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So I'm sorta, kinda, almost famous... I think.


"What happened?"
"What is going on?"
"Why are we Pokémon?"
"Why are we in Equestria?"

So long story short, a brony and pegasister are sent to Equestria as Pokémon and they don't know how it happened or why. Now they must travel through Equestria to either find their way home, or live out the rest of their lives in a new world in new bodies. And only one of these questions will be answered.

"Where is Fluttershy with the cuddles?"
"Don't look at me like that, I know you want one too."
Probably going to be that one.
Edited by: BronieMan305
Pre-read by: psychicscubadiver
Tank you Koru Konsui for helping me think of a name for this freakin' story.

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2049127Kind of a dick move seeing as though you're my editor.

Comment posted by Redwolf15 deleted Jan 31st, 2013

hilarious so far, and pretty well written. certainly an interesting twist on the pokemon in Equestria concept. Fav'd and following.

keep up the good work. And have a pinkie! :pinkiesmile:

Being my two favorite fanfiction fandoms, I've always wondered what a pokemon and MLP crossover would be like. It took me completely by surprise seeing this in the featured box, but I guess I'll finally have an answer to my question. Gonna have to follow this one.

this is a great story kiip up the good work

do you by any chance have a link to the cover image? this fic looks good

Lawdy lawdy, I need moar.

I think I'll stick around and see where you're going with this. It's interesting so far, but there are a whole load of errors, and I'm going to be that annoying guy that points them out.

Before he had a chance to inspet ^inspect any more of his body,
That sapped ^snapped Drex's attention back to reality.
The ends of all the tail^s tipped in red fur instead of the regular gold.
"...if his ^this is some hallucination I want to spend every minute enjoying it!"
...until they come to a spiralling stair case ^staircase and finding their way to the main entrance hall. Two incredibely ^incredibly old doors...
...but the ominese ^ominous dark vibe it gave off. Only one tought ^thought came across Drex's mind.
But she doesn't get far when she comes to an obsticle ^obstacle.
..and the only way across was a lees ^less-than supportive rope bridge. Drex looks over the edge and kicks a rock down, ^and they waits ^wait to hear it ^hit the bottom. They don't never ever hear it.
She puts one paw on the first wooden blanket, it creeks under her weight, but doesn't break. I laughed out loud at this one. See if you can find it.
When he^He finally got to the same side, a smug look over his face.
...relating to fire while they were ^in an easily flammible ^flammable forest.
Drex asks^, seeing someting ^something bright.
"What do you see^?" She asks.

2064581I find those more helpful than annoying. Thank you for pointing those out to me good sir. I tip my top hat to you.:moustache:
Say uh, you wouldn't happen to read Piers Anthony's Xanth series do you?

I wish there were more fics like these...
Please continue good sir :moustache:

That was an excellent troll. Well done. :eeyup:

2064581 so... "wooden blanket" and "creeks?"

I only read because your avatar is OneyNG. :trollestia:

My god... SO AWESOME:rainbowkiss:

2064687I knew it was a good idea to change my avatar pic.

You dirty little sellout whore. :twilightangry2:

You didn't see it, did you? :moustache:

2064716Dragonzball peepee? 'Course I saw it. Or are you refering to something else?

There are a few awkward transitions, a couple of places that look like editing fragments, and some showing vs telling difficulties, but over all quite well written.

You have a nice balance between description and allowing the readers imagination to fill in the blanks after the first few paragraphs, and I really like the personalities of the two protagonists.

I look forward to future chapters! :twilightsmile:

2064686 Huh, didn't even notice the "creeks" part. :derpyderp1: But I honestly did laugh at "wooden blanket". :rainbowlaugh:

2064648 You are welcome then. Wait, someone wrote a series about my home? I mean, yes, yes I do.:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:
I was wondering when someone would make the connection.

must..resist... to fav. resistance...failing...
on another note isn't arcanine and ninetails like the only likable pair back in the original 150?(or is it 151? can never tell)


If there are two pokemon that I would love to have it's those two...

:yay: to the story and :yay: to your pic!

This is pretty good:twilightsmile:
Also, I just remembered I had a Charizard pic...

Saw the Pokémon, I squeed. Saw it was humans turned into Pokémon in Equestria, I squeed so hard it hurt. :yay:

Ah, a simple healthy troll. Gotta have those every now and again.

Eh. It's alright. It's better than most of the other Pokémon crossovers I've seen here. So far.

Except the Lucario one, even though he's ludicrously overpowered. And maybe that one with Pikachu and Buneary, but then I haven't seen hide or hair of that one in a while.

:ajsleepy: :ajbemused: Anyway.

Why Arcanine and Ninetails? Why not Rapidash and Zebstrika? Why does no one ever make that connection?

Comment posted by Thardoc deleted Feb 3rd, 2013

It would've been more awesome if the characters were a Blaziken and a Gardevior respectively.

The cheapest toothy grin came across Drex's face, trying to scrunch it up. "You didn't ask." Twilight's face soon shifted from shocked to anger, and Drex was rewarded with a slap to the back of his head from Allison.

*golfclap* Most epic, yet classic, smartarse response to any question - For that, this gets fav'd.

First off, Vega approves. Second off, if Prince is going to be the "annoying guy" that points errors out, I'm going to be the annoying Eevee to point Pokémon related errors out.

then they might be able to use the abilities. Drex started naming some of the ones he was really hoping to do: Agility, Roar, Take Down, Extremespeed, Flamethrower.

Those sir, would be moves. If they were talking about Abilities then Drex would've talked about Flash Fire, Intimidate, or the hidden ability Justified. Also, when typing the E in Pokémon or any Poké part, try Holding Alt then typing in the Numpad 130. It should come up as é. Though you wouldn't have to, I just thought of putting that out there.

I usually don't like Pokemon but THIS is funny. GO ON

:pinkiehappy: Second chapter finished. Actually, I finished reading it well over an hour ago, but then I went back to hunt for errors. Here be my booty:

Drex whistles imressively ^impressively. I wasn't entirely sure, but if you meant that Drex was impressed, you might wish to further change it to "...whistles, impressed." But if you meant that Drex has an impressive whistle, then you can leave it.
Drex puts an arm around his friend^'s shoulder.
"... I didn't think that you'd be able to think of something so ingenous ^ingenious. ..."
"... Just ^think of the expressions on their faces. ..."
He pushes the door open only to finds ^find the place empty.
...a ^and two purple feet behind those books. It was unmistakebly ^unmistakably Spike.
drex ^Drex whispers to his friend, then in a louder voice he adresses ^addresses Spike.
"... I'm afraid she's not her ^here right now. ..."
"...don't you know it's incredibely ^incredibly rude to ask someone what they are? ..."
Drex asks pretending to be offened ^offended in his most formal voice.
He releaves ^relieves Spike.
"No you idoit ^idiot,"
...out popped the most indistinguishable pony ever known. I do not think that word means what you think it means. :moustache:
The pink pony merrily stold ^strolled out of Sugarcube Corner with one her trade mark ^trademark smiles and eyes closed.
Someting ^Something random?
but it was strangley comforting at the same time. I assume you meant "strangely", but strangley kind of makes sense in context, so I wasn't sure if you were making a pun.
A low grumbling sound is heard without three of them having no clue what it was.
Spike giving his uneeded ^unneeded explanation. The Pinkie comes back in the very same instant... "The" was most likely supposed to be "Then", but "The Pinkie" sounds around 20% cooler. :rainbowdetermined2:
"...who I think I'm going ^to call Niney and she looks so cute and it looks like her coat is made from gold but then I we heard this sound..." It's one or the other. Or I we you he she it they could throw in all of the pronouns. Whichever you prefer. :trollestia:
And they heard that entire sentance ^sentence without her pausing for breathe or adding a period. This could either be "...for breath..." or "...to breathe...".
"This I'd like to see^." Rainbow Dash replies.
Spike and Drex give each other a look, and speak ^Spike chuckles to himself.
"I don't know Twily, but they seem fun." She proceeds to pet 'Fluffy'. I'm at a loss on this one. Who is "she" referring to?
"...anything like these two." The meek yellow says. Yellow is talking? And what shade is meek? :rainbowhuh::pinkiecrazy:
"Suite ^Suit yourself." He shrugs and goes back to eating. The mouths of all the mares... A dropped space has been detected.
Both taking great pleassure pleasure in the reactions they were given.
"That's exactly why we'de ^we'd like to talk to you."

This may sound odd, but I derived a good measure of joy from finding these errors. :pinkiehappy:

I'm getting a distinct "male animated lead" vibe from Drex. Have you noticed all such characters are good-hearted stubborn idiots? (If this is a self-insert, I am obsolved of all psychological damage this statement may inflict upon your reading of this line. Oh, and I'm sorry too. :twilightsmile:)

I have no idea how this went unnoticed: Ninetales. Not Ninetails.

I am loving this story. I shall follow it posthaste.

Ninetales is the sexiest pokemon.

....please? :fluttershyouch:

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