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Hello there. My name's James, and I'm a Metagross.

Yes. A Metagross. As in, the Pokemon.

Myself and five other acquaintances with varying degrees of friendship appeared here in Equestria quite some time ago, having all been transformed into Pokemon for some hereto unknown reason. The process of our reuniting was difficult, and we didn't get a happy ending, but we went our separate ways as friends brought together through extenuating circumstances.

Now, after being woken up from my oh-so comfortable hibernation by one of Princess Celestia's messengers, I find out that there's new, terrifying creatures terrorizing Equestria and even some of the lands beyond. By some of their descriptions, I have an inkling of what they might be.

Guess who's put in charge of cleaning up the mess.


Time to get the gang back together again.

This is a direct sequel to the story A Pokemon Problem. It is highly recommended, albeit not necessary to read that in order to understand this story.

Will write for a better cover image!

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Oh, no! Shadow Decimus --a killer-for-hire-- goes to Equestria to assassinate a pony only to be changed into a burrito!

Whatever is our overpowered protagonist to do?

Written in under an hour. No editing and no revisions.

Eat your heart out, Conversion Bureau!

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Well, it appears that me and a bunch of people with varying degrees of friendship with yours truly have been --somehow-- teleported to the one place I never thought I'd see.

Or maybe we were trans-mutated. Transmogrified?

Never mind.

Now, I've got to find the other five people that had to have been thrown in here as well, all the while having to relearn even the most basic bodily functions and commands.


Oh, and did I tell you the best part?

We're all Pokémon. Yep, as if being tossed on your rear into an alien world as a strange creature wasn't enough, now we've got to deal with the fact that no one in Equestria knows what the heck we are.

I can feel a headache coming on already.

Click here to read the sequel, A Legendary Issue!

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