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Mewtwo, the strongest being in existence. A creature of unmatched power, a twisted product of science and mad ambition; now free from its former masters, it has only experienced defeat once: by the hands of a young human boy wearing a red hat. Now, he foresees the coming of a new trainer that could threaten his power, and he knows he cannot face it alone.

In Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle and her friends are investigating a mysterious magical signal that has been plaguing Unicorns all across Equestria for days. Instead of finding its source, however, they are drawn into a mysterious world by a strange, pale creature, and scattered to the winds one by one. Now they must find a way to survive in this strange world...and eventually, a way home.

In Johto, unnerving rumors of Team Rocket's resurgence bring unrest to the people, and three mysterious beasts roam the land. Meanwhile in Kanto, the legendary birds grow wary, and its ever watchful Gym Leaders are starting to realize not all things are as they may seem.

In Canterlot, Celestia will soon be informed that all the six Element bearers have mysteriously gone missing...
And in Pallet Town, Professor Oak is about to get a call from his grandson about the discovery of a strange, new Pokémon species.

Are you ready?
Your very own tale of grand adventure is about to unfold.
Fun experiences, difficult experiences, there's so much waiting for you!
Dreams! Adventure! Let's go to the world of Pokémon!

I'll see you later!

**FEATURED on 8-10/3 2013**
**NOTICE TO ALL READERS - This story follows the storyline of the GAMES and NOTHING ELSE. If I change that policy, you will be notified, but until then PLEASE STOP ASKING ABOUT ASH KETCHUM or things like that. It gets really annoying after a while.**

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You have sparked my intrest. I like how all the mane 6 are here, but what about spike?

Well, shit. I knew I forgot something...

Don't worry, though, he's there as well. I mean, there's a reason I've included him in taggings/the first chapter and all...And I don't think you need to guess much about his typing, either :)

Oh lol, those days...

Awkward Oak is Awkward. :D

The first Pokemon crossover I read here was disappointing and bland. Being the second, I hope this one delivers. Now, a haiku:

Six and a drake are lost/ In a land unknown and vast/ This does not bode well.

This is awesome. I feel a great need to ride my bike in a pokemon center to celebrate.

2229526 I have a pokemon crossover if you want to give it a try.:heart:

I certainly hope you aren't gonna make it so they can be caught with pokeballs. That would make this story really awkward.:twilightoops:

Definitely interesting. You seem to have things thought out, though that's just my opinion. So I guess I'll track it and see where it goes.


Hm... maybe shall give it a try later.

Okay... the note was only annoying to read...

Ah, I remember those days. I actually caught a golden Goldeen in my Silver Version...and made the mistake of lending my Crystal Version to a friend of mine, who progressed far enough to catch Suicune. (What was I thinking, these are not the types of games that you lend out. Oh well.)
Interesting so far.

2229891 I'm hoping he does. I've read a couple stories with ponies trying to be trainers and they really didn't work. :facehoof:

What's that? Arceus? You're a faggot.

If accepting the fact that Arceus is the most powerful being in all existence makes me a faggot, than I want to be a faggot.

Pff. 120 in all base stats may give you the highest stat total, but it sure doesn't make you omnipotent. Heck, even Chandelure and Glaceon - heck Espeon, too - have higher Sp. Atk than the so-called "god of pokémon", and they're not even legendaries!

Besides, he has the most boring personality/design/story ever - if it can even be called that. No, I'm sticking with my non-type-changing sweepers. Also, did I mention Psycho Break, AKA Mewtwo's new FINAL ATTACK from Gen5? That name alone makes him secure the spot of most awesome in one shot.
mordekaiser es numero uno, gibe mone please or i repot u
Good to see this has caught a lot of attention at least, even if it's not entirely positive; though I hope to redeem myself as much as possible over time.
Smell ya later!

2231220 I'm kind-of hoping that they can be caught too. (I hope that the Trainer could be convinced to release them.) Rescue mission, anypony?
Although, the idea of an inexperienced Trainer just coming across Rarity and throwing a Poke'ball at her without trying to weaken her first is kind-of interesting.
*A young, new Trainer approaches*
Trainer: What type of Poke'mon is that?
*Pulls out Poke'dex*
Dexter: Poke'mon type: Unknown
Trainer: *Gasp* Not even the Poke'dex knows what type of Poke'mon this is?! It must be a new, undiscovered species! I've gotta catch it!
Trainer: Poke'ball, go!
*Throws Poke'ball*
*Rarity, unaware of the young boys presence until now, hears his cry and starts to turn around*
Rarity: Hm? Excuse me, is sompony ther-
*Poke'ball hits Rarity on the side of her head as she's turning and just bounces off*
Rarity: *Pissed-off* Excuse me! Who just threw that and just what possessed her to do something like that?!
*Looks around and sees a strange, clothing-wearing biped just staring slack-jawed at her, dumb from what just happened, and at the events happening in front of him*

Well, it appears that the Mane Six and Spike are off on new adventures in lands Unown.


