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It's been said that every time period is connected. Science cannot prove that a bend in Time-Space can happen, but it has.

When Megamen from every time period use their most powerful attacks in the same exact spot on earth, they rip open Time-Space and are flung to another dimention, one filled with ponies and magic. How will these creations of science survive protecting these magical ponies and warding off old and new enemies, not to mention each-other.

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*sees megaman crossover* :rainbowderp: *jizzes everwhere*


The others? I dont really care about, it's CLASSIC AND X, MAN.

hope it has megaman X's Zero, I would hate it if only the one from Megaman Zero was there.
I'll start reading now

Is this going to be the sort of thing where I will have had to play every one of these Megaman games in order to understand everything? :applecry: I hope not, because this looks really interesting. My only issue is that I have no clue what Megaman Zero and Megaman ZX are about, and I don't even know what game "Ashe" and "Grey" are from. :applejackunsure:

As of now i have a few issues with the timeline, sorry if I'm a bit too strict.

Vent and Ashe are in what could be called a parallel dimension from Aile and Grey. i know the promo of the game pictured together and thus gave us the illusion of them being brothers (at least for Vent and Aile's case), but this was never proved. I would have gone with two similar battles one of Vent and Ashe fighting Albert, while on the other side Aile and Grey were ding the exact same thing with some variations.

I hate to see Zero fighting against X specially since Zero doesn't have to follow any necesary programation given to him by Wily except by the Zero Virus which overrides all his functions just to complete its functions, well i'm of to finish the chapter i only read up till ZXA

I know i'm not your pre reader, but you might want to change this.

Rock limped towards the voices, hoping they could get him to Dr. Light and his friends. He was surprised though to see six colorful ponies, two flying with feathered wings and two with horns, heading towards him. They stopped as soon as he spotted him and he stopped as soon as he spotted them.
(change he to them, lol it's a common mistake)

pretty good start, I wanna see where you are going to take the plot, definitely tracking it

666550 megaman Zero in simple terms is the story of Zero about hundred years in the future, where he is awoken in an abandoned laboratory by Ciel a human banded with an organization called 'The Resistance.', he joins and helps with high risk missions to ensure the success of the Resistance against Neo Arcadia, a human utopia leaded by Copy X, after Zero destroys Copy X. he appears in a desert with no contact with Ciel and the Resistance, he fights for about two years until he finally reunites with Ciel, and again fight's against Neo Arcadia, who would eventually be leaded by Dr. Weil who started the Elf Wars a long time ago (which i want capcom to make a game about, since it would be totally rad), It all ends when Zero fights Dr. Weil at a space station called Ragnarok. Zero is pressumed dead when the space station blows up just before crashing at the atmosphere.

Megaman ZX takes time about 100 years from the last MMZ. it pictures Vent/Aile as he/she is supposed to deliver a package to a sponsor along with Gyro (friend and boss of the protagonist, also is a love interest for Aile), things get complicated when they are surrounded by mavericks causing them to break apart, just as Aile/Vent was about to get killed by a giant Snake Mechaniloid, the package she was carrying (the Biometal Model X) speaks him/her and lends its power to them. with the powers of model X Vent/Aile defeats the Snake Mechaniloid and after a while reunites with Gyro (who is now the bearer of the powers of biometal Model Z), this wont last since on their next mission Gyro is possesed by the evil powers of Biometal model W and forced to fight the protagonist, after his defeat Gyro recovers his conciousnes and makes Biometal Model Z go with Vent/Aile, after finding four other biometals the protagonist fights Serpent (the bearer of Model W) and after a long fight he is defeated.

ZXAdvent takes place a let's say 5 to 6 years after ZX and it takes the story of Grey/Ashe as he/she finds Model A (sadly not named after the Maverick Hunter Axl :fluttershysad:)after a prolonged fight against some mavericks Grey meets Aile (while Ashe meets Vent) and together they must defeat the evil mastermind that is reuniting all the shards of model W (which incidentally is the fragments of the space station Ragnarok) to form Uroboros the ultimate weapon which he would use to conquer all of the world.

666696 megaman from Rockman.exe can't be there since he is data and doesn't has a physical body, he also depends on Lan to send him battlechips so he can use his power to the fullest, its a shame he has a really good personality

666810 :rainbowderp: wow... ok then. thanks, I guess that helps. There are still some references that I don't know, but I at least have a vague idea of the situations.... but who was the guy that was like, "I am the messiah"? :rainbowhuh: or is that not a reference?

666819 Could have Lan with him. Can't have Megaman .EXE without Lan and theres the Copybot from Megaman Battle Network 6

I'm in...just to see the Mega man comparisons is worth the read. :pinkiehappy:

666870 woops srry bout that. forgot about him.
during the period of the elf wars Zero's body was heavily damaged, and a spare copy body of him was made and his "heart" or "soul" or whatever you want to call it was transferred so he could fight while his original body was repaired. The original body of Zero was stolen by Doctor Weil and built an outer armor and inserted with it created Omega who was supposed to be the ultimate Reploid.
During the events of Megaman Zero 3. Zero fought against Omega multiple times, destroying his outer body and revealing Zero's original body ( the only difference between the original and the copy was a slightly different shade of red, and the hue of the saber is purple instead of the normal green) then the concience of Omega Awoke completely and before he fought against Zero he said "I am the Messiah" this being stated by Weil as he had said that Zero was a Bloodthirsty God of Destruction. the Mesiah thing is just Omega Zero saying that as Weil had said he was the god of destruction. He was then disposed after a long battle against the real Zero

This shows promise, keep going

666933 Well there is a problem with your copybot theory, the copybot does make a NetNavi to appear in a physical form, but to prevent the cyber crime from spreading those bodies physical strength is reduced to that of aregular human being, and since Megaman is not on the net he cannot transform his body into the different parts he changes when using battlechips (example: transforming his hands into energy swords) the battle chips also materialize stuff, and since they can't do that unless they are in the cyberworld, well then I hope you see know. (all this info I'm providing is from the videogames, I never finished watching the series).
the same would apply to Starforce Megaman, since he dwells in the EM world I think? i don't remember as much from those games, while he could manifest himself in the physical world, it was due to anomalies in the electro waves, and since there is no such technology in Equestria it would be hard, if not impossible for Geo to merge with Mega

666819 He also forgot Megaman Starforce, but then the lack of radios waves would render him weak as well.

666393 You might want to clean that up.

666408 666470 Aye.

666509 Thank you. :pinkiesmile:

666514 What fun is there if only one Zero were there? Hmm?

666550 No, if you are confused about anything follow the new link. Take a look around and you will find the most accurate info about Megaman around.

666609 Erm...I just thought it would be interesting to send all of them instead of just Vent/Ashe or Aile/Grey, aaaaannd the fact X and Zero were fighting was inspired in part by the animation on YouTube named 'X vs. Zero Decisive Battle 2'.

666638 DAMMIT! I read over that 6 times! I appreciate your help.

667135 Thank you.

669645 Screw that! Thanks for clearing everything up with the comments.

666996 You are forgetting the 'secret boss' room in ZX, which is what I referenced by the way.

666970 How did I miss your comment? Anywho, I thank you for your read.

More info on my other stories is on my blog on my profile page. If you guys want to check it out, that would be appreciated.

670412 I found it highly amusing that you replied to the comments after everyone had stopped, as one mass reply

Then again we are talking about Equestria here, so in my opinion I think the rules are not that strict regarding having characters there such as Megaman .EXE or Starforce. I really want Megaman.EXE there as I played the game for 7 years

670460 i know, but since that is supposed to be the same place where Zero and omega fought, and the energy of Omega is causing the Cyber space distortion that enables him to return even after you've beaten him, I didn't see the point.
Also I just explained the origins of Omega.

670412 lol I like Zero from MMX series more, he has a better personality than MMZ Zero, but it would have been fun to see how each would have reacted to the other, and about the MMZX thing, as I explained before could have happened only with Vent and Ashe/ Grey and Aile pairing in each of their original dimensions

670412 glad I was able to help. If you ever need help with pre reading I would be much more than happy to help

I love Megaman. This definitly needs a fave.

Oooh! Megaman series! This is going to be awsome!:pinkiehappy:

Man, some crazy stuff is going to go down when X and Zero meet up (Especailly after seeing what X was doing at the time)...and thigns are going to get even MORE nuts whenever Omega makes his apperance.

I just have one question. Is Omega going to be in his original form (After his body was altered) or in his pure form (aka: Zero's body)? I'm not sure if you want to keep this a secret now, but either way its going to be interesting.

670681 I play Hat Fortress 2. What more is there to say?

670801 I...um...uh...

671038 I would appreciate it. Thank you.

671236 :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

672385 Erm...Only the "original Zero" body will be used. Since mmz Zero already killed him when he came to Equestria. Thanks for reading though.

678817 k then just send me the link and I'll do my best to help you

680564 Thank you. I'll send it when it is ready.

wow.... this..is good ^_^ totally keeping an eye on this one. ^^

all it needs is kung fu cut man!

666819 what about the CopyBot from megaman battle network 6 Gregar?:trixieshiftright:

2274351 The copybots from Falzar and Gregar only have the strength from an average human, this is stated various times during the games, they also have limited energy sources and would be very fragile in a battle situation, they also never showed if the copybot had the capacity of turning Megaman's arm into his megabuster. (please note that I'm only using the videogames as reference, I haven't been able to get all the way to the beast part of the series since they never finished subbing the series, and no I refuse to watch the 4kids bastardized version), hope this is a valid response:twilightsmile:

2282161 oh Right forgot that little detail, but wait in the games megaman was able to "Beast-out" and may possably be able to use either of his forms claws, but then again his speed is greatly reduced, Dang it why is finding loopholes so difficult. and like you said the copybot is quite a bit more fragile than that of megamans data form. 'man i need to think things through.':twilightsheepish:

2283072 lol, glad to be of help. Although the only way I can see Megaman from the Battle network series would be if Lan could soul cross with megaman (like he does in Megaman NT Axess) but he would need a web dome thingie just like in the anime series

2283156 yeah and I seriously doubt that they would have THAT kind of tech.

2283156 why not just say equsetria's magic makes it like a wire dome thingy

MaverickHunterZero it's called Cross Fusion and Grey and Ashe aren't megamen The way to tell the difference is by the color of the jump suit and who created the robot or means of transformation Megaman and X were created by Dr. Light Zero got his hero body from X, Vent and Aile Megamerge with X and Zero, Volnutt was created by his good grandfather, The combo of cross fused megaman (Lan and MegaMan.EXE) was formed by the good creation of the syncro chip, and Starforce Megaman by means of EM Wave Changing. All of them have a shade of blue whereas Model A was created by Albert and with a black jumpsuit and why is there another megaman in a series that already has a megaman? This is basically my biggest problem with ZX Advent

"When Megamen from every time period use their most powerful attacks in the same exact spot on earth, they rip open Time-Space and are flung to another dimention, one filled with ponies and magic."


I blame Super Smash Bros.

670412 please sir i wants some more *holds up a empty bowl*

Sad this story hasn't been updated has potential to be good.

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