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So I'm sorta, kinda, almost famous... I think.


Rainbow Dash has been invited to join the Wonderbolts. And so has Lightning Dust. Now these two and six others will have to prove that they're Wonderbolt material. But this story isn't about how Dash becomes a Wonderbolt, how Lightning Dust was kicked out for incompetence, or why Soarin wasn't around. This is how someone's accident lead their greatest mistakes. This is how someone's decision lead to their demise. This is how Light Crash dies.


This is an anthro story. Also the first non-adventurous story I've written. Currently looking for artist.
Thank you KnightmareKnight for editing.
Looking for artist!

Chapters (5)
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Competition's always fun, until someone dies.

It appears someone is not familiar with the concept of gladiatorial arenas such as the League of Legends...

...Unless I am the only individual who takes pleasure in seeing my foes fall in glorious tests of skill.

Wow a story where you OC get killed?
That's the first :rainbowderp:

1911620 You are the ONLY ONE.


So yeah, I'm looking for an artist...
Just putting that out there.

Comment posted by Redwolf15 deleted Jan 26th, 2013

Damn man... read this part again with the music and...just...damn...:pinkiesad2:

Oh god this should be a movie ;_;

no comment
'walks away'

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