Not enough words there/ Work on that story you should/ I shall read it then.

Read description, insta-liked and insta-faved.

Read chapter one, :raritystarry: That shit's whack, yo. Do more an' shit.

Interesting synopsis, why can't I shake the feeling that the Mane Six might get captured.

One question, whereat in the anime timeline does this take place? I see Jhoto and Kanto mentioned but nothing involving Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova.

The anime doesn't really exist as far as this fic is concerned, just as you don't hear anything about any "Ash Ketchum" while traveling Kanto in FRLG/HGSS. You'll see parallels, but that's mainly because there aren't any quantifiable ways to measure the the powers of various pokémon in the games, since everything is variable (more or less). Mewtwo will thus have a similar "power level" to what we see of him in the movies, but he won't have the same story.

The Unova games are set 5 years (i think) after the Johto ones, and I believe the chronology is similarly straight down with the other generations. Simply put, any events that happen in RSE, DPPt or BW/B2W2, have not yet occurred. Anime, manga and events from other media than the games are irrelevant.
Except for Movie 8, because Lucario. Oh, and also Mew is in it and does things, but let's not think too far ahead...
That's not to say we won't have pokémon from later generations - in particular the later evolutions of earlier-gen pokémon, like Rhyperior, Weavile or the Gen4 Eeveelutions. I wouldn't hold my breath for Dialga popping up out of nowhere, though.

2232610 my first chapter has more words than the first two chapters of this story combined.:unsuresweetie:

Pokemon? Great, is this another one of those fucking HiE self-inserts that make me want to fucking kill somebody?!

Holy shit, halle-fucking-luiah! I love you!

Wild Twilight Sparkle was caught!
Would you like to give it a nickname?
W h i t e Z O M B I
WhiteZOMBI was sent to Bill's PC!

Ash: "Hey Professor Oak, I caught a new pokemon! I call it WhiteZOMBI!"
Twilight: "I'm not a pokemon, I'm a pony!"
Oak: "It appears to be capable of speech. Fascinating."
Twilight: "Of course I can speak! And I'm not WhiteZOMBI, my name is Twilight Sparkle!"
Ash: "It keeps calling itself that for some reason, and won't respond to it's real name!"
Twilight: "It is my real name!"
Oak: "Perhaps it's like Pikachu, a free spirit only looking for a friend."
Twilight: "Yes! I'm looking for my friends! Have you seen them?"
Ash: "I'm your friend now, WhiteZOMBI! The name's Ash!"

WhiteZOMBI evolved to: Ponyta!

waitwatwait WAIT. If this story is in johto then that means..................HOUNDOOM!!!!!!!

my favorite pokemon ever.:pinkiehappy:

Sorry, but the Self-Insert you're looking for is in another castle. A completely unrelated issue, but I felt I at least ought to point you in the right direction.

In fact, I think I can safely say that there won't be a single OC in this story if my calculations are right. There are well enough NPC's in the games to make do with, after all. And who needs to make up random monsters when you already have upwards of 600 to choose from, anyway? I mean, hello. Expansive universe anyone?

