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Hello everyone/ everypony, welcome to the Dunder Shux studio. We here wish to bring you the best experience while reading, so kick back and stay a while.

Current members:

Nobodyreallyimportant (Nori, for short), the editor of the group.

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Does anyone even hang out here anymore?

What? My stories aren't good enough? Phooie.

This exists? Well, shit. Reporting for duty, then. :moustache:

I finally got around to this!:yay:

>.< Why was I never told of this. I blame you Geon.... mostly cuz I really don't know the others yet.

I hope you guys enjoyed "Muffin Delivery" :ajsmug:

This is so awesome! :rainbowkiss:

Got nothing better to do at 5 AM I guess. Might as well join our group :ajsmug:

I am here people!

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