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This story is a sequel to Cheating Death

Equestria is a land filled with many amazing myths, legends, ponies, creatures, and monsters. But what happens when something new is thrown into the mix?

After the events of 'Cheating Death', Felix awakes to find he had survived his excursion into Equestria. Now a much different man then when he first set out, Felix decides to go and explore the Equestrian countryside. Change isn't the only thing that followed Felix though, as Death, or Harvey Stir in this universe, has been made his guardian until the ramifications of his actions can be fully calculated by the celestial bureaucracy. Harvey Stir keeps a close eye on him, hoping that Felix won't cause any major problems.

Such as, being involved in a bank robbery, starting random musical numbers, getting captured by a murderous cult, setting fire to a nest of changelings, or inadvertently releasing a dark god of destruction from ages long past...

...Not that any of that would happen... right?

Special thanks to: Hortense, Wazaga, Fantoche the 13th, Sallythemanatee, munomana, and Alamais.

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That cover art is absolute genius! There, said it, now to read the story :twilightsmile:

Dude, please put him in a situation that requires him to shove Mal's horn up his flank! PLEASE!

That was a great chapter. I especially loved how you created a brand new character, made us hate him, and gave him his comeuppance so easily. Well done.

Good start, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Normally I run screaming from Human's in Equestira. Usually as a result from extremely off-putting Description or bad cover art. (Uncanny valley, it's everywhere around here) However, the cover art alone and what appears to be the vast uniqueness of each character has won me over. Along with the Description itself.

Though, it may get lost in the depth of my to read list. I hope to get to this and it's first part at some point.
Until then though, with the description, cover and character design alone you've easily earned a favorite from me.

Dear Luna... why does :trollestia: singing the Ferret Song scare me so? :pinkiecrazy: We're all going to die...

Haha, I like it! This chapter seems pretty polished, very smart and full of quips! I like quips! :pinkiehappy:

See you in a week. :twilightsmile:

I love when he tells that doctor about humans. He must have scared the shit out of him.

And I like that Celestia knows what a human is but can you make so she doesn't KNOW anything about humans and their culture. its much funnier and better if she gets surprised like the rest.

Felix gave a slight wave goodbye to Dr. Condition and Nurse Rachet

You may need to elaborate a bit here. He was friggin' restrained, after all.

patience wasn’t one of the doctors virtues.

Need an apostrophe here.

Otherwise, a good chapter. I quite like Quick Note's character so far.

And then Death ends up inviting Felix to join him for a 'cold one' at the local pub.....

I still plan on trying to update weekly or baring some unseen force, at least bi-weekly

:pinkiehappy: Bi-weekly updates, bi-winning updates :rainbowlaugh:

For the musical numbers, I want to propose Neil Patrick Harris´songs (Dr Horrible, the Music Meister).

And I´m really curious if Celestia knows about the fourth wall, or is an actual member of the Celestial Bureaucracy.

Embedding disabled by request.
Watch on Youtube.... naaaw.

Oh man this chapter was funny. Love the back and forth with Felix and the ponies. Glad practice got some comeuppance. Thanks for this and looking forward to the next chapter.

Awwww... Now I have to wait a week. :fluttercry:

Very nice. Fav and a thumb for you.

"Apple pies, bright blue skies, breezy meadows in July"

I got the reference :raritystarry:

I absolutely love it when a human uses the absolute terror that is our history and skill with violence and killing to scare somepony senseless. it's just epic beyond belief. I gave this story a preemptive 4/5 when I finished it's predecessor. Now I am giving it a 9/10 keep the awesomeness coming and you may just get that perfect score:pinkiehappy:

So the art caught my eye, so i decided I wanted to read this, but after reading the emotion-coaster that was Act I, i was worried that this would be sad, I was not disappointed when I read this, I am so awaiting the next chapter.

Keep on keeping on.

Super healing, strength, and immunity to magic. Don't make him too overpowered.


Pfft, he doesn't have any of that. You're just guessing off of what you have only heard.

Super strength? Nope, he's actually weaker then an earth pony, just a normal guy

Heals quickly? Nah, Death will explain in the next chapter that he just healed him a bit faster so death wouldn't be stuck babysitting a coma patient, VERY BORING.

Immune to magic? eh, I'm not saying anything on that one.

Dude wakes up from being bed ridden for a month and he can throw a pony across the room. There is no way he is not really strong.

He just throws him into a corner, and lets not forget the other factor, anger, anger and adrenaline do some crazy things to your body.

Meh, don't worry though, there will be plenty of crap Felix has to go through. XP

I bet that tape recording is going to bite him in the but later :rainbowlaugh:

I absolutely adore you! And the Ferrets reference

What? Touching Harold inappropriately while he sleeps doesn't make molestia happy?
Great series bro! Looking forward to the next chapter

Congratulations on the slot-one feature! Here, take my upvote and favorite. And someone remind me to finish the first act. (I need more spare time.)

Hmm... a person dying before their time and given a second chance while Death, literally, looms over them... where have I seen that before...

nice back to the future and wolverine references bro:twilightsmile:

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