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Well, it appears that me and a bunch of people with varying degrees of friendship with yours truly have been --somehow-- teleported to the one place I never thought I'd see.

Or maybe we were trans-mutated. Transmogrified?

Never mind.

Now, I've got to find the other five people that had to have been thrown in here as well, all the while having to relearn even the most basic bodily functions and commands.


Oh, and did I tell you the best part?

We're all Pokémon. Yep, as if being tossed on your rear into an alien world as a strange creature wasn't enough, now we've got to deal with the fact that no one in Equestria knows what the heck we are.

I can feel a headache coming on already.

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That was... much better than I expected. I also approve of your choice of Pokemon (I'm not going to spoil it). I think that ______ are absolutely adorable!

this was written a lot better than i thought it would be, comparing to the last pokemon story that i read. i'd say that the only reason for the thumbs down is based on the subject itself, not the quality of the work.

fave and a thumbs up from me.

I like it

why is there so much hate for POKE-PONY crosses?

because most people don't have childhoods

I'm willing to give this a shot. This can't be any worse than other pokemon fanfics I've read...:twilightsmile:
(That was because they often involved brutal rape, that in most cases ended in death or severe mutilation...:twilightoops:)
I wasn't particularly looking for them, one was a commentary, and the other one was something Chuckward was looking for, which tempted me to find it...

HOLY SHIT I KNEW IT!!! This is soooo coool

i was thinking roggenrola until you got to flying...:twilightsheepish:

Transmorgified?improper way to say it.

Bel um is second favorite,ghastly is my favorite.

well written...and im trying to figure out who he is

Checkers Game of the Gods, and whatnot.

you brilliant, brilliant bastard. talking about one of my favorite universes.

Huh. I thought he was a Duskull. Gotta admit, the descriptions were the same.

One eye- check
phantom limbs- check (to an extent)
no mouth- check (none that I've seen)
can fly- it floats but check
can take a beating- guess if he was duskull he might have fallen through the floor, but japanese anime/manga/game logic doesn't exactly work that way.
no voice-almost all pokemon are unable to form proper words.

Still, Beldum is an awesome pokemon. When he evolves he becomes a badass mother fucking tank.


fuck yeah.

MAN i hope this story will have " bitch i have a metagross " MEME

I thought he was Ghastly...
... and it's weight about 100 killo...

Worst part of being a Beldum? World's shallowest movepool.

Mother. Fucking. Metagross.

That's the only end result I'm seeing here. Main character's gonna be a Psychic/Steel beast that is only weak to intense flame and motherfucking earthquakes. A tank that can fucking hover and destroy shit with its brain.

I like the direction this story's gonna go in, if main character manages to evolve both times.

Comment posted by Poyoarya deleted Feb 3rd, 2019

I think he's going to have a FUUUN time being a Metang. Those things are legit!

5 bucks says Cindy is turned into a Ralts. Or a Buneary. :pinkiecrazy: Heh heh heh...

Seems awesome, might read.

Oh, oh, OH! I am liking this!

I do wonder how everything will turn out, seriously, I want to know the others :derpytongue2:

2086574 No, because most are obviously written by people who never took a literary composition class of any kind.

This one at least has given the human characters an introductory chapter before randomly tossing them into Equestria, and it's certainly above average in terms of technical aspects of writing.

However, it still begs the question of why the 'gods' or whatever chose them and decided to turn them into Pokemon specifically. Why not pick humans from the Pokemon world? Why not throw in some humans from our world AND Pokemon from the Pokemon world?

The reason 'WHY' for this set-up is a VERY big question and requires a very good answer, otherwise the entire premise falls to pieces.

As yet, there is not enough to go on.


Another Pokemon story huh? Pokemon, the series that refuses to keel over and die.
And, why interjected into the MLP universe? If they were humans from the Pokemon world, okay, I could maybe see that. But, taking a group of humans, dumping them into one 'fictional' universe as characters from another, just sounds like a premise for a shitty story. From what I've read here so far, nothing stands out, just bland writing on a very overused concept.

Plus, saw this same thing what, three days ago? With that story... *roots around the site* Burning Souls. "Hey gais, I'm a pokemon, but not in a pokemon world! Oh boy!". Just, no thanks.

From what I've seen, not gonna be revisiting this. Writing itself is solid, but the subject matter, especially now, just seems like a rehash of an age old concept that I'd thought basically dead already.

2088612 I knew I had heard it before.

Beldum does sorta have one limb lol. It's got a head attached to an arm. He's got claws.

Also, are you going off of the assumption that the metagross line are like computers?(thus the hum?)

Cause that would be awesome! Now I don't particularly like the word B**** but I couldn't find this awesome metagross pic anywhere else.


Sorry for the language...:twilightblush:

Okay, without reading ahead... I know he's a Pokémon, one of the cocoons, but one eye?

Hmm... the one eye makes me want to say Silcoon, but having a neck? Final answer: Metapod.

Unless I'm forgetting one of the GenV ones.

A beldum, eh? Interesting.

