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I wanted to ask about you're stories.

I believe the main account may of been, "Sepulcher", but that account has been untouched since Sep 25th, 2013.
Divide, (who claims to be the author, I wouldn't know any better,) also said two days ago:

I've forgotten the password and email address I used for Sepulcher, my old vault account, and I've heard no response regarding the transfer of stories from my alt, Solecism, so I assume they are there to stay. This means that A Legendary Issue will likely remain unfinished, which is a shame"...

It was a simpler time. It may have even been a better time. Regardless, it was still pretending to be someone I wasn't. Rest in peace, Solecism. I had fun walking in your shoes.

  • Viewing 184 - 188 of 188
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