending of this chapter is too rushed in that Seras immediately accepts fluttershy as her new master
I will tag this story though and see how it progresses

I love how seras is just completely unfased by sleeping for who knows how long and waking up to a talking yellow Pegasus


It could be atributed to her interactions and teachings with alucard. Or shes high off blood who knows. But i cant wait for more

Oh and at what point does this take place in the mlp timeline

Needs an editor.. very simple grammar mistakes in here. Otherwise i am interested to see more.

Seras is quite hawt, bested of course by Rip Van Winkle.

Interesting story and premise, but it does need an editor. If you want, I can be your editor! Just shoot me a PM! :twilightsmile:

Seras is worst thrall. Tubalcain had damn well better make an appearance, because he's a sexy fucker.

This story needs editing. Alucard's name was even misspelled once.

But there are precious few Hellsing stories on this site, so I'll hang around.

Holy Faust, this story needs editing like California needs water. I mean... damn. That was a difficult read. But the concept intrigues me. Should the next chapter be legible I'll keep tracking.

Its a good idea for a story, but you REALLY need to get an editor before you submit any more chapters.

another hellsing cross... Seras was always my fav

from my Hellsing Ponified commissioned artworks

Getting better, keep up the good work

Fav and likes. Ill be watching how our vampire turns out.

I would like to see how rarity react to seras fashion dress

I like it! *cup smash* Bring me another! It's hard to find specific crossovers for something.

6166128 All the Millennium vampires are deader than dead.

Her last companion, the only one she thought would be with her forever was now gone. Alucard: her Master, the only one who understood Seras’ loneliness.

Wait, she's alone? The Hell? What happened to Pip Bernadotte, the badass Frenchman? He turned into her left arm, she's never alone.

Heh ...I'm reminded of of hellsing this good keep writing Friend.

I can not put into words about the situation so I will let a photo express it:


Hmmm... I shall continue... But be warned, one does not simply turn dress Victoria into alucard...

I think you should consult an editor before posting unedited chapters. Your story shows promise, but your writing betrays a need for more practice. Heres my advice. Read what you write out loud. If anything sounds awkward or unnatural, then it needs editing. Don't limit yourself to just dialogue either, writing out how someone is communicating Nonverbally, like body language and mood, can really flesh out an otherwise awkwardly paced scene.

I think I found a new something to follow...... LIKE!

........Celestia is fucking idiot, does she honestly a believe that a War against an army of Demons/Monsters can be won without taking a life? Her thought process is childish at best, and suicidal at worst:facehoof:

:rainbowhuh: Not bad, I like the concept of the story, but I think that the narration is too much rushed, same think for the dialogues. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on this story :raritywink:

I see this backfiring(no pun intended) horribly in some way.

i'll do you a favor by editing this story for you in my free time. don't expect me to complete it in one night. it might take me the rest of the week, but i'll help you by editing this story. i will post another comment that contains each updated chapter in the comments box of each respective chapter as i complete the editing. if you come out with further chapters, please message me with the chapter in a message. if you submit a chapter to me and you realized that you forgot something, you can tell me what to add and where to add it, if i am not done with the editing.

‘Free you from your restriction seals… what happened? Why is this monstrosity here? Why is helping the Bearer of Kindness?’ began to think Star Swirl.

Keep in mind that this type of text, being blued out, will not stay this way when i submit the chapter to you.

6432221 Thank you for the offer, I really appreciate it. Sorry if I answered until today but I had some issues with my computer

I can imagine Seras showing her friends recordings of nukes, and video evidence of Hiroshima to show them just how dangerous these things are.

Seras: "To the people of Japan, no names strike more fear or terror then these. Little Boy and Fat Man."

I remember a involving lyra and bonbon using weapons.


I know it's more than this.

Every pony is going to have horrible nightmares about what is going to happen.

By the way this entire story needs to be eddied there are so many grammatical errors that it is not even funny and actually make it harder to understand what is going on and who is saying what.

“You mean before you turned into an undead?” inquired Seras.

Seras nodded.

You might want to correct this part. Apart from that, it´s a rather nice read so far.

Hmm, so Seras pulled the same stunt like Alucard when he fought Luke Valentine hn?

“Kill? Are you suggesting that we should kill?” Exclaimed Twilight.

“You have no other chance to defeat Tirek’s army” said Twilight. “They’ll kill you if they have the chance, so you better act before giving them that chance!

Ahh yes, sometimes I talk with myself too.

Fate has taken an interesting turn.

6486901 Thank you for telling, I already fixed it:twilightblush:

Im at a cross i dont know if i want or of im satisfied with the ending. I would like to see the fallout of celestia's subjects to be sure, specificly the mane six's new views on her. I would also like to see how seras moved on with her life.

Amazing story small grammer mistakes but good flow and excellent story telling.

P.S. thanks for keeping with seras's character. A big pet peeve of mine is when a story doesnt stay true to character.

Despite the grammatical mistakes and the horrid Moron-Lestia, this was a nice read all in all. Mostly thanks to our favourite Police Girl.

And now a sequal, where Seras learsn to live again and find herself a mate.
Maybe somepony scittish and fearfull like the flowertrio :rainbowlaugh:

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