It's like you took that one guy's crappy Pokéquestria story and made it witty and believable.



Except he has a neck that can be moved, mister I-didn't-read-the-good-part. :facehoof:

An hourglass would've emptied itself in the time it took for the clopping to become just a single octave louder.

An octave is for pitch, not loudness?

On to the next chapter for me, anyway...

2090045 Sir, I did, in fact, mention the neck. It's just that Metapod is the only cocoon I can think of that fits. Kakuna has a neck, but both its eyes face forward so there wouldn't be any reason for him to think he only has one.

I must know where you got that image because its too awesome for this webpage.

Pokemon thought 1- Arcanine. (See Burning Souls. :derpytongue2:)
Second though- Pikachu. Cause it's small.
Third- Pigeotto. Strange right?
Then came the Beldum. :rainbowderp:

Beldum. Hmm. I kept thinking it was one of the cocoon Pokémon because he'd been recognized as an animal. When he started flying I figured he was either a Pupitar or a Forretress. I'm still disappointed he;s not Metapod, though; Butterfree are awesome, and also fit better in Equestria. Ah well. Following!

2089020 Because you're a frikkin' bell, Bronzong. Metagross is bigger, scarier, and smarter. Oh, and it also has limbs.

I hate all pokemon that are not gen 1. I am disapoint.

2090376 But Bronzong can fly/be half immune to fire. Oh well, Metagross is cooler even though Bronzong is the ideal counter for Metagross I guess.

Misdrevious and Galvantula 4 life!

But seriously, it's nice to see a Pokemon story get the kind of treatment it deserves for once.

You misspelled "breathe" at the end there.

Keep up the good work!

2090239 No offense.... But burning souls is literary junk. the only reason it's so popular is because of the huge lack of pokemon crossovers.
(I still can't believe there isn't a keldeo fic....)

2090192 I googled a bit. I wish I knew the original source though.(not the memefication of it)
I'd like to compliment the artist.

2090376 I agree. the pony should have been wondering how the hunk of living metal was even alive. but hey, ponies. Innocent and clueless to the end. gotta love 'em.

Keep up the good work Solecism!

I assume this is a rebuttal to a certain badly written story with a similar concept that somehow managed to hold onto the featured box for five days? :moustache:

Interesting beginning.

I caught a few errors, but overall well done:

I tried to use and ^an arm to feel around,
...which is what I always did when I ^was nervous.
...just enough to fall off the edge of whatever it was I happened to ^be balanced on.
It took me ^a second to realize that she probably saw my eye fluttering back and forth.
Oh, thank whatever deity decided to lend a land ^hand!

One thing I would suggest, which I have been saying to quite a few people lately, is that you watch for repeated words in a paragraph or sentence. That's what synonyms are for. :twilightsmile:

This. Is. Brilliant. much better than Flaming Spirits or whatever. Also, kudos for a pokemon choice that is actually interesting, rather than another furry fire type. I hope that the other transformations are to be as good! (Crossing fingers for a Ghastly, or ghost type at the very least.) Liked, favourited, keep up the good work!:raritystarry:

at what rate does it take you to write a chapter

here is what I am forseeing
the main character has nerves of STEEL and can concentrat when talking to girls I.E. STEEL PSY
the girl with the strong hug and is the main character's ex it going to be a Fighting type of some sort
the room mate maybe a BUG type hence he is bugging the main character
the girl who the main character has a crush on maybe GRASS (only because of Erica) or psy (because of the stareotipical gardvor)
the guy who looks like AVGN maybe a ELECTR and/or DARK because of you portrayed him IE "why not 'test it' before selling it?" :trollestia:
am I right on any accounts?

Interesting character dynamics.

A few more errors, because I can't help but look for them:

...he murmured under his breath right before ^he took a sip.
I glared at him for a little whole ^while before continuing to shove...
...trying to make conversation with someone I've had only heard about. I'm not sure whether you meant "I had" or "I've".
She chose not to her ^hear that,
...seeing as how both Miranda and Stacy came here together, Either you meant "Cindy", or she has an unexplained nickname.

Onward to the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Well i was thinnking about starting my own pokefic inspired by Burning Souls but from what i see the market got saturated.
Besides my idea of a story about a constantly unlucky depressive ninetales in the world of ponies seems kinda bland now that i think about it.

Oh well another story to watch.

I did not expect that. Not often that you see one of the "questionably alive" pokemon in such a situation. Bravo for shattering norms! :pinkiehappy:

Now, when I say Universe, I mean the entire fabric of space, time, reality, and Pinkie Pie.

I officially love this story.

I caught fewer errors on this chapter, possibly because I was immersed in the story:

...something that nobody and nopony would want to fuck with me.
"I guess that means that you don't need me ^my help, do you? ..."

Just one question. Why does he make the connection that he's a pokemon so fast? After finding myself in Equestria, I would sooner assume I was a pony or other creature native to that world. Ignore this if it will be answered when more of that night is described.

2088372 *Cough*Unown *Cough*

Or he could be a magnemite

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