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Fluttershy is a simple, shy pony. She doesn't know how to interact socially well with other ponies except her friends who have known her for years. One day as she strolls though the forest next to her cottage, she finds an unfamiliar white wolf passed out. Strange to her seeing as though she's only ever seen timberwolves, one with fur is a bit of a shock to her. Even knowing that creatures like wolves find ponies to be prey, her affection for animals overrides basic instinct and she helps the wolf back to her cottage where she nurses it back to health. When it awakes, she's shocked by it once again as it appears to be able to speak. As thanks for the treatment, the wolf claims that his life is now indebted to hers, a payment for the kindness she gave him. But as time goes on, she finds more interest in her new friend, and but what does he feel for her?

Edited by the great Thardoc

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People think that strength comes from many different things: bravery, confidence, protection, spirit, justice. Anything they want it to be. But you can break it down as much as you'd like, it's all the same. Power is the one and only thing to give you strength. And my dream is to be the strongest there is. So imagine my surprise when a red haired woman says she can grant that dream. Now I'm stuck in a world or multi-colored ponies, and I'm no longer human, but an anthromorphic phoenix instead.

I greed for power, to be the most powerful is a burning hunger of mine, one that won't be quenched until it is fulfilled. I won't allow anyone or anything to interfere, beating down those who will get in my way and crush those who stand against me. That is my dream! But to be the most powerful mortal won't satisfy me, I will even aim higher. Once none are left standing against me, it will be GODS who I'll target next until I'm the last standing.

For those who don't catch on quickly, I'm not the good guy in this.


Part of Chess Game of the Gods started by BlackWing and Rust.
Rated teen for mild (maybe won't be so mild. I dunno how I'll play it out) gore and language.
Edited by Thardoc
Approved by: RLYoshi
Current picture just a substitute until I can get an artist.

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The Tower of Pimps, a wonderful beacon of dreams and swag made out of four cubes of solid gold on top of one another, all erected on a square block of obsidian. A construct that only the gods themselves could have envisioned crafting.

Unfortunately, they didn't craft it, a annoying yet very lovable git named Gavin Free made it. And sadly there is no real Tower of Pimps, so the boys at Achievement Hunter have to make do with a plastic miniature one, yet still just as swag as the actual one.

But now the mini one has disappeared! Where could it be? What could have happened to it? How could this have happened? And who is to blame for this atrocity?

Well, as to who did this our best guess is Gavin.

But as to where, why the answer is obvious: Equestria.

Teen for mild amounts of language.

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"What happened?"
"What is going on?"
"Why are we Pokémon?"
"Why are we in Equestria?"

So long story short, a brony and pegasister are sent to Equestria as Pokémon and they don't know how it happened or why. Now they must travel through Equestria to either find their way home, or live out the rest of their lives in a new world in new bodies. And only one of these questions will be answered.

"Where is Fluttershy with the cuddles?"
"Don't look at me like that, I know you want one too."
Probably going to be that one.
Edited by: BronieMan305
Pre-read by: psychicscubadiver
Tank you Koru Konsui for helping me think of a name for this freakin' story.

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Rainbow Dash has been invited to join the Wonderbolts. And so has Lightning Dust. Now these two and six others will have to prove that they're Wonderbolt material. But this story isn't about how Dash becomes a Wonderbolt, how Lightning Dust was kicked out for incompetence, or why Soarin wasn't around. This is how someone's accident lead their greatest mistakes. This is how someone's decision lead to their demise. This is how Light Crash dies.


This is an anthro story. Also the first non-adventurous story I've written. Currently looking for artist.
Thank you KnightmareKnight for editing.
Looking for artist!

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A new man arrives in Ponyville in an unusual fasion. He fell from the sky, but he doesn't have wings so how did he get in the sky in the first place? And how does he survive the fall with barely a scratch. Six young women attempt to help this stranger. And all he wants to do is run. Run away from his past and the pain it holds. And maybe now he can.

In this new world he can start over, begin to trust people once more. He can finally stop running and find peace. Perhaps even find love. Or so he thought. Turns out he's not the only visitor to enter the world from across the very plane of reality itself. Now he's forced into a war he never chose.

Why was he sent to a different world? What is this war? And who was it that sent him?

He's caught in a war never intend for him. Or was it?


Author's note: This will be a rather humanized story, characters from My Little Pony will still have horns and wings. I will also be switching from our protagonist's first person view to a third person view of someone else. Also the crossovering won't happen until a couple of chapters later, but I can assure you that when it does happen, it will be big! There will also be a mild amount of swearing and gore. Nothing too descriptive though.

Edited by BronieMan305

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If you were given the chance to go to Equestria, would you take? I sure did, unfortunately for me I had no idea what I was getting into or how my presence would affect everything. Now Equestria is going crazy and only myself and a rag-tag group of new friends can stop the events. But if we do win and Equestria goes back to normal, how will I get home?

Edited by NightmareKnight I mean Thardoc. Thardoc's doing it now.
Pre-reader by quilzel

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