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Pleasure that we will share :heart:

You there! Watcha doin?

If you're looking for some entertainment, I really don't have much to offer you. There are many popular writers on this site, you should go read some of their work. If you don't know who to look for, try out some of these guys. They usually manage to create good content.

Chengar Qordath
Bronius Maximus
Wintergreen Diaries
Aegis Shield

some weeb named 2D-kun sexy-senpai

I hope you find something that interests you.

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1848089 i.imgur.com/ge98iN5.jpgv
I'll treasure it forever
the single fuck

Since you were awesome enough to reference a song from Rent, I bequeath this unto thee.


1707240 ayy lmao
but that's too much wagon
and I'm no cart

1.) Swag
2.) Dragon
3.) Swag + Dragon
4.) SwagDragon
5.) Shorthand: Swagon

1584695 lol
I just want to preserve the rights of boys that have it forced upon them

It is nice to meet another intactivist here.



Yeah, I get what you mean. I personally think it's worth talking about, but not making a big deal out of. I got a lot of falk in that blog though (dem downvotes), so I'm glad someone else agrees.

1495043 Just the way we think about things, like how we feel about other people. For example, the Buyer's Market album, I felt we reacted in similar ways.
I didn't fully explain myself and my thoughts about it but I also didn't think anyone else there really cared so I wasn't going to waste time typing it out.



Also, you better put me on that list/read my stories now that you're a follower, or I'll wreck you.

  • Viewing 62 - 71 of 71
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