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I! LIKE! BUGS! And that's mostly what you need to know. Oh yeah I write things sometimes. If I'm lucky.


Uh...Hi? · 10:18am Jun 12th, 2015

Well uh, dunno what to say if anyone's gonna read this. I kinda disappeared for like...two years nearly. College and all that jazz, I'm sure you know the dealioso. Regardless, if anyone cares, I might revisit those two fanfictions that I had goin' on. Or maybe do that anyway//// Just feel a lil' weird about it cause uh, not so into the directions this whole fandom took/is taking, so I've kinda distanced myself from the whole thing. Still, though//

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607524 Well, it's good to hear from you again! Uh...I haven't been very active on here lately...Suffice to say that the reason for that involves exams, a prom, and all my fanfiction progress being inexplicably lost...but I think I'm doing well with redoing the lost progress!

I do apologise, though. How have you been?

In fact, feel free to start editing now. Provided you have the time; and aren't stuck doing exams, of course. Go as far as it says to, the chapter is still under construction, but since I'm doing exams at the moment, nothing new will pop up for a while.


Seems rather indecisive. If you get something up and running, my username is the_thoughtful.

387276 Well...I'm not sure. I had skype on my old laptop, so I have an account but...

Uh... do you have Skype?

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