As for Ash, well, let's not talk about that monkey. He's so terribly haunted by Plot-Induced/Character-Induced/Kids-TV-show-Induced stupidity that I want to smack a bitch sometimes. Which is very much why I avoid the anime for most of the time, and most of the movies as well - aside from the fact that most everything in them is so cheesy it hurts. The first 2 (the Mewtwo and Lugia movies) or so are pretty good, much due to nostalgia factor but also for actually being decently original and not chickening out on absolutely everything (Ash turned to stone, anyone?). Those were the only ones I ever saw as a kid, and when I later saw #3 (the Entei/Unown whatever) it never made much sense to me, but I remember #4 (Celebi) was good enough to not make me just fast forward past everything out of boredom. #5 (Lati@s) were meh at best, but not stale enough to make me simply skip everything.
Past that, though, is where things start to get formulaic and boring. Not to go into details, but there are a number of things that seemingly just had to go into every single movie just because they were too lazy to think up new ideas that would work or something, IDK. That, or they were just relying on the even worse assumption that their viewers would grow up and stop watching before the next movie came out or something. #6 (Jirachi) was meh. Comet awakens mystery pokémon, bad guys try using said pokémon to hurr de durr. #7 (Deoxys) was much of the same, and just different enough to be forgivable - though it was better on production values IIRC.
This line was left whitetexted for Movie 8, which we won't be discussing here because spoilers, but it's very good, not to say the best of all the movies.
#9 (Manaphy/Kyogre) was just bad, and I don't even remember half of the plot about it except that for some reason it focused super-hard on making May a mother-figure for some reason. SHE'S 12 OR SOMETHING, WHAT ARE YOU DOING oh wait, Pokémon, carry on.
#10 (Darkrai/Dialga/Palkia) was okay, but okay is the best that can be said about it. #11 (Giratina/Shaymin) was also okay, and probably a bit better than its predecessor, but that may just be me fanboying a bit over Giratina and the Attitude Proble- i mean, "sky warrior" pokémon, Shaymin, who actually makes this movie work fairly well despite the formulas and cheese. Mainly because Giratina is awesoem and Shaymin is a pretentious bitch who keeps bossing everyone around just because it's cute or something, but whatever works.
#12 (Arceus) was boring. Carry on. Also Arceus is a faggot. #13 (Zoroark) was...better, but not much. #14 (Victini/Zekrom/Reshiram) was bad, and pretty much a stale copy of previous movies, but EVEN WORSE due to the fact that they made it into 2 separate movies because they were too fucking lazy to make up a plot that could fit both Tao dragons in at once. I mean, seriously. Literally less than 30 minutes of are different between the two versions (I just watched them, I should know). Disgusting.
#15 (Muskedeers/Kyurem) was okay, I guess, and I got a good laugh when Keldeo went all ASH, GRAB ON TO MY TAIL and started aqua jetting like a madman.

This now turned into a Pokemon Movie review corner, and I'm wondering what exactly I'm doing.


Only but one chapter/ Not enough to sate my thirst/ It won't write itself.


I'm wondering what exactly I'm doing.

Eh, that's fine. I wonder at what I'm doing everyday at some point or another. Insert yelling to stay focused on the task at hand, yadda yadda yadda.

Oh, and please continue. Liked and tracking.

Came for the premise, and I'm pleased by your writing style. This may very well be the Pokemon crossover I've awaited for so long.

2233467 you need to wright a ponymon story you are good

Look what crawled out of the Featured box!

I am pleased.

So I'm taking a stab at guessing where they are. Dash is at the Ghost gym town in Johto (can't remember the name). Rarity is on Mt. Moon or Mt. Silver and soon to be discovered by a human. Pinkie just walked into the lion's den that is the Viridian Gym. Fluttershy is about to make a new Electric friend in a light house. Applejack is either gonna see a whole lotta Fighting or a whole lotta Fire. Finally, Twilight is either in Goldenrod or Saffron.

Looking forward to this story, it has a lot of potential.

For now at least this has at least gotten my interest and I'm tracking it. However, I'm holding off on giving it a like for a few reasons. It's still very early in the story and I keep seeing red flags that are making me cautious of it. As it is, my opinion is neutral and only seeing what happens as the story continues will sway it one way or the other.

Good to see that you're interested. I'm curious, however - what do you perceive as "red flags" this early on? I know I have my own set of things that I can't stand at all, but I obviously can't do much myself here in that regard. I'd really like to know.

It's an interesting premise but you have too much going on at the same time; it seems like you're trying to write several small stories instead of a big one. Right off the bat by separating the main cast you've split the story into seven parts, perhaps even more depending on all the other characters you mentioned in the description. This will make it difficult to keep track of everything (especially this early on) and it'll slow the story progression down. I think if you'd kept the ponies in just two or three groups, waited with all the other stuff until it actually happens and focused on a single group per chapter it'd be easier to keep a good pace. I think just the second paragraph of the description would have been enough to start with.

It's not really anything specifically that I can pin down, just the feeling I'm getting from it. I think that as much as anything it stems from the fact that I've seen how similar fics can and have gone wrong, and that there's so little of this story to base an opinion on at the time. So far all I've got to go on is Mewtwo plotting away and the Mane 6 (and Spike) getting sent to the Poke-world via a magical mishap. There's still so much left uncertain as to what you're going to do and what way you're going to take the story to tell if it's going to turn out good or bad.

I guess in summary what I'm saying is that it's not really what I'm seeing now so much as it's all the open room for potentially bad things that might come next that has me cautious.

Good to know, that means there's nothing that I'm not already aware of, at least. Don't worry, I know very well the dangers of splitting things up too much; this time around, though, I've at least got a good amount of set, solid anchors to base the story around. My last attempt at the Plotline Tennis Doubles game was quite a lot less lucky, in most ways, and a lot more chaotic.

I'll do my best to keep this fic at as high a level as I possibly can (hurr pokemon levels joke). In the meantime...
Enjoy Chapter 2. :)

" lead to a fuckton of frustrating chases all over Johto leading with Crobat or Dugtrio or something just to prevent the bastards from running away."




Well, a Haunter/Gengar/Misdreavus/Anything else with Arena Trap/Block/Mean Look works too, I guess, but those are usually the easiest ones to come by.

I'm feeling a bit sorry for you now. ^^;

Tip: Insulting your readers in the first chapter's author's note slashes the probability that they'll want to keep reading. I very nearly closed the tab there and then. I'm glad I didn't, but the point stands. (Also, get back to me when Mewtwo wills an entire universe into existence and creates incarnations of time, space, and antimatter because it felt lonely.) Also, you don't give us much of a sense of what the Thaumatron looks like. There's a lot of circles involved, but beyond that? I certainly could sketch an image of it. That being said, I'm looking forward to more.
Now, Pokémon is one of those contexts in which I've spent little time contemplating ponies, so I'm going to speculate as to the typing of our cast:

Twilight: Psychic. Simple as that. Though I wouldn't be surprised if she has some unique move that drastically raises her Special Attack, confuses her, and makes her a Fire type. "Burning Rage," perhaps?
Rarity: Rock/Psychic. Assuming she lived through that crash, blunt force trauma is Normal-type. Except when it's Fighting-type, but I don't think the ground knows kung fu. Also, if she doesn't know Power Gem, I'll eat my hat.
Rainbow Dash: Flying, obviously, but the other types a toss-up between Normal, Fighting, Electric, and nothing at all. Not sure where you'll go with her. Probably knows Extremespeed, though.
Fluttershy: Again, Flying is obvious, but I'm really not sure what else you'll go with. Ground, maybe? Normal? Grass, for the Fluttertree joke? Dang if I know. Obviously knows Glare.
Applejack: Grass/Fighting. Years of applebucking. Definitely knows at least one kick-based attack.
Pinkie: ???/Bird type. Error.Ȩ̰̩̳̮ͅr̫r̵͙̼̭̦̱̉ͤ͐̿̈̀o̩̭̪͐̾ͤ͐̌̾̆r̳̗̟̮̔ͭͥ̏̾.̷͇̍͑͌̐͆ ̧̟̳̘̰͕̱̯ͣͪ̎F̘͇̝͎i̒̑ͮ҉̳͇̘̣͓̣̲l̥̄́́ͅe̓̎̌̿ ̱͚̠̖̟̀͌ͅc̸̰̺͉̗̙̑̌ỏ̦̥̳̱̌ͤ͝r̙̬ͦͅr͏͇̲u̙̺̞͍̲̜̪̇̓́p̮̳͙̠͑͛̈͋̎́ͅt̝̗͕̯̪̓ͮ͊̚è͔̕d̷͖̪̲̝̟̻̽̽ͨ̉ͤ.̻̥̙͕̭̜̯͗͝ ̹̰͉̩̳̦̲ͥ̓̓ͬP̼͍̘̜̩ͨ͂ͯ̎͜l̑̓̐̀e̬̼̭͇͢á̻̻̈̈̋͊s͇̞̏̔̈́e͚̹͔̮̋̃ͫͅ ̨̼̥͔r̲̱̮̻͎͖̬̆͐̾̎́eͮͩ̂̉̔̂i̯̜͙̟̠n͉̺̖͓͓͋̂̐͘s̷͕͍̫̠̾͑ͥt̨̠̥̩̮a͖̜̱͆̓ͭ̎lͨ̆͒ͧ̀̽̚͢l͎͈͈̱̠̹̭̿̂ ̛u̞͉͇͎͍̖͐̈́̒n͔̯̳͉̩͋͐ͤ̓̽ͣi̳̩̟͉̬̟ͪ̅v̩̟̙̼̫̈́̈́͜e̺̭̭ͯͪ̑r̳̮̣̬̥̫͕ͮ̔͢s͗ͧe̫ͫ̾͒ ͈͕͔̮̗̗̗͒ͬ̿͋̔̄ā̭͌n̞̙͖ͣͬͥ̈́d̵̪̜̲͓͓̈́̓ͩͅ ̄̋̋̔ͮ͒͂͏͔r̿͋͗e̘̟̓̓̓́ď̛̖͎͔̙̝̬͓͂̋͊̉ͩo̤̪̗̫̓̍̔͋͛͐̾͠ ̺̘̤͂ͤͮ̂͛̃ͫf̤͆̑r̝̤͛ͬͨͬͧ͂́̚oͮ̈͌̅m̱ͣͩ̑̾ ̹̝͚̮̞̳͖̅ͥ̽͒͌́͘s̩̙̮̻̫͢t̟̲̰̯̯̽̉̓ͪͬ̌a̪̲̗̺̳r̲̪̠͇̾̒̐̏̋ͦ̃͡t͔̪.̡͎̫͔̣̭̭̥͋̋͊̚
Spike: Either Dragon or Fire/Dragon. Wouldn't be surprised if he evolves over the course of the story.

Nice, can't wait for more. :twilightsmile:

So your telling me she got captured.

Hmm. Taunt, either Gust or Hurricane, Thunderbolt, and Stomp, if I'm reading this correctly. Interesting. I'd be surprised the Pokéball worked on Dash had you not indicated that the ponies (and dragon) had types, and were thus subject to the same game mechanics as Pokémon. Now I'm more interested as to why it worked. And how Rainbow's going to react once she wakes up. Bearer of Loyalty, faced with a new master. What now, Dash?

Soo apparently the total word count is fucked up...obviously more than 4.4k words

Yeah, I kinda wrote that A/N in the middle of the night after a bad case of food poisoning, so I wasn't really in the most stable of moods. I'll see if I change it at some time. anyone who likes Arceus is still a faggot though
Granted that we won't have any of the Pokémon Deities appear in this fic, though (this I can bloody well promise), we won't have to worry about that particular power level issue. I'm well aware that in terms of sheer power, there's not much of a contest. However, in-game Mewtwo is still a far better special sweeper than any of them, and all things accounted for it's just a Lot more awesome.

The Thaumatron was never really meant to be much of a thing, really. It's a bunch of spinning metal rings with one of Twilight's big computery thingies attached to them, and a big runic circle on the floor. That's pretty much it.

Reg. typings: you're actually pretty spot-on with most of these, good lad. Well done! Besides, I did say I was going to reveal the typings of our dear cast members in this chapter, so...yeah. Here you go:

Twilight - Psychic
Applejack - Grass/Fighting
Rainbow Dash - Flying/Electric and all the Zapdos fanboys in the world squealed in joy.
Fluttershy - Flying/Psychic
Rarity - Rock/Psychic
Pinkie Pie - Ground/Dark
Spike - Dragon

Twilight, Spike AJ and RD were pretty easy choices to me. Besides RD being able to manipulate lightning with her clouds, there's also the fact that light itself is also ultimately electromagnetic radiation. Even if it doesn't make the Sonic Rainboom an Electric-type attack, it's a lot more logical than any of the other choices I had. Besides, who the hell wants to be a Flying/Water type anyway? x4 weakness to Electric sounds pretty illogical for someone who's responsible for managing the weather to me.
Fluttershy was a fairly easy choice as well - Flying type is obvious, and while I first thought of making her a Normal-type it just didn't seem fair to her. Reflecting on her Stare, her empathic abilities and other things (weakness to "bad things" meaning Dark-types for one), the Psychic-type just seemed the right choice for her.
Rarity was a bit of a tossup between Steel and Rock, but it didn't feel logical to take away the obvious Tom reference from her - besides, what sort of gemstones do you find in solid metal chunks anyway? We're getting a bit filled up on Psychic-types, but honestly, I don't really give a damn at this point ^^
Finally, Pinkie Pie. No, I'm not going to pull a Full Insanity Mode With No Limits on her and give her some invulnerable crazyass typing combo, nor am I going to invent a new one for her. Ground, because she's an Earth pony, who is not very good at handling plants but quite capable of farming rocks (Ground > Rock). Dark, because Pinkamena. You don't need more explanation than that.

Hope you all enjoy the chapter, people!

Eh, something about the mane 6 able to get captured makes me feel uneasy and wrongish. Good story regardless, just not my type it seems.

More like Aerial Ace or Extremespeed or something over Stomp actually, and the use of an actual thundercloud is more towards Thunder, but yeah, that's the idea of things.

Like other obviously sentient/"intelligent" pokemon however, she's blessed with a lot bigger movepool than just 4 at once, and I don't think you need to guess twice for what her signature move is. :)
Probably derped since I just posted the new chapter or something? W/E.

uh i hate to point this out but there not pokemon and pokeball technology well brake in an attempt to contain something other then pokemon. i qoute the show where ash caught a donut and then the pokeball popped open in a busted fashion.

The mane 6 being captured is fresh and original! good job!

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