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A new man arrives in Ponyville in an unusual fasion. He fell from the sky, but he doesn't have wings so how did he get in the sky in the first place? And how does he survive the fall with barely a scratch. Six young women attempt to help this stranger. And all he wants to do is run. Run away from his past and the pain it holds. And maybe now he can.

In this new world he can start over, begin to trust people once more. He can finally stop running and find peace. Perhaps even find love. Or so he thought. Turns out he's not the only visitor to enter the world from across the very plane of reality itself. Now he's forced into a war he never chose.

Why was he sent to a different world? What is this war? And who was it that sent him?

He's caught in a war never intend for him. Or was it?


Author's note: This will be a rather humanized story, characters from My Little Pony will still have horns and wings. I will also be switching from our protagonist's first person view to a third person view of someone else. Also the crossovering won't happen until a couple of chapters later, but I can assure you that when it does happen, it will be big! There will also be a mild amount of swearing and gore. Nothing too descriptive though.

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Well, that was something. Picture gave away what Fefnir (That's his name right?) was, but the rapid regeneration, mention of the full moon and total badassery did point to Lycanthropy. Little hard to follow, but good start. Up-vote and watch from me!

Humanized and well written for the most part. Instant like.

Quite good...please continue good sir.

i like it took me a while to figure out their not ponies ( i think anyway) if im wrong could someone tell me thanks oh and good job.

I don't usually read fics with the characters as humans but this seems pretty neat so far... go on.

No, they're humanized, which btw should be added in the description.

And also, what is this a crossover of?

And nice Gundam Avatar

Exia is best gundam. RX78 can suck it.

1595984 Thank's for that. And your question will also be answered in the description.

1595989 YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT :twilightangry2: TWIN BUSTER RIFLE ......FULL POWER........... NOW DIE ......
but yes rx78 is junk

you said exia was best exia dosnt have riser sword and did you hear of the zero system it lets me se were your going to swing your sword and i can dodge and shoot you with the power of a god.

1596284>>1596297 I would tell the both of you to shut up and stop arguing. But this is actually quite amusing. Please, do continue.

Exia starts and ends his series. He starts season 1, and ends season 1. He starts season 2 (albeit a little fucked up mind you) and ends season 2.
The movie doesn't count, because becoming an immortal metal person is stupid.

And at least Setsuna doesn't DIE A RETARDED DEATH.

And I took Double 00's Riser sword and gave it to Exia because Exia is that awesome. Double 00 is just a stupid copy.

im going to have to ask what your talking a bout 1. we are talking about mobile suits not pilots 2.WTF are you talking unless heero dies in frozen tear drops hes still alive 3. since were on the pilots yes both movies screwed up neither did a damn thing of epicness till the end of the movie and the 00 movie sucked anyway 4.zero can transform to neo bird mode. plus exia (if memory serves ) is made of e-carbon not gundanium like wing zero.

now lets stop blowing up the comments with gundams
lets use ponies
luna is best princess

1596373Let the flame wars continue... :ajbemused:

1596338 now your digging exias grave

1596382 your loving this aint ya

1596392Whatever gave you that idea?

Make more ASAP please

1596407Actually, I'm just about finished the second chapter now as we speak. I'm serious.

I get that you talked about the main character wanting to off himself, so you're trying to deal with his issues but then he goes and kills 4 cockatrice without breaking a sweat. If you're going to talk about his mortality, make him more, I dunno, mortal.

I don't like idea people with horns but otherwise good story

this is damn interesting, a were-wolf brutally killing a dragon and devouring its heart, that is freakin awsome, keep up the good work mate


Cant stop laughing:rainbowlaugh:

Keep going please. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Can we have moar?

obscoiudeoybfrhljeqrhuq3huf3uyfreorr34307 I want moooore :raritydespair::raritydespair:

Haha editor gets a comment quickly due to knowing the release lol:moustache:
P.S. any grammer errors need to be taken up with me as they are my fault for not noticing

sounds exactly like Flutteryshy :fluttercry:
Ah'm sorry Flutter's

Ohhhhhh god I almost had a story-gasm.:rainbowlaugh::pinkiegasp:


1812782 Like this :trollestia:



Fine. :ajbemused:

Speech bubbles to the right. They're invisible now until you actually scroll over the comment.

so basically i cant reply to peoples comments because im using my ipod to be on this site ... well shit

1812782 ummm how to replay. all you need to do is click the button that's on the top right of the person you want to replay to. Also how did you forget that :rainbowhuh:

1812454So you're my replacement? Thank you.

(To Redwolf) No offense to you, but I have enough storied to edit as is. I'm fine with editing your story, The Element of Willpower though.

/^\Shameless promoting of your story.


1814068Yeah, I probably should have told you about that. Not sure why I didn't nother though.

1815080Nah, it's cool. I have enough on my metaphorical plate as it is.:twilightsheepish